Reviews is a website that states it offers customers the appliances, furniture, décor, and products they need for every room of their house, so they can find everything they need in one place. 

How Does Appliances Connection Work?

The website states that they are a one stop shop for everything you need for your home, and not just appliances. Their goal is to make it easy to “fill your home with all the luxuries you desire.” states that all their sales staff undergo an in-depth four week training program before they ever handle their first customer.

They are trained to listen for what item customers are looking for, who will be using it, where it will be used, how long they are hoping to use it, etc, so they can recommend the best products to meet their needs. 

Customers can their website for a specific product or by look through their inventory by category.  Categories include Laundry, Refrigeration, Cooking, Dishwashers, Air Conditioning, Commercial, Outdoor, Plumbing, Home Furnishing, Health & Fitness, and others.

Cost/Price Plans

Since this company offers such a wide variety of products, there is no real way to quote a single or static price range for the products you can find here.

However, they do offer their customers a Low Price Guarantee, which states that if you are able to find a lower price – including Shipping & Handling and taxes – on an identical branded item with the same features from an authorized dealer, they promise to either meet that price or beat it. 

The website also says that they offer free shipping to customers within the 48 continental United States for both small and large items. They do offer In-Home and White Glove Delivery, but it will require an additional fee. 

Refund Policy

Unless otherwise stated, customers will have 30 days from the date of placing the order to contact their Customer Service team for a Return Merchandise Authorization Number and to ship the product back. 

All returns must include all original packaging, an intact UPC barcode, the original packing slip, and the valid RMA number. Batteries, film, and videotapes which have been opened are never available for return. 

Unfortunately Clearance items are only available for return when they are defective, and even when this is the case, products are only available to be returned within 14 days from the date it was shipped from their warehouse.    

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-299-9470 or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.


Unfortunately it does not appear as though this company has very many customer reviews at this time, making it difficult for prospective customers to determine whether or not they would like to make their next purchase from here.

The very few reviews which are available seem positive for the most part, but still, when dealing with an online company that sells large scale, often expensive items, customers may want to see the item in person at another retailer before they make the choice to purchase from an online retailer, especially when there is no opportunity for free return shipping.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other home stores which operate online in case customers cannot find what they need at this retailer, including,, and many others. 

If you have any experience with AppliancesConnection or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Beware misleading web page and 18% return charge!!!
August 5, 2022

The Appliance Connection web page ad indicated the dishwasher would be "shipped" within a couple days. I obviously thought that meant it would arrive at our house in a couple days. Instead, it turned out it would be *at least* 2 to 3 more WEEKS for delivery.

I considered that to be unacceptable and requested that my order be canceled just a few days after I ordered it. Even though the unit was still sitting in a "Consolidation Center" in New Jersey and had not moved off the lot and had not gone "in transit", they considered it "shipped" and invoked their draconian penalties for returns ($1.50 per pound), which turned out to be $196 (18% of the total purchase price)!!

Most companies have a 100% money back guarantee. But NOT Appliance Connection! Read the fine print before you buy!

All other web pages for appliance dealers indicate approximate delivery date, while on their web page case it is *misleading* to only write their own shipping date on it. I felt very misled.

Buy Local!
July 7, 2022

Buy local. Besides the 6 weeks my in-stock washing machine took to be delivered, the “White Glove Service” you pay extra for consists of removing the wrapping, leaving large box/garbage everywhere, flooding the laundry room (because they did NOT hook the machine up correctly), and following us around the house requesting tips.

There is no accountability, no one knows what is going on or where your items are and after purchasing the washer and dryer pair they sent a disclaimer that if the customer has any issues with the appliances they are charged by the pound to return or replace the item.

My recommendation is to buy local and ensure there are live people to talk to. I am sure the company would not want to be so poorly represented but if I could leave less than a star, I would.

SCAM shipping info
July 5, 2022

total scam, shows available in stock for immediate shipping, what they don't say is that it takes 2 days for the order to process and if you cancel after there are restocking / fluff fees after that.

I ordered 2 wks ago and got generic shipping info that estimates deliver 1 month later.

