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Outrageous Return Policy
July 26, 2022

This is not a review on the product itself. Once it was delivered we realized it was just to big for our space. Our complaint is with their return policy. Aquatru makes you pay the full amount for the return. based upon the size and weight, our cheapest alternative was $91.00. We found this to be outrageous. Better make sure that this is the unit you want or you will pay dearly if you're wrong.

itascs February 20, 2023

Expensive mistake purchasing this product. I'm not commenting about the product itself, I'm completely frustrated with their customer service. Don't buy this, it will be a very very expensive mistake with no resolution.

AquaTruAquaTru March 06, 2023

Hello itascs,

We are sorry you didn't find a resolution for your issue. Please email Mary

[email protected]

the name and zip code used when ordering, so we can find your account information and she will send your information to a special Customer Service team that will help you with this.

Under counter system stopped working in 3 weeks
February 17, 2022

I have had the counter top unit for a couple of years with few problems. I recently bought their under counter unit in December 2021 and it failed in January 2022. It will not pass water at all.

I spoke with Aquatru and they offered to send a replacement manifold and tubes. They sent me a no charge purchase order. That was over three weeks ago and I have received nothing.

I have been calling their customer service number for 4 days and receive either an error message or a rapid busy tone. I have also sent them several emails with no response. I am about to contact the credit card company I used to buy this and report a fraudulent condition.

I don't know what else to do since I cannot reach them.

itascs February 20, 2023

This company needs to be stopped. I received the same round and round dealings with their customer service. In email after email they send you to someone else who sends you to someone else, it has gone on and on for me for over 3 weeks and still no resolution.

Buyer Beware: not suitable for hard water areas
May 20, 2020

At no point in their marketing, nor during purchase, do AquaTru mention this product is not suitable for hard water areas. Once you’ve already bought the product, you might be lucky enough to spot the following in the small print in the manual before you use it:

“If the hardness of your water is above 10 gpg (171 mg/L), lime scale will build up rapidly on the membrane inside of the RO membrane cartridge. Scale build up will plug the RO membrane cartridge and make the system ineffective. We do not recommend the AquaTru® to be used with water in excess of 10 gpg (171 mg/L) hardness, unless the water is softened prior to the reverse osmosis system.“

If, like me, you had assembled the product before reading the manual you’ll be refused a full refund. Even if you do read the manual before assembling, you’ll need to pay for shipping both ways for a product that they don’t recommend for use in hard water areas! Given how many of us live in hard water areas surely AquaTru have a responsibility to make potential buyers aware of this limitation prior to purchase. I

Having done further research, many plumbed in reverse osmosis filter products have a backwash function to keep the reverse osmosis filter clear. It would seem these are much better suited to hard water areas. I found the following website helpful:

itascs February 20, 2023

Completely frustrating experience dealing with them and their customer service, should you need help. The return process goes nowhere. Out $400+ dollars. Don't buy.

Good filtration unit
May 14, 2020
I have had an AquaTru for over a year now. I actually bought it used on ebay. It has worked perfectly. Not one single problem. We change the filters when the unit tells us. We wash both the tank and pitcher about 2x a month. The water is fantastic. Liked it so much that I ordered the newest model that has wi-fi and an app.

Sue D
October 9, 2018
I have been using the unit for five months now and have not had one problem with operation. The set-up was easy and the water tastes great! I assume that it is doing what it was advertised to do, though I don't know for sure as I have no way of testing the water. I just know it tastes pure and looks clean. I am satisfied and will order another one for my Florida, and have recommended it to friends.

April 29, 2018

I have had this unit for 4 mos. Today, I washed both tanks as recommended. When I filled the tap water tank and put both tanks back in, it wouldn't power on. Yes, the unit is plugged into the wall and the unit. 1st of all: When I got it, putting the filters in was hell, very time consuming as water continued to leak all over the place. I dread replacing them. Now this.

I'm sure when I talk to them they'll instruct me on troubleshooting, which will be the equivalent of brain surgery. I emailed customer service only to receive a reply that they are in high demand and I may experience a delayed response. Well then, send me return postage, refund my money back and I will mail you this unit along with the year supply of filters.

This is ridiculous and very disappointing. AquaTrue: you better make this right and it better be an easy fix. This is bad business and I will NOT recommend this. Only reason I had trust in this product was due to Dr Mark Hyman endorsement. He is not to be trusted. He obviously has sold out for the benjamins....Shame on you all!

