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Mediocre Quality
July 9, 2023
I purchased a victory 3 burner grill from BBQ guys through Walmart. I replaced a 10 year old Weber Genesis. When I received the grill it was immediately apparent that the quality is not as good as Weber. The grill seems much lighter and the metal parts much thinner. It does not get as hot as the 10 year old Weber did. I also had an issue where the thermometer would get water inside it. It took me several weeks to have them send me a new one only to find the same exact issue. I ended up replacing it with a generic one from Amazon. What's worse is the area behind the thermometer was already rusted and tarnished the new grill. Also the side infrared burner on this grill takes 3 or 4 tries to light and seems like a gimmick. Bottom line: I got what I paid for. I saved a couple hundred bucks vs an equivalent Weber.

Don't buy, the customer reviews are false.
July 6, 2023
After a large purchase, one defective item was the one manufactured by themselves. It was 3 drawer with access door combo ( This item came with all the drawers recessed half inch so the aesthetics are totally lost, and the drawers which are 19 inches long only open 8 inches !!!! so you can 't use them at all. After many many calls and sending them of pictures and videos showing this is a manufacturer problem they still didn't send me a new one or even instructions on what could be wrong so I fix it myself. Furthermore, I made a review on their own site and they never posted it !!! They censor their own reviews so you never know what you are really buying !!!!!

No Refund
December 20, 2022

They refused to compensate me for damage to grill, during shipping.

Poor attention to detail & quality
October 31, 2022

$900 Patio Refrigerator not hinged as ordered and therefore had to reverse the door hinge. It should have been obvious that they were shipping the unit with the wrong hinge side since there was a stainless door sleeve kit on the same order and it was for the correct side.

Having to change the hinge from left to right was a needless waste of my contractor's time and my money. And, 2/3 of the screws on the original hinge placement were stripped so yeah more time & money wasted to go buy larger screws.

Partners can’t get the grill assembled
August 13, 2022

My letter to BBQGuys “ Your partners are terrible. I ordered a Primo XL 400. FedEx left this giant palate outside my front gate, inviting it to be stolen.

Then your service told us they can’t send two contractors. This grill weighs too much for one person to assemble. So your partnership with Handy is a waste.

When we tried to handle this, your phone rep only was able to process a return. WHY can’t you have a service assemble this for me? Instead I have to return it. Crazy.

The first person that Handy sent out opened the box and then decided he couldn’t do it, so the box is sitting open in the rain. I can’t believe you are making us return the product with screwed up packaging rather than just getting it assembled. Crazy. You need better partners. ”

Dented Grill - will not replace
June 12, 2022
Does not stand by their product. Received a Weber grill and the lid was dented. They referred me to the manufacturer. Will not replace. DO NOT BUY from this company.

December 2, 2021

WARNING: I rate BBQGuys at the bottom of the bottom. I ordered a grill on 11/18/21 with a promise of shipping on 11/19/21. And yes they sent me a notice on the 19th that my grill had shipped, so they are good at promising anything to get your cash, but of course, the tracking number was fake and did not work.

They blame Estes Freight, yet I called Estes and they have No Shipments To My Name from BBQguys, None !!!. Estes even did a conference call to them with me on the line. Also try to do a review of them and that is a joke for you can't. They take your money and in my opinion, will tell you anything to get your money. So they are many other better, safer places to order. You have been warned !!

Worst Customer Support EVER!
May 17, 2021

If you purchase anything from them you better hope it doesn't arrive damaged in anyway because they are TERRIBLE to deal with. I spent $800 on a new grill and the front bezel came broken. I called and asked for a new part, they said I had to take pictures of the broken part and box and packaging. Ok so did that and sent it along and they then told me 5-7 business days they would contact me with their findings.

Two weeks later I call them and ask what is up and they tell me they didn't even start my request yet because they are busy?!?!?!? They said they have high call volume so they are back logged but would get to it soon. A few days later I call them back and the lady tells me they didn't contact Weber yet because they like to do their own replacement parts and then asked me if I would agree to call Weber and do it myself? AGAIN??? So it's been over 3 weeks and I can't really use my grill because the front is broken and they still didn't even forward my email to Weber.

At this point I asked to return it and she told me ok but it would cost me $206 dollars to ship it back? it's BROKEN!!! She then asked if I had kept the box undamaged to which I said yes. She told me I had 3 days to package it back up like new or they would return it to me at MY COST for ANOTHER $103 if it wasn't packaged properly???

These guys are a TOTAL SCAM and worst company ever to deal with. Its now been over a month and I'm still trying to just get the front bezel replaced and every time I call they tell me it's been busy and just keep waiting.

A week later still no refund
October 24, 2019
I ordered a gas grill that was shown as being in stock. The next day I got a call saying that they couldn't fill my order. I asked for a refund (I paid through PayPal). It's now a week later and I still have no refund!! Bad business!!

ScottHoward April 27, 2020

Same experience this week. Did you get your refund and how much longer did it take?

Terrible experience!
July 2, 2019

Do not recommend purchasing a product from this company. We purchased a new 1200 grill from them with a warranty. Only used it once and it broke within three months of purchase.

They stated they could not send a technician out to trouble shoot the grill nor give us a refund. They told us to contact the manufacturer, which we did, turns out they do not send out technicians either only send out parts and expect you to fix the grill yourself.

Fake customer service!
June 17, 2017

I purchased a $2000 grill from them , which came damaged. calling customer service they were very polite but 7 phone calls 4 e-mails and a month later I still have heard nothing about resolving this problem!

They make review videos on the grills they sell because nobody else sells them. Those reviews are false! The grill I purchased does not cook evenly not even close to even! It cooks the same as a$100 grill except its impossible to clean! I seasons the grill like recommended. and the first use the grill looked like it was used for a year. attempted everything I could to clean my brand new lifetime warranty grill yet it doesn't come clean.

Stick with brands you know and have a good reputation like Weber where you can buy at a local store and return it if you have a problem . Because as of right now I just BBQ'd $2000 in the garbage!

Dishonesty and lack of transparency on shipping policy
January 29, 2016

Unfair and dishonesty and lack of transparency on acceptance of delivery of goods. I find this acceptance of delivery of goods unacceptable and dishonesty. I placed my ordered on January 28th of 2016 online. I got a call from delivery carrier on January 29th to schedule delivery.

I requested for delivery on February 5th which is about 5-6 business days. I was told there would be a storage fees and in order to avoid it I have 48 hours. was unwilling to accommodate and that the only other option would be to cancel the order of which I have to pay shipping charge of estimated $400 for two-ways.

The carrier told me the good has been on their dock on the 28th of January which is the same day I placed my order online. How is it possible for delivery carrier to have the goods the same day I placed my order with online retailer I find this scheme very buzzard to say the least.

I have file a complaint with the BBB.