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After year of subscribing - I may cancel.
June 19, 2023

When we first signed up for Arcadia power we were indeed getting 50% of our energy from wind. That percentage has now fallen to 5% from wind. Sometimes the billing gets screwed up - which creates it’s own set of problems.

I love the idea of using alternative energy. But, I’m beginning to wonder if Arcadia is up to the task of delivering wind energy at scale.


Watch your bills.
January 31, 2023

Every state is a little different. I'm in Rhode Island. The first couple of months were fine. I got a statement with 10% off my bill. Then suddenly I got charged double what my utility bill should have been. I called their customer service and they made no sense, claiming that the utility didn't bill correctly a couple of months ago. It made no sense at all.

The most important thing to know is that when you get an email from them saying they're getting ready to charge your card, you have about 3 days to check your utility bill from your utility to see what you're being charged for. Check your original utility bill carefully, you can't trust Arcadia to charge correctly.

Scammed! Ripped off! Useless Cust.Serv.!
November 5, 2022

Signed up then got double billed with Xcel energy for 5 months!!

And where were the savings??

The 5 months that I received bills from both Arcadia and Xcel, the bills were not exactly the same, but in the end there was no savings.

(the sales person guaranteed at least $50 cheaper bills than Xcel)

It's great
September 22, 2020
Been using it for years and not paying any more than I was before. Their dashboard helps you to see how much energy you are using and from what sources. I just pay them and don't pay Central Maine Power at all. I have found it easy and straight forward.

Scam or ?
December 9, 2019

WE signed up with Arcadia Power while living in

Colorado. We advised them of our relocation to

New Mexico and was told they could transfer the

savings, etc.

Thirty-one (31) months later I call and try

explaining the "service" wasn't available in NM.

and again explained we'd moved and asked for a

refund. I was told they couldn't do refunds and for the money ($454.34) we got a "Dashboard" showing imaginary savings certificates.

Bottom line, unless you can't use a few extra dollars in your pocket or don't have a better local charity to support in the West and Southwest you might just as well light a match to your money.

November 6, 2019
They overestimate your Flat Rate Bill so they can basically steal from you. They won't return the over $500.00 they owe me claiming that I agreed to get paid back $1.00 for every $10.00 they owe me. I'm filing a Class Action lawsuit now.

Every state is different
September 8, 2019

This offer from Arcadia is probably complicated by the fact that we have fifty states, and each state has its own regulations for utilities. I'm in Illinois, and my local electric company, Ameren, is required by state law to cooperate with independent power companies that 'assist' in providing electricity, and consumers can choose those companies if they want to (usually at a better price).

I just now heard about Arcadia so I don't know much about it.

If you live in one of the backward Republican states where they only want to support coal, oil and nuclear, then your state government is probably not doing anything to help you use a company like Arcadia.

Proceed with caution!!
August 21, 2019

I will pull up short of saying this is a scam. Just closed my account, requested a full refund and feeling deceived and cheated atm, and agitated that I fell for it. The concept is very appealing, very simple. Barrier of entry for doing something 'good' is low... I mean, all you have to do is sign up, link with your utility, and supposedly your immediately participating in greener energy production. But, functionally it doesn't work... in my experience. Mainly because my utility company was "not compatible" with their system, so they say, and so I never got to see if this would actually work. What I thought was a system that would ultimately result in my utility bill getting paid (primary objective), while also contributing to 'green' power generation (secondary objective), turned into my paying a monthly subsidy for the privilege of support a wind farm in Oregon. Spoke to my utility company this morning and not a penny paid by Arcadia against my electric. Complete and utter failure of primary objective, and the one thing that keeps my home operation. This is a glaring flaw, and where the deception comes into play for me... they should not be signing people up if there is 'system incompatibility.'

Word to the wise... ready careful, understand completely, do not sign up for Evergreen unless you merely want personal satisfaction and nothing else, and monitor it closely to make certain your utility is receiving payment and your power doesn't get shut off.

What is your phon number?
July 11, 2019
What is your phone number?

MMmmm Jury is still out
July 10, 2019

While it is a feel-good about clean power, I have yet to see any savings. In fact, my bill is 12$ higher w budget billing, after a " wind power " charge.?

That should take care of the 100$ gift card I received for Wegmans.