AquaTruAquaTru May 11, 2018

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for the review. We are sorry that you had an issue with your unit. We were not able to find an order using the email below. If you have not been assisted by Customer Service yet, please email marmstrong@idealliving as she is the Customer Service Manager and will be happy to help you. Yes, the filters are tight to prevent leaking. We are assuming you lifted the tanks back up and toggled the on/off switch to make sure the unit is powered on and not just plugged in. Please email Mary if you still need assistance.

itascs February 20, 2023

One of the worst companies I have dealt with. Terrible customer service. I'm trying to return because of the issue with algae problems they warn you about and no space in my kitchen that doesn't get light, which they recommend. It's too bad because I loved the concept of counter top pitcher. I have many emails and much money tied up with the return and still no refund.

itascs February 20, 2023

The above response to Nicole's review is the exact same customer service response you will get in email after email from them if you try to get help. It goes nowhere, just keeps going around and around advising you to contact another person.

Jodi August 25, 2023

Nicole. Shame on you. They all about the Benjamins comment it was uncalled for. It’s not Dr. Hyman‘s fault. Your unit didn’t work. You’re an antisemite. Your comment should be taken down. Very hateful.

I think a little patience would yield great results...
March 31, 2018

We used this a few times and it stopped working.. I sent email, I called, left messages, and finally one day I called I got a person.. They had me do some silly things to fix the problem.. Since I am a master tech in my trade, I was able to realize that the pump was suffering from cavitation. Our first fix, because we were soon to be going off grid completely, was to leave the "dirty water" tank full for three days before starting the filter..

Then when it was time to prepare for going off grid we stepped it up to having the boys turn off the unit before it sucked air. That has completely solved all of our problems.. The next step is to set it up on a zwave controller and time it out so we don't have to sit and watch it.. So far so good. Very happy with the filtration capability.

After the original and 2 replacement bases, I'm done!
February 17, 2018
The company has replaced the base unit twice. The original and the second base simply stopped working, the third base does not automatically shut off after filtering a tank of water. Shipping and handling fees and replacement filters has cost over $400 in the last two years. This is a bad product that should be taken off the market until appropriate steps are taken to make it work for more than a few months. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT NO ONE BUY THIS PRODUCT.

AquaTruAquaTru April 05, 2018

Hi John,

Thank you for the review. We are so sorry that you have had issues and our corrective measures have not helped you. Very odd that the unit will not shut off after filtering a tank of water. Does that mean your front tank is overflowing until the tap tank runs out of water?

Please email the name and zip code used when placing the order to [email protected] so she can help you out.

michaeldean September 18, 2019

The same with our units.

itascs February 20, 2023

The customer service has been terrible for me. The return is turning into a very expensive nightmare.

Not Reliable Product
February 2, 2018

We have been using the AquaTru water filtration system for about a year. Loved it at first. After about 9-10 months the unit would shut off before starting the filter cycle. We ordered new cartridges (not cheap) thinking that might be the problem. The unit continued the problem.

After calling customer service at AquaTru, we were told to remove each filter cartridge and replace them and remove the tanks, then replace them and wait 1 minute before starting the cycle each time this occurs. This is just crazy. The cartridges are not easy to take off and on and I should not have to do this each time the unit malfunctions.....basically after one or two cycles.

I would NOT recommend this product due to the amount of work one has to do to run a clean tank of water. Great product when it works...but it doesn’t. Will be looking for a more reliable filtering system.

AquaTruAquaTru February 15, 2018

Hi Kay,

Thanks for the comment. We are sorry that your unit is not consistently filtering. It sounds like you might have an air bubble in the system and may need your base replaced. Can you please email [email protected] the name and zip code used when placing the order? Thank you.

The Jury's Still Out, but My Gut Says Scam!
May 29, 2017

I received a unit, ordered late in 2016. Because I would not need it until I moved to a new location, I tucked away the unit and the extra filters. Then, on May 1st, the box was opened and I tried to set up the Countertop Filtration Unit. Then I realized that the power cord was missing. Next I realized that the only owner's manual was written in Cantonese.

Next I realized that I don't have everything I paid for, because the bottles of soluble alkaline lytes solution are also missing. When I looked more carefully at the paperwork, I discovered that I was charged $177.74 for "taxes" on a product worth USD $9.95. I live in Canada, so I should be charged GST, maybe HST and duty. Nothing is said about those things.

It gets worse. I looked for an address for Peter Spiegel, the CEO of AquaTru, And found one in Sherman Oaks, California, but it's bogus. It's a law firm, without an office for Mr. Spiegel. I tried to call Customer Service at 1-800-220-6570 twice between 10 AM and 12 AM PST, and I was told by a voice on an answering machine twice that I must be calling after hours. The same is true for calling the AquaTru phone number on my receipts, which is 1-800-220-6570.

My next move is to pull out all the stops. I will call Consumer Affairs, the FBI and other agencies who are better at hunting down scam artists and fraud artists than I am. While I'm at it I think I will call the Canadian government, to report their funny bookkeeping methods for charging "taxes".

At this point, I wish I had never heard of AquaTru. I can't honestly say that I trust them. I can honestly say that they sell an interesting product, but when it's incomplete and the manual is designed for citizens of the People's Republic of China instead of any English speaking country, it's totally useless!

