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Avant is financial tech company that provides a number of financial services to customers, including personal loans, credit card services, and mobile banking.

How Does It Work?

Avant.com provides Personal Loans. The amount of money you can borrow with one of their Personal Loans depends on a variety of factors which include your credit score and income. Once you submit your personal information, you'll be told up to how much you can borrow. 

To apply for the service you must provide them with your information, including your full name, mailing address, income information, and Social Security number to see what loan rates are available to you. Submitting your application will not impact your FICO credit score.

If you are approved and willing to accept their rates, Terms and Conditions, you can e-sign your loan contract and have your money deposited into your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Cost & Price Plans

The website is very clear that all fees, rates, and terms are determined by your personal circumstances and the state in which you live. You will need to submit your information before you can find out what fees and rates are applicable to you.     

Refund Policy

Loan lenders do not generally provide or offer traditional refunds. Instead, they sometimes - but not always - provide a short period of time in which the borrower can "cancel" their loan and return all the funds without a financial penalty.

Borrowers who are interested in this possibility should ask Customer Service about this before they accept the loan. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-712-5407. 


Unfortunately Avant.com does have some negative customer reviews, many of which have to do with being denied for reasons they didn't understand.

Some customers even complained that they were approved and when they went to sign their contract and collect their loan were suddenly told they were now denied.    

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many companies that offer to help people either find short term personal loan lenders, payday loan lenders, or are loan lenders themselves, including LendingTree.com, United Cash Loans, Quicken Loans, and more.        

If you have any experience with Avant.com or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Avant Loans Customer Reviews

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March 23, 2023

I think this company wants to steal your information only, I will not recommend as now I'm concern and since they have all my info and have a hard inquiry on my credit score you have to send all documentation within one day or they close your application within 7 days from the application date, they will call you a few times during the day, does not really work for people that works business hours. UPGRADE is a good place hassle free.

Credit lines for bad credit customers only I guess
March 7, 2023

Company won’t increase your credit line and if you ask more than 2 times in a year they cancel your credit card. I have a good credit score and have 7 times the limit they gave me on my next lowest credit card. I don’t carry balances and my credit is too high for them to make money on me. Good bye Avant. Thanks for nothing.

Horrible Customer Service! High Interest Rates!
October 1, 2022
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Applied for loan. Transunion credit score 671 but Avant came back with 621. Interest rate outrageous. Needed to do home repair so had no choice but to apply. Computer program to download ID would not work. Sent in all paperwork required except ID. Talked to customer service about problem with website. Agent continually going over income sources and did not believe monthly direct deposits said I need to prove they were direct deposits. Documentation stated that they were direct deposits. After 30 minutes of BS, I hung up. WARNING! WATCH THE CREDIT SCORE THEY SAY YOU HAVE FROM TRANSUNION, LOWERING YOUR CREDIT SCORE TO INCREASE YOUR INTEREST RATE! NEVER AGAIN!

Money grubbers
August 23, 2022

Been making my payments on time every month. Have asked them to lower my interest rate as I have been a loyal customer but get denied every time.

Horrible horrible customer service (JENBNY)
August 18, 2022

I was approved for credit card and never received it, I called for them to resend, never received that one either, I called to see why i was not receiving them and the person i spoke with JENNY was very ignorant, refused to put a supervisor on the phone, did not know how to help me just kept repeating herself. but again saying that I didn't need a supervisor she could do the job lol.. then hung up on me. you need more pleasant workers, that know the answers and do what the customer ask, and not keep repeating themselves.

Horrible Company-Stay Away!!
April 9, 2020

I applied for the credit card in hopes that my credit would improve. I never received the card but received an email notification that I had activated the card. Thinking that someone stole my mail I quickly notified Avant that I did not activate this card and they said they would issue me another card with a different number.

A few days later someone managed to use the card and made fraudulent transactions. Avant now is charging me for them when they did not cancel the original card. By the way I never received the replacement card. I closed my account and still disputing the charges. This is one of the worst companies and regret applying for the card I never received.

horrible company
October 28, 2019
I was a previous client, paid off my loan on time and they said I could reapply then denied me for no reason. I even asked for a reason and they only stated we will mail you one in 30 day. Got the letter and it states previous application that was

This is a very scary company!
July 13, 2019

Do not deal with Avant/WebBank! They want to know entirely too much of your personal information. They pressure you into getting the loan and keep pushing. Either someone is approved based off of their credit score and financial history or they aren’t.