Ridiculous DO NOT BUY / recommend

What a Nightmare
June 28, 2022

Absolute nightmare!!! The most unprofessional online scammer that I have had the misfortune to deal with! Long story short! They lie "mislead" you into believing that they have inventory in stock or ordered but they do not. The people who you speak to on their calls sound like a family of shady car salesmen.

One time I spoke with a jerk who was conducting business while he was on the toilet!! Seriously dude! Canceling orders is very hard to get done even though no product has shipped! Trust me you will spend hours and hours trying to fix your biggest mistake... Buying anything from this Mickey Mouse so called business!

They also lie to the credit bureau if you close their credit card and never have any charges on it. They said they closed my account because of their decision and not mine... Total lie! They left a derogatory comment on my credit report because I didn't want to buy any of their crap!

What a horrible experience and a sad excuse for a retailer! Get ready for a nightmare if you do business with Appliance Connection.

Worst Customer Service EVER!!
June 27, 2022

I ordered a washer/ dryer set on March 31, 2022, with installation kits, extended warranty, and pedestals. The washer/dryer was delivered on April 18. Not bad, but the rest of the merchandise was not. So, the delivery company unloaded the crates and placed them in my garage and said we will leave them here and when we come back next week after the pedestals arrive, we will uncrate and install them at that time. Great plan at the time, or at least I thought.

It took an additional three weeks to receive the installation kits and pedestals. So, the washer/Dryer sat in my garage uncrated, at the suggestion of the delivery company. When they showed up almost 4 weeks later to do the install, the crates were opened, and this is when major damage was discovered on both the washer and dryer. The damage on the washer was so bad that the drum would not even turn. Both units had major, visible damage. We sent the pictures of the damages to Appliances Connection. I told them that I was not accepting them and would be returning them for credit. This is where the fun began.

I was told that I could return them, my account would be charged $627.50 for return shipping costs. What?? Since I did not open and inspect the merchandise within 48 hours of receipt, I would be responsible for anything and everything after that point, even though their delivery contractor said they would open them when they came back later to do the installation. It would do no good to open them and risk any damage, so they said.

I spent the next three weeks trying to speak to a manager to get them to pay for the return shipping but to no avail. All they wanted to do was dodge phone calls, hide behind canned emails and read me their fine print that says they are not responsible for anything and told me that either I pay for the return shipping, or they could not help me.

Even though the photos clearly showed shipping damage, they went as far to say that I could have damaged the merchandise while waiting for them to return to do the install and this was why they could not pay for return shipping. Really? Like I am going to damage merchandise I ordered to the extent shown in the photos. The disturbing thing about this whole issue is that Appliances Connection offered no solution, they offered no replacement of the damaged merchandise, nothing. All they wanted to offer was too bad so sad Mr. Customer, deal with it on your own. Really pathetic customer service to say the least.

Appliances Connection does not return phone calls; they answer with canned email responses and offer absolutely no customer service value. It is bad customer service when you are left in the dark and no one wants to respond to help you resolve an issue. Words of caution- if everything goes right with your order and shipping, then everything is great, and they get all these 5-star reviews. But when something goes wrong, they fail miserably at customer service and resolving issues to at least salvage a customer’s satisfaction to retain their business. Read all the bad reviews and you will see a pattern. They do not want to deal with you, nothing except we got you by the short hairs, so take it or leave it.

In customer service you do not hide from dissatisfied customers, you address them and put forth the effort to turn them into a satisfied customer. Not Appliances Connection, they have no interest in solving problems or even care about a positive customer experience. I have since cancelled over $10K worth of orders and will never buy anything from them again and will do my best to educate anyone that is considering buying appliances to use anyone else but them because of their poor business tactics and bad customer service. They respond great when you want to buy, but buyer be highly aware that if you run into issues, they have no interest or care to put forth any effort to resolve them. Major Red Flag. Do business with them at your own risk.

Stay away!
May 18, 2022

I made a purchase on March 3rd for a dining table . After changing the date continuously for 3 months, I called today for a status and they said it would not ship if I didn't pay 300 dollars after my receipt says free shipping. This is not legal. They are stealing from the consumer and I advise anyone to stay away . The customer service rep was of no help, and when I asked for someone of higher authority they were equally useless. Stay away!!

