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Babylist Registry is a company that states they give customers a chance to register for all their favorite baby products on one single registry, regardless of what store the item comes from. 

How Does Babylist Work?

According to their website, the creator of was pregnant with her first child when she realized how limiting and restrictive the traditional baby registry process was.

While she did want to register for a variety of items, they weren’t all necessarily from the same store, and she didn’t just want to register for things you could buy from the store. She was also interested in registering for things like dog sitting services and some home cooked meals. 

Since a registry this eclectic and all-inclusive didn’t exist, she decided to create Since this company first launched, their website says that 1 in 5 first time families use Babylist for their registry and they have more than one million families using their website each month. allows you to put any item from any store onto your registry, as well as to register for additional items like home-cooked meals, second-hand baby clothes, or help caring for a pet. They also let you register for cash items, like starting a college fund. 

This website doesn’t only give their customers the ability to register for items from a bunch of different stores, they also provide them with a variety of guides for customers including Best Strollers, Best Car Seats, Best Baby Bottles, and much more.

Mobile Options

Currently can be reached from a desktop computer, as well as on mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

Cost/Price Plans

Because some items will be purchased directly from Babylist, this website does not actually charge their customers any fees for using their service.

The only time fees will be charged is when a cash gift is made using a credit card, and the fee of 2.9% plus $0.90 is intended to cover the cost of card processing. 

Refund Policy

Because not all gifts will be purchased directly from Babylist but will instead redirect customers to the original store to purchase, customers will need to first determine if the item they want to return comes from Babylist or another retailer.

If it comes from another retailer, customers will need to go to that retailer’s website, find their Return Policy, and follow those instructions in order to successfully return their product. 

If the item you are hoping to return was purchased through Babylist, you will need to contact their Customer Service team to return your item. They do ask that you include the Babylist order number in your email to make the process as fast and easy as possible. 

All items purchased from Babylist are accepted up to 90 days from date of purchase and items must be in original packaging. Some items may have different restrictions or requirements, but these will be included with your Babylist product at the time of purchase.         

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.  


This company does not appear to have many traditional customer reviews at this time, but new mothers on baby and pregnancy forums who have used this service appear to be really happy with both its convenience and its flexibility.

Since it is free to create a registry, customers are welcome to try this product for themselves. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different companies that offer customers the ability to create baby registries, including other websites which allow you to compile multiple registries into a single place, including MyRegistry for baby registries and Zola for wedding registries.

If you have experience with Babylist Registry or their services, please leave your reviews below.

Babylist Registry Customer Reviews

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Never again
October 5, 2021

I had my first and only experience with this company when a friend listed this company as the source to get baby items for her baby shower. It winds up my package never made it in time for the shower even though the expected delivery was the day before the shower. I reached out to the company via email. I got an automated response basically telling me that I had to wait for the standard shipping time to be up which is 5 to 15 business days.

Even after I told him that the package was tracked to a certain location and it was stuck there for a week. They never offered to find out anymore because I personally couldn’t do it as I was not the sender of the package. I waited until the 15 days was up unfortunately was on a Friday so I waited until Monday reached out again saying that the package never arrived and I wanted my money back.

They never responded to me never offered to find out where the package was why it was delayed if it had officially gotten lost. But somehow miraculously the package moved. Then I started getting notification saying that the package was going to be delivered. Those updates came from a separate app. I have not heard from anybody from Babylist. Not offering any sort of compensation for the delay for the fact that the items never arrived In time for the event.

Never again, read the fine print on returns.
October 4, 2021
As others have stated, you cannot contact the company. I ordered something for my daughter and opened it to see the size and how it was made. I was unhappy with the quality but now because I opened the package, I can't return it. This is unheard of. How are you supposed to see an item of clothing folded and through plastic? And I could have purchased the item directly from the manufacturer or Saks 5th Avenue, both who take returns.

Inconvenient but effective
September 1, 2021
I recently used this for my son and daughter in law and it was kind of a pain. Like the other reviews said once you leave the website to purchase from another company you have to go back to Babylist and enter your purchase info. I had most items with free shipping because of Amazon and didn't have to purchase directly from babylist.

July 22, 2021
WARNING SCAM they take out all your personal information to do the registration, they make you waste time and money buying something in the store and paying shipping more expensive than Amazon and after all those steps they warn you that the welcome babylist box is OUT OF STOCK because they do not clarify it before !!!

Please stop using this registry
October 19, 2020

Please, Moms to Be, stop using this registry. I can see where it is presented to you as super easy - everything you want from multiple stores. But for the folks trying to buy things off your list, it is an absolute nightmare. I say this having used it twice now for two different babies. Nightmare. Your address does not translate over to the places where your items are specified so we have to look up and type in your address over and over if we want to get you multiple items and they happen to be from multiple stores.

