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Bionic Spotlight
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The Consumer Knows!
May 1, 2023

It just seems to me that "IF" the manufacturer doesn't care about their reputation by all the consumers who has purchased the worthless product; then every able person who place their TRUST in Bell & Howell, should certainly boycott this company for building and telling lies of this worthless product.

Moreover, if Walmart WON'T sell the product in their, " As Seen On T.V." sections at their stores; you can best believe that this product is truly worthless, no-good, and most deceitful! Every consumer that purchased this Bell & Howell product can't be wrong after trying these lights out!


October 29, 2022
Bought these about a year ago. Need the sun to charge. Great! No…….the sun decays the plastic and then they are garbage! Do NOT buy!

Don't Buy!
June 17, 2022
I set this duo solar light up in my garden: full sun at least 8 hours or more. The instructions said nothing more than spike in ground, aim panel toward sun, turn on.... absolutely nothing has happened for weeks. In fact, I left it in the sun and forgot about it until my husband asked about it. I did one of those 2 for 1 sales on tv....regret it! And when I try to find a video for HOW TO MAKE IT WORK, all I can find is SELL...SELL...SELL.... All the videos are selling and not problem-solving.

Solar light does not work
January 26, 2022

Does not work at all



Don't buy
August 27, 2021
Buyer Beware! I bought 2 of the bionic spotlights and it was a waste of money. One didn't last a week and the other made it 4 months before shooting craps. I know they have a return policy, but why put out a product that won't hold up.

Lights up area great
March 14, 2021
I just got 7 of them for placement on my property. The only complaint I have is the solar panel swivels up and down only and this restricts the placement of your light. Otherwise its a great deal and glad I ordered it

Bionic Spot light and Tri-Burst light
September 25, 2020

I bought both of these products and love it! I haven't had any problems. The Spot light works exactly like it should with no lighting problems. The Tri-Burst is amazing. It lights the entire garage!I would definitely recommend. And the prices are great! Well worth it.


Satisfied customer

August 9, 2020

Victor at a customer,(1-844-475-3582) order.As I was taking a phone order for the product, the day before. As I was trying to order the phone system, could not process my order. Switch me to rep of service. ( disconnected)in which I was told the next day customer service did not go through ( Victor,(1-844-475-3582) said he could take my order to progress an order, as I told him the phone was bad . But we got through the process. He took, he took my email to send a confirmation, still awaiting the confirmation, of the process(24 hours)Still awaiting. Nothing was said how long my order would be for shipping. And without a conformation, I am lost.on any information to date... Tried to make contact (the day after), customer service it' busy or disconnect,will keep

trying ( no conformation) with my credit card. Awaiting the answer to some kind of communication that like it at this point.

Bionic spotlight
July 13, 2020

Not working as advertised.

Sensor not working as a motion detector. At night, the light comes on approximately every 20 minutes and goes off after about 30 seconds later. This continues throughout the night until sunlight shows. I have turned the sensor switch off and on for a number of times , trying set the unit to operate properly without success. Anyone else has nothin problem?

patricia muraj September 25, 2020

I just bought one and I love it! Works as it should without any lighting problems. I also bought the tri-burst for the garage and it's amazing. Lights up the whole garage. So far, I haven't had any problems with their products and would definitely recommend. And their prices are great!


Satisfied customer.

georgeyuetten May 16, 2022

how to turn on devices

Wait too long for order
June 15, 2020
Ordered 2 lights on 4/28. Waited for 3 weeks then called and was told I need to wait 3 more weeks. After 6 weeks checked on and it still showed temporarily out of stock? Called the customer service number 844-475-3582 and waited for almost an hour and was informed that a delay delivery until end of July? Do not order this if you don't have patience.

BillyAdams June 27, 2020

Ditto here, Been waiting a while, BUT not informed of when to expect order, or IF I will ever GET.. NOT GOOD