The Worst Customer Service
April 19, 2022

They don't deserve even a one star. By far this is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have waited for over 3 months to get the correct order. When I called today to make a complaint, they could care less why I was so upset. The floor manager was beyond TERRIBLE, she needs to find another field and not be in customer service.

I think I have given them enough chances to deliver the shipment after 4 reschedules. I told the floor manager I wanted a refund and without hesitation she said ok. Not, let me see what I can do to make you a satisfied customer, NOTHING.

One thing she said that send to over the edge was "I am in New York, I cant go to Texas and make them deliver your shipment" WOW WOW WOW.

Excellent Customer Service
April 18, 2022
Rafael was super helpful and friendly. He helped me with my online order issue and explained to me what I needed help with. Appliances Connection has been so nice to work with. I’ll definitely be ordering from here again in the future!

5% rebate is a total scam
April 15, 2022

Bought a range from them for around $8,000 in early 2021. Got the range a few months later no problems, got the vent hood couple of months after that, no problems there. They sent me a credit card somewhere during this process. I financed this as they required for their advertised 5% rebate.

At some point around Sept 2021 I called their Cust Svc to inquire how to get the 5% rebate which was worth around $400. Over the next 6-7 months I made no less than 20 calls to their customer service department and was given numerous incorrect and intentionally misleading responses. They do NOT want you getting nor using this 5% rebate, and they make it virtually impossible to get it - they count on you just giving up.

Over the course of many months and numerous time-wasting calls I was told:

-It's part of your financing with Comenity Bank (the folks they finance with), you need to call Comenity. That went in circles as Comenity bounced me right back to Appliances Connection saying they have nothing to do with any 5% rebates.

-The manufacturers handle these rebates, I had to reach out directly to the manufacturer. My stove was from an Italian manufacturer called Ilve. They promised to send me a form on how to contact the manufacturer, never got it.

-When I placed another order in my cart, the credit would automatically be available to me. That's not true.

-I needed to go ahead and place a full price order, and the 5% would be applied. Ha!

After 6 months and so many time-wasting calls, I finally received an email with a "gift card." When you opened the gift, it gave you a picture of a credit card with CC#, Exp Date, CCV and Zip Code. It was through a website called and it looks like they went and purchased this from yiftee.

So now I'm finally thinking I can use this 5%. I needed to order a microwave, found the one I wanted for $610. Put in my cart, it allowed me to put in split payment so I started with the gift card. It accepted all the credit card info and I told it to use the full gift card amount, $405. It did, and came back and asked me for another credit card for the remaining $205 which I put in. All good, got my microwave a couple of weeks later.

BUT, they completely ignored the gift card and billed my personal credit card for the full $610! Now I am told their "billing department" will have to issue a credit, they have no record of the gift card being used. Somehow it magically vanished from my order.

Thank goodness I got my appliances, they did very well there. However, their customer service is the absolute worst. Some of it is absolutely intentional, there is no way incompetence exists at this level without it being required by management in order to frustrate clients in the hopes that they just go away.

Done with this company, hope they stand up and honor the $405 they owe me, but they are total scammers. I won't go back there and strongly recommend you avoid them. I've read plenty of other horror stories when people have tried to return incorrect or damaged shipments. Bad company, stay away!

You can trust Appliance Connection.
March 8, 2022

My wonderful experience with Appliance Connection was involving Perach.

This was my first time purchasing major appliances online and I must say I was nervous BUT after reading the numerous positive experience others had with Appliance Connection I figured I'd give them a try. What I love MOST about Appliance Connection is how they handle customer service. Their customer service is top notch and on point. I never had a question go unanswered within 24 hours.

Since I ordered appliances during the covid debacle I figured there would be a delay and I was prepared for that. Appliance Connection did everything they could in their power to make sure I received my appliances as they were restocked.

The delivery process is top notch as well. The entire operation is extremely professional. I would say if you are considering purchasing appliances online, consider Appliance Connection. If you are ordering during this backlog of materials manage your expectations and be patient. I don't think you will be disappointed with this company.