Once you are transferred to the online store, there is not a good way to get back to your baby list so you just have to keep reopening it. Then baby list wants you to verify what you bought from where and you have to enter your email and order number for each item for it to save. Seriously, I nearly just gave up. It makes gift giving a chore and a hassle - I want feel joy showering you. Not anger and frustration over a super clunky process.

Plus, the prices on things change and many times cost more than what the baby list price says. This is especially true for Etsy items. You can’t get free shipping unless you buy everything from baby list, which almost always is out of stock. So if you want to buy multiples and they are from different sites/stores, then your spending a ton in shipping.

For example, say I wanted to buy a baby tub, some rubber duckies and a monogrammed robe with towels and washcloths. Nice gift, right? Nightmare to try to do through your Babylist. I’d be better off pulling this together through Amazon or Target. The next time I see a babylist registry I’m going to just say no.

Overpriced ways to get you to spend for nothing
September 24, 2020
They want you to spend $10 plus $6 shipping fees to become eligible for the welcome box you then also have to pay another $6 shipping fee for. They are way behind their competitors considering an incredibly limited selection and being higher in price for every item than literally all others (amazon, target, Walmart, etc)

Worst website ordering and customer service
July 1, 2020
Order wouldn't go through, tried to get ahold of someone but could only email them, no phone contacts listed. Tried for 2 days with no help. I will never order from this company again.

Hate Babylist
March 11, 2020

Worst customer service I have ever experienced.

On the website it says if you spend $50 shipping is free. What they don't tell you is that has to be only for items purchased from Babylist. I selected from several different vendors thinking I'd get free shipping since my total was over $50. I ended up paying $6 for shipping one inexpensive item from Babylist. By the time I realized that I had already put the order through. I asked via chat what the policy was for free shipping at Target and they didn't know. Are you kidding me? Good customer service would be that they would know what all the vendors they work with charge for free shipping.

I will do what others have suggested: buy directly from Target or Amazon and let the moms who registered with babylist figure it out.

horrible company
January 22, 2020
This company sucks. they redirect you to other websites then send your item to the wrong person. when i entered a name it said there was only one person registered with that name. apparently the website it redirected me to had several people with the same name. it asks if you want it sent to that person but doesn't give the address so you don't know it's going to the wrong person until you get an email from some random stranger in another state thanking you for the gift. when you call the company they just tell you there's nothing they can do about it, it wasn't their fault.

November 30, 2019
Hard to navigate, placed order, never processed correctly. Overpaid, horrible site!

Pretty Great Registry Option
July 14, 2019

I haven't had any problems with this website, except one: once someone reserves an item (even if they haven't purchased it) it becomes completely unavailable for someone else to purchase. This is annoying when the person who reserves the item(s) forgets to buy it or changes their mind. Only they can unreserve it, and I wish that I could. I've been giving people a week or two, but then I have to delete the item and add it again. Not the end of the world, but if they allowed the creator of the registry to unreserve items, I think the website would be damn near perfect.

People are complaining about it being difficult to return things or get things replaced, but I had no problem with that. As long as you have a gift receipt (or contact the person who bought it for you and get a receipt from them), then it's pretty easy. Most of the time, you have to contact the manufacturer, NOT Target or Amazon or Babylist or whatever.

I love this registry because it compares prices for your friends and family and I get an email telling me every time someone buys something right when they buy it. And they let you know if an item becomes unavailable or has a price change.

Don't do it!
May 3, 2019
I made a registry and payed the shipping for my welcome baby box. Well my card was charged, I got an email with a tracking number. I waited. After waiting a week I checked the tracking number and UPS site stated they were still waiting on the PKG that only the shipping label had been printed. So I emailed the babylist customer service. They tell me ups lost a bunch of their pkgs that they would send out another one. Well long story short 19 emails and 2 months later still excuses and no new tracking number and of course no box! Oh and no money back!!!!!

Overcharged and very angry!
April 25, 2019
I would give zero stars if possible. I ordered a baby carrier listed on a friend’s BabyList registry for $59. My credit card was charged $99. After researching, the carrier was actually 59 pounds plus shipping which converts to $99 US dollars. I contacted BabyList and they replied “sorry” our program does convert the price. Beware -false advertising with no intention of correcting their issue.

Strongly Discourage Using BabyList
October 30, 2018

I strongly discourage you from using BabyList. I thought it would be easier to use one site that allows you to post from multiple stores, like Zola for wedding registries. However, you are FAR better offer having multiple registries w/ Amazon and Target than using BabyList. BabyList is not an accommodating universal site like Zola.

