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Avoid this site at all cost!
January 11, 2023 is a total scam for prospective buyers. I’ve been watching several properties for many months going back to when they were on the mls. Sellers are allowed to shill their own listings. Why when they’re able to set a reserve price? To try and get YOU to pay more, making more for the seller and more in fees to auction dot com. Last time I checked, shilling auctions was illegal. The sellers also set reserve prices ABOVE what the market list price was. I’ve watched this with multiple homes in multiple states. This site is as shady as they come and after reading reviews of the headaches buyers have after actually bidding high enough, I’m glad I never won any. The ftc needs to shut them down and investigate!

Beware their remote bidding contract!
December 29, 2021
Dishonest people in my opinion. Their remote bidding agreement you must sign states that they have no liability, even in the case of intentional fraud or gross negligence, but they want you to send hundreds of thousands of dollars to hold so you can make remote bids. SURE!

Unstable sales
December 6, 2018

I have been trying to purchase a property for about 6 months and it's seems too be a routine issue of postponing the auction, even through the middle of the live sale. You would think they would have their ducks in row before offering a sale.

After reading many reviews I can understand the unreliability of this company before and after a sale. I called them about their stability of offering a sale that is unreliable and they gave me 101 excuses. So be very leery of your enthusiasm of buying through this

False reviews are misleading
August 14, 2015

I wanted a house that was unfortunately listed with an auction company, against the advise of the Realtor and others I decided to place my bids for the house. First they set a reserve that is usually the listing price but they do not tell you.

The first auction I bid and bid only to find out the auction company can bid against you to drive the price up and that with every bid they add time to the auction. So it did not sell the first time so I decided to make my max bid the listing price and guess what I got it.

The process was a nightmare, they do not return phone calls or send the paperwork in a timely manner. They push you to set a closing date only to take most of that time not processing paperwork. The house was set to close on the 7th, it is now the 14th and it has still not closed due to not sending their paperwork to the title company.

They threatened to charge $100 a day if we went over the closing date yet today I found out that the only piece of paper that was holding up the process was an extension request that wanted us to sign to cover their butts with the seller.

Yes I am getting the house and yes I love it but I will never recommend this company and I will never purchase another home that is listed with an auction company.

jerrytaylor April 13, 2022

You never should have bought a home at auction. you aren't qualified. You got scammed. When you bid on properties, some sellers will submit automatic counter bids to drive the price up. If you just let the counterbid win the auction then the bank will contact the highest bidder after it ends to offer the property to them at their bid amount. The only way to outbid counterbids is to pay way too much. And no one else was going to pay anywhere near list price, since auctioned homes have no warranties and require expensive repairs most times. You paid at least 100k over what you should have...