March 2, 2022

Bought a Microwave they said they had online. After waiting many days I contacted them and they said they did not have that Microwave in-stock. That I could exchange it for another one that was comparable but would be more in price (first hint that this may be a scam).

I went ahead with the purchase which was a mistake. Finally received the microwave after waiting forever. When I got it there was several things missing from the box that should have been there (including the glass turntable) (second hint this was a scam).

After contacting them many times and creating a ticket on their website I finally received the glass turntable but I never received the other items that were missing.

Then I plug it in and it does not work. Asked for a return and of course I have to pay the freight shipping back to them which is over $100. SCAM complete. DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE SCAMMERS. If I could give less than 1 star I would.

Nightmare company
February 22, 2022

This is the worst company to do business with! They sent me defective damaged products and refused to give me a refund. Warning! Do business at your own risk with the company!

Do Not waste your time not worth the discount, never ever again.
February 19, 2022

Absolutely do not shop at Appliance Connection. Purchased a dishwasher for my son as an early Christmas gift. Item came damaged. They said they would replace it. After a month of back and forth they wanted me to buy another dishwasher first from them before they would replace it. Not happening.

Then they blamed the late picking up of the damaged one on the logistic company, not their fault. End of January it finally gets picked up after I posted several negative reviews and they then finally paid attention, tried to buy me off with a $100.00 gift certificate ( no thanks will NEVER use this company again) and here it is FEBRUARY 19 th and I still have not received my refund.

This is the most unorganized, unprofessional, incompetent business I have ever dealt with. I had to buy a new dishwasher at Lowes and I highly encourage you to stay away from this company. Not worth the frustration.

If I could give negative stars I WOULD
February 19, 2022

If I could give negative stars I would.

The Customer service first level was ok, IF you could get them to answer, always documented the issue, but not able to solve it. Then the issues got dropped on the floor.

When I ordered my Kitchen Suite of appliances I stressed the fact that they needed to be delivered within a 2 week window as I have to fly there to take delivery. I was told "it would be no problem" multiple times.

Before they even were shipped, I had to reschedule my flights and car rentals 2x due to their delivery scheduling despite the fact that I gave a 2 week window each time. The delivery finally happened on the last day of my third 2 week reschedule.

The delivery drivers did not want to take the items upstairs even though I paid for 2 items upstairs. They dropped the range off the stairs and dragged the Refrigerator up the stairs and slammed it into the front door casing and handrails numerous times. Both items were damaged and scratched badly. Water lines and connections were torn off the refrigerator, plus many dents and scratches. My property was damaged: stairs, railings, doors, door jambs, new tile.

Their Shipping company, AM Home Delivery, says I have to call the seller.

Another five calls to customer service, ticket opened, promises of management call backs... nothing. Now I find out that to get replacements, I have to ship it back to them insured, and they will refuse the shipment if it is damaged in transit (it was already damaged in transit by their own shipper). It is an insurance scam.

I can't stay here, my job is elsewhere, and I can't afford to continue to fly here to arrange and take shipment of the replacements.

The first level customer service offered me $250. That won't cover the replacement parts or get the dents out of the fronts of any of the damaged appliances.

The price of the items is not worth it in the end. Their return policy should be illegal.

Will " a manager" ever call me back?

Extremely disappointed in the the whole experience.

Update: I came to a documented agreement:

1. They will have any damaged or scratched parts that can be replaced replaced,

2: I will Accept a 10 yr warranty on the appliances,

3: I will take acceptable compensation for any damage that could not be fixed with replacement parts.

I extended my stay (yet again at my expense) I sent all the pictures they requested, and had to go home.

3 days after I got home: Now they are asking for more pictures and want me to send back an appliance because "AM Home Delivery sent the wrong one".

I already had the installer install the appliance because of the above three point documented agreement. I also had to pay the installer 2 other times for nothing when the appliances did not show up.

Their "need more pictures" ploy is well documented by many other dissatisfied customers.

Stay tuned for more updates as this scam continues.