For one, BabyList does NOT update prices when they change at other retailers. So you can post something from Amazon, but the price may change significant'tly and you or your friends and family won't know until they attempt to purchase.

Second, if you list items from other retailers, BabyList doesn't transfer over shipping information so your family and friends have to ask you every time they purchase from an outsider retailer where to ship to. On Zola, it gives the purchaser the option of "buying" the items from outsider retailers by essentially giving you cash for that amount that you can use to purchase the item from the outside retailer. BabyList does not do this. This also means you cannot easily return, even for store credit, items that are bought from outside retailers. Whereas, if you have a registry with, for example Target, you can easily return for store credit anything bought by someone that you no longer need.

Third, BabyList doesn't price match and their items are much costlier. So even though you can list items from BabyList that are also sold by other retailers, on average the items from BabyList are near twice as expensive for the same item (check out Babyganics Wipes from BabyList v. Target).

Finally, BabyList's store has very limited options for sale. On most of the "Best of 2018" guides I've looked at on the website, the top ranked items are not even sold on BabyList. (see Best Travel Crib of 2018 and Best Humidifiers of 2018 and Best Disposable Diapers of 2018). Additionally, they only sell diapers sizes to NB to size 3, though they go up to size 6.

I used BabyList bc I didn't want people to have to look at multiple registries, but I ended up making multiple registires anyway and regret using BabyList.

Horrible Customer Service- Would not recommend
March 28, 2018

This is the very first review I've ever written in my life. I'm writing it because as a first time mom to be, you want your baby registry to be easy breezy. While Babylist promotes itself in a way that makes it seem as though it is undoubtedly easy, allowing you to add whatever from wherever to your baby registry, it comes at a cost. If you have an issues with items purchased through Babylists ecommence portal - returns, deliverers, incorrect sizes, etc.... to get them fixed is next to impossible. Not only do you have to continuously chase their "Happiness Heros" aka Customer Support reps but even when you get a response it's incorrect.

Here is my main example( although I actually have several, I'm only going to explain this one). I had 2 baby showers in different states that were 2 months apart. After the first shower I changed my shipping address to the new location for the second shower, again as it was in a different state. Someone gifted me a baby carrier that they purchased through Babylist but they ordered it in the wrong size. I contacted BL customer support not once but twice until I got a response. They emailed me a prepaid label and told me once they received the incorrect size they would ship the new size. Within this email the BL customer service rep even specifically confirmed the address that it was going to be shipping to, which at was the correct address.

I waited a week and a half and heard nothing from them. So I contact support again. 2 days later they responded apologizing about the delay, told me a new one shipped out and provided me with tracking. Only the tracking was to the address of my first shower. Ok- this is a mistake I could see happening and so I didn't raise a fuss even though it meant when it arrived to the destination, it would need to be shipped to me, as i live in a different state.

So comes the day it's delivered. The person accepting the package does not receive it on the day it says it was delivered. Ok strange, maybe the postal service messed up. I wait 3 business days and still nothing. I thought perhaps it was stolen. So I contact customer support again. 2 days goes by, no one gets back to me, so I reach out again. Finally they get back to me and tell me that the item was in fact sent to THE GIFT GIVER and not to me the recipient/mom to be. Not even sure how the tracking could have read one thing but they claimed another. So no wonder it didn't show up, as it went to a different address than expected.

I wish it ended there but it doesn't. The customer service re emails me says something along the lines of "oh it shipped to so and that the correct address... i've gone ahead and shipped another" So she shipped another before even allowing me time to respond to the email confirming the correct address -WTF? . It's the wrong address. How is this so complicated? I've skimmed my email chain with them and I told them the correct address to send it to 4 times, and 1 time it was actually confirmed with their rep.

With expecting your first child or even second or third, the last thing you want is any additional headache. I would not use Babylist again if I had to do it all over again, as it has caused unnecessary stress. Baby registries, baby showers and baby gifts are supposed to be the easy, exciting and fun parts of having a baby and not stressful. Sorry babylist to write this review but you really need to step up your customer service and pay closer attention to detail.

February 1, 2018

I signed up for this site thinking it would be different and cool. However as soon as I received a gift that was broken - the UBBI diaper pail, they refused to help me out. They stated because it was purchased through a secondary vendor they would not help me. Well after an exhaustive search with the gift giver's credit card (how embarrassing) - low and behold the item was purchased though the baby-list store. They again refused to help. I decided to contact UBBI - in less than 24 hours the UBBI company had a new pail in transit to me...what a difference in customer service. I suggest when picking a baby registry - go with baby bump or the other, more main stream sites that always outsource to amazon, target, babiesrus -so when there is an issue, those reputable companies will help you.

- New mommy learning new things.