My suggestion: if you think you like this product, based upon their videos and other online information, wait until you talk to them three times during regular business hours before you consider purchasing anything from them.

AquaTruAquaTru February 15, 2018

Hi BE. This is Chris from AquaTru. Thanks for the comments. Our records show that your orders were from November 2016. We did received your emails and replied to you. We apologized for the incorrect manual sent to you as well as missing additional items (sorry, human error). All missing items were sent to your new address. We also found that we were having an issue receiving calls from our customers in Canada through our phone provider. It has since been corrected. You did contact us again stating that your unit was leaking in June 2017 and did not want a replacement so refunds were issued to the card on file. We are sorry again that this experience was less than stellar.

John February 17, 2018

Hey, Chris from AquaTru, I have had nothing but trouble with your product, not with your customer service policies, though other have. This is simply a bad product that needs to be reengineered.

LO2 April 01, 2020

BE's original complaint was posted May 29, 2017. Why did it take until February 2018 for Chris from AquaTru to post a response? That's over 8 months!

January 2, 2017

So far I love it. I have read all these reviews and none of them resembled my experience. It was easy to assemble and use. It is so convenient as it only takes 10 minutes for process to complete. If this unit does everything this company boasts I am in pig heaven. No way to know for sure without having the water tested.

John February 17, 2018

"So far" is not enough--wait! Unless you are very lucky, this unit will fail. I have had failures with 3 bases, the original and 2 replacements. Worse, the second replacement unit was rebuilt after apparently bad treatment by former owners.

Defective product, incompetent staff.
November 23, 2016

Worst company and product I’ve ever dealt with. They sent me a defective unit, so I sent it back. They sent a defective replacement, so I sent it back. They sent a third one – again defective. Then they sent replacement filters. Still didn't work.

They twice sent items to the wrong address, even after I tripled-checked the address with them on the phone. I wasted hours on the phone with them and at the post office. When I’d ask to speak to a manager, I was always told they’re in a meeting. I asked for a manager and repair engineer to call me. No one ever called.

One time I insisted they put a manager on the phone, and the rep (ironically named Angel) rudely shouted me down and then hung up on me. I finally gave up and told them to send a refund – they said that after this whole nightmare, I’d have to pay return shipping. I finally got a rep who said they’d pay return shipping. Defective product, incompetent staff.

New Unit Leaks Badly, No Help from Customer Service
November 21, 2016

My son put the unit together as per instructions; it leaked all the water out all over the drainboard and floor. He's an engineer, so he does know how to put things together without breaking them. After it leaked I checked all the fittings and tried it again. All the water leaked out the bottom of the unit again.

My son called the customer service number; the guy at the other end couldn't tell him anything and said a supervisor would call. But no supervisor called him back. The next day I called the same number, and was told, "We never heard of that happening before, can't imagine what the problem could be."

A supervisor, "Anderson" called me that night and recommended I check the valve under the tank. But he said he didn't think that was really the problem, not with that much leakage, but check anyway just in case. He said if that didn't work he would send a Free Return Shipping Label and when they received the unit they would replace with one ... that hopefully works.

I checked the valve, that wasn't the problem. The next day, after being on hold for several minutes, I talked to a “Dolores” and she said I should be receiving the shipping label by email soon.

The label never came.

Today I tried to get a hold of “Anderson” but I was told by a “Gabe” that there were “No supervisors there.” “Gabe” said that he would leave a note for a supervisor to call and that he would “Put in an order to have a shipping label sent.”

I said, “How hard would it be to sit down and email me a shipping label?” He said, “Oh gee, sorry, wish I could help you.”

I have sent a few emails to “Customer Service” and always get “We'll be glad to help you, just call our 800 number.”

It would take one minute to send me a shipping label, but I haven't received anything from them yet.

November 1, 2016
AquaTru has absolutely the worst customer care you can imagine! Buyers beware! First, once you order their product your credit card is charged immediately but you receive their product MONTHS (!) later. Which reputable company does this? We waited almost 4 months! Second, there are immense issues with possible returns/refunds even if package was never opened! Avoid this company, buy from pure water freedom instead.

Waiting for Filter Replacement Notice
October 10, 2016

We like the system overall. We have a whole house water filter but the water is still not completely clean. The reason we bought this AquaTru system was to get truly clean water.

Although we use it daily for a year there is no indication that a new filter is needed. We are going to order another filter now.

Works but filters clog way faster than advertised.
June 29, 2016
I only got about 100 gallons of filtered water before the unit stopped working, indicating spent filters. At about $100 per filter set, that cones to $1 per gallon. I can get filtered water at the local supermarket for 80 cents a gallon.

Gary Washer June 29, 2016

Works... faster....