I shouldn’t have to provide my entire banking statements, life history, and soul for loan. Plus the APR is entirely too high! I understand they need to make money but dang! Avoid Avant.

Greasy Chicago Criminal Slugs!
February 28, 2019
This shady operation needs to be shut down! I more than qualify for the loan they pre-approved me for! Pre-approved means PRE-APPROVED! Anything less is false advertising! All they do is mine your identity to use for whatever nefarious reasons which may or may not become immediately evident but I think this calls for complaints to the better business bureau and a possible class action suit!

They sure seem like scams
August 13, 2017

After some rather large medical bills I needed extra cash to make it to the next payday. I applied online with Avant. They indicated I was approved for a loan at a high interest rate.

Then they asked for my bank info for direct deposit. The usual info, routing number and bank account number. Then they asked for my userid and password. I've worked with computer systems for 30 years and I have never seen such a practice.

If they are not scams they sure seen like it.

Worst experience
May 4, 2017

Worst experience. Company was recommended by Credit Karma. They make you believe you are preapproved and then they asked for all your private personal info (ss#, address, work info, bank information and even go as far as asking for your bank login passwords and then they reject your loan.

I have above 720 credit score and was rejected. I feel they can empty my bank account. Going need to close my bank accounts since now they have access! its a very scary process and feeling. Never again!

T Williams May 20, 2017

BAIT AND SWITCH COMPANY....RUN, be AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID! THEY LIE TO YOU!! They say NO CREDIT CHECK and that IT WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR CREDIT SCORE!! THIS IS BS!!! THEY DO CHECK YOUR CREDIT SCORE AND IT WILL AFFECT IT!! They denied loan (with a credit rating of 835) and then provide 2 other companies that will approve. WHAT!!??? wish I had seen this website before giving them personal information. Attorney General should take this company down before more people get SCAMMED!! CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS are of EASTERN DIALECT!! NOT USA COMPANY!!!

JerryAllen February 28, 2019

Yep! Same thing happened to me. They are Chicago crooks! Greasy greasy people! What you find when you flip over a rock.

Bad service
April 8, 2017
This is the worse place to try and get a loan! Avoid it like a disease! Un educated idiots that do not know anything about dealing with people. I would have given it no stars if I could have!

As Bad as it gets, then gets Worse
April 8, 2017
Avant aka Webbank, charged me 36% daily for 11 months, then they invited me to refinance to lower the interest rate. You must take about at least $1,000 to refinance. I waited 1 week, then they asked me for documents as if I were a "New" customer. I waited another week, then called for a status, a black female then denied me. They also gave me a hard credit check!

never deal with this company!!!!!!!!!
November 11, 2016

don’t ever deal with this company!!!! got rejected with 685 credit score, after long verification process including passwords for my on line checking account and answers to security questions!

end up with hard inquiry on my report and lower score! hate it....

I will put a lot of effort to spread my frustration on all available social media and BBB.

Entered Credit Bureau Illegally??!!
April 9, 2016

This was my reply and got back Maeler Demon. They obviously compromised my credit rating (750+, just refinanced home,...) without my Social Security number. I did not give it to them. Then (see below) this.

Subject: Re: Request for Denial Reasons

JESUS CHRIST!!! I (ME, NOT YOU) turned you

down when the first question out of your agent's mouth was, 'Do you give us the right to...!! (If you called, you know--insulting.)

I didn't like your deal and don't need it!!! I just called

because of your constant e-mail advertisements to me!!! Was not on the phone 3 minutes. Unbelievable. Take inquiry off my credit bureau records. I didn't even give you my social. If I don't hear back from you immediately, I WILL report you to the Federal Trade Commision. This effects my "GREAT" credit score. YES, I AM PISSED OFF AND WILL FOLLOW UP. THIS IS A SCAM. REPLY IMMEDIATELY. If you have

compromised my credit, and it looks as if you have from

below (and no SS to boot), fix it now.