The scam does continue:

Now Santiago in the Escalations and Public Relations department has "taken over" my Ticket. He is aware and agreed to the 3 point agreement that his company already sent in writing. Now that he knows it will cost more to fix the damages than the items are worth, he is changing his story. He tried to get me to sign an RMA agreement for only the Refrigerator and Range. The dishwasher is also at issue. That agreement will refund me anything left over once they deduct for shipping the damaged items back. AND it also states that they will refuse the shipment if the items are damaged! (they were already damaged by their own shipper). I can't afford to go there and wait for someone to pick up the appliances, AND they were already installed because of our 3 point agreement.

I am now just asking for compensation so that I can order and install the parts myself, plus a 10 Yr Warranty to cover any unseen damages.

This is now at least the fourth person to "take over" my Ticket and each time promises are made and then broken.

Stay tuned for their next attempt to try and shirk their responsibility.

Tip for consumers:

Do not buy from them!


Products used:

Kitchen Appliance Suite

Appliance Warehouse refuses to issue refund
January 10, 2022

Appliance Warehouse is unable or unwilling to issue refund for damaged microwave.

On 10/28/2021 I ordered a microwave. It arrived damaged and I shipped it back (a frustrating process, but that's a different story).

I contacted the company numerous times. They issued promises and excuses, but no refund.

They disconnected my call when I requested a supervisor, and future calls went through the voicemail queue and were never answered after 20-30 minutes. I suspect they may have flagged my phone number as an unhappy client.

Robin January 25, 2022

I agree with this complaint, I am having the same experience with a brand new product that was delivered and stopped working. Do not buy from this company because the return policy is crap, you have to pay for the shipping.

Yes, it is that bad!
December 7, 2021

Well, my mistake. I read the horrible reviews but couldn't believe this company was actually that bad. Well, they are. They don't have product even though they play the "Only 1 left" scam. As one other reviewer noted, they actually double checked to ensure it was actually in stock. Yes!!

My status immediately went to "shipped". My card was billed $1,900 and I was happy (for a day, anyway.) Now, 30 days after the bogus shipment, my credit card company has gotten involved, and I'm awaiting my refund (1 to 2 days to process the cancellation, 10 to 12 days to receive the refund, no cancellation confirmation number, no cancellation email, you just have to take their word for it.) Still waiting for the refund to hit my card.

Anyway, for time saving purposes, you might want to go ahead and start the refund process / credit card dispute as soon as you place the order. Now, or later you'll have to do it anyway.

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!

Its Your Fault if It DELIVERED damaged.
October 12, 2021

I just finished reading all 14 previous reviews and I agree. FedEx delivered a damaged microwave. It was left at door step. I have never had any problems before with having things left at door step.

So far I have spent 8 hours documenting for them what is wrong to get a refund. At a minimum they require 11 photos. I had to do it as a zip file. They declined the zip file. So I am sending another afternoon documenting photos and uploading 1 by 1 photo-files as it is the only way they accept it.

Additionally every option for fixing the situation offered is going to cost around $40-$70 dollars. PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS COMPANY.

Lying for money
September 24, 2021
Liars. They will tell you what you want to hear to get your money. They showed items in stock online. The salesperson told me it was in stock. The ops person confirmed. After getting my money they write and blame manufacturer because it is not in stock. Ridiculous

Worst Company Ever
September 21, 2021
I ordered 2 chairs from this company. One was damaged and neither of them had anyway to attach the feet. After trying many times, they still would do nothing to help me. I filed a dispute with Visa and won. But, they will not honor that decision. They are very dishonest and I impossible to work with. DO NOT order from them.

July 14, 2021

Purchased most expensive washer and dryer set.

Salesperson did not advise on additional costs involved with shipping and installation (no power cord!).

Shipping was heavily delayed and impossible to predict (unreasonably long delay).

Canceled washer order.

Product arrived damaged and non-functioning (water stains on back and bent frame).

Company has advised me to return on my own or exercise my warranty with the manufacturer. They simply do not care and are uncooperative.

Appliances Connection failed on all fronts. They are connected with Goedeker’s, so do your research.