Highly recommend Arcadia and buying into their solar panel projects!
January 3, 2019
I have been with Arcadia Power for at least 3 years now and am very happy with them. I've never had an issue or problem. When I learned that they were offering bu-ins to their solar panel projects I bought 1 for $100. After a year of consistent returns, which are subtracted off my electirc bill, I decided to buy 4 more. After an additional 3 months of watching alll 5 of my panels produce at 10% or better returns, I decided to buy 10 more. And yes, I said 10%. Every panel, every month, returns about $1. So, my $100 investment brings me about $10 or so dollars in a year. Can't do that well in the stock market- at least consistently. I am very pleased. I highly recommend them- that is, Arcadia and their solar panels. And, it helps to improve our atmosphere and environment too!

Need More Mainstream Adverising
October 23, 2018
It is awesome to know I support Wind Companies and not coal with being a member of Arcadia.. Electric companies got to buy power from somewhere and with being a member my usage (rec's) amount needs are bought from wind farms.. Why more environmentally people aren't doing this is beyond me? Maybe word of mouth is not working and need more mainstream information out there? I found Arcadia through the Sierra Club..

Seems legit
August 24, 2018

I've been with Arcadia for over 1 year. My local utility provider is locked in to contracts mandating coal powered electricity with little alternative. I emailed Arcadia a question about offsetting my consumption and received a response within the hour:

"We are purchasing wind energy in the form of renewable energy credits. Let me explain.

In order to say that you're using renewable energy, you must purchase both physical electrons as well the corresponding Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Those two things together are what make up renewable energy. If you were to sign up with us, your utility would be providing the physical electrons, and we would be providing the RECs.

When you buy RECs (or when we buy them on your behalf), you are taking ownership of wind energy that's being fed onto the grid. Once energy reaches the grid, it mixes together with the energy from coal plants, hydroelectric plants, solar farms, etc. Utility companies then pull indistinguishable electrons off the grid and deliver them to homes and businesses. It is impossible to determine where the electrons came from - all consumers can do is ensure that wind energy is being fed onto the grid to match their personal consumption.

Wind farms rely on the revenue from RECs in order to offer their energy at a price that is competitive against fossil fuels. Anybody who says they're using renewable energy - even big companies like Google - are purchasing both physical electrons from the grid and RECs.

By purchasing RECs, you're increasing the demand for clean energy - which expands access and availability, helps the environment, and reduces our reliance on fossil fuels - without having to install and maintain your own equipment."

I do think their advertising is misleading, however, as in my case - I am still using and supporting dirty fossil fuels so it isn't exactly giving up one for another.

CarolynSiebert October 23, 2018

I am so surprised more people aren't using Arcadia Power..Really need to get the word out more into the mainstream.. I love the idea of off setting my carbon footprint and helping renewable energies get a foot hold in this Country..And this rec thing.. Electric companies have to by their power from somewhere and with being an Arcadia customer they have to buy power from wind companies (not polluting coal)in your behalf..

excellent opportunity!
August 13, 2018
I was fortunate enough to be in a situation where I could sign up for this program and feel great about where my energy was coming from. I love supporting the clean energy movement away from fossil fuel, and my bill, after 2 months, decreased by 50% and stayed there as long as I was with the program.. I moved and now have my energy included in my stay, but I would sign up again after my experience! What a brilliant business plan - win win win!

chris sivewright January 03, 2019

Gees, after going through the hoops to get signed up, somehow my review ended up as a comment! Sorry. I'll move it.

Sj BrownBrown July 10, 2019

While the benefits of clean power are enticing and feel good, My bill is now 12$ higher than my balanced budget form NYSEG. It appears that 12 is as an addon for wind power. So far not impressed.

Arcadia Power tough to email
July 25, 2018
You have to trick the system to get an email to the company.

chris sivewright January 03, 2019

Wish I had some idea of what you are writing about. Ihave communicated with them with no problem. Although, I may have used the telephone(?)

Communication Break Down
March 19, 2018
I have found it very difficult to make and contact via phone or other means (email, and website

chris sivewright January 03, 2019

Wish I had some idea of what this is supposed to mean? I have contacted them without difficulty.

Pam February 14, 2023

What phone number did you use?

Pam February 14, 2023

Chris, what number do you use?