On Fri, 4/8/16, [email protected]


Subject: Request for Denial Reasons

To: @yahoo.com

Date: Friday, April 8, 2016, 8:02 PM

Dear Charles Jackson:

We received your request for a statement of specific

reasons why your application was denied.

We were unable to offer you a credit product for the

following reason(s):

Utilization of major bank credit cards

Number of payments made to creditors

Number of recently opened installment loans

Number of open and current revolving loans

We wish you the best in the future.


Avant Compliance Department

Charles Jackson April 09, 2016

Heh, I just paid off my wife's car, changed two credit cards to zero balance and pay way in excess each month, have many old accounts at "0" balance (open/current revolving loans??), just refinanced one of my homes at better rate, +750 score,... I should have never called these people, just curious after all their contacts. Yeah, JESUS CHRIST!, please help them. If any want to join me in Federal Trade Commission report, post here.

chris September 23, 2016

They lie like hell on their facebook

website saying 'no credit check." They do a soft pull on credit to see if you quality then do a hard pull after documentation is submitted. This is decietful as hell. I also got an invite in the mail to apply saying i was preapproved then got turned down. Go to Prosper loan instead of these decievers.

chris September 23, 2016

They lie like hell on their facebook

website saying 'no credit check." They do a soft pull on credit to see if you quality then do a hard pull after documentation is submitted. This is decietful as hell. I also got an invite in the mail to apply saying i was preapproved then got turned down. Go to Prosper loan instead of these decievers.

Quite surprised at the efficiency of the service
March 15, 2016

I was taken aback when I was asked for so much information, and then asked for my bank login details, and so I came on here to set my mind at peace. Seeing one or two people say the company is for real made me decide to grit my teeth and go for it.

I went through the whole process, they verified about 5 steps including my identity, bank accounts, social media profile, email address and something I can't remember now. but in the end, the loan was actually approved quite quickly just as promised.

Save Yourself The Headache.
October 16, 2015

This company is probably legit. I saw no signs of them being a scam. However, go elsewhere! There customer service is absolutely terrible. The application process was quirky at best, re-directing me at least 3 times to the same application page, asking for the same information. I provided them with all pertinent info. I called the customer 'service' dept, and explained the situation to the rep.

She was reading from a script, which is no big deal, but when she had to answer questions away from her script, she got flustered. Knowing the pains of being a CS rep, I simply asked to speak with a supervisor. I have managed depts and I know how this stuff works.

Anyway, she returned 20 minutes later with the exact same information, and no supervisor. I asked politely to speak with a live supervisor to help me with the online process. Apparently, she found this offensive and she hung up on me. It was surreal! GO ELSEWHERE. Save yourself the time and headache.

chris September 23, 2016

They are claiming on their facebook site that there is no credit check. That is a lie, They do a soft credit pull to see if you qualify then do a hard pull after documentation is recieved. This type of deception needs to be reported.And yes I also got an invite in the mail stating I was preapproved then I got turned down. Deceptive advertising.

rip off
October 8, 2015
They send you a letter asking you to go on line to get a loan. Then when you waste the time to put in all of the information you are declined. They are a rip off

June 19, 2015

We had tried to get a small loan to help with moving expenses from this company and it took over two weeks to process. Every time we called them they restarted our process. we had been through the process three time before canceling the loan all together.

We had used the company once before with great results but this time service was not the same. I have noticed a change in the website and slight change in the company's name from Avant credit to Avant.

When we called to verify documents they would either restart to loan, making us resign the contract and upload new documents then they would state that everything had been received, 24hrs later it would start over wither they couldn't see documents or our contract needed to be signed again.

The first experience we had was smooth and went through in 48hrs this time its been over a week and we've been run around too many times.

Satisfied Customer
October 12, 2014
I took out a short term loan after starting a new job because I was short on cash and needed to pay rent. Avant Credit was fast and easy and I am very satisfied with their service. If I had had a choice, I would have not taken out the loan because of the interest rates, but they are the same with any payday loan company. Overall, I would use them again! But hopefully, that won't happen!