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Anthony Morrison is a well known Internet Marketing guru  perhaps most well known for his late night infomercials and his nationwide business seminar tours.  

According to his bio on, he's a self-taught internet mogul who launched his first business in 2005, when he was just 21 years old, and has since then started eight different successful businesses in a period of only 6 years

Anthony Morrison has also published at least two books, "The Hidden Millionaire" and "Advertising Profits From Home", which describe his success in the internet marketing industry and attempt to give people the information they need to get their own internet marketing venture off the ground.

Morrison Publishing, found online at, is a one of the companies run by Anthony Morrison which promises to provide people with all the information and tools they need to be successful in internet marketing.   

Books and Seminars: Are They Worth It?

According to his website, Morrison's seminars are some of the most successful business seminars in the country.  However, they routinely also generate some negative feedback from participants.

His 'Hidden Millionaire' business seminars offer an online lead-generation pop-up business where participants signup for business training and a free website, provided by Morrison's company, that will have a list of all the various credit cards offers in the United States.  

The website allows visitors to compare/contrast potential credit card offers and, if they sign-up for one, the owner of the website would paid an affiliate commission for generating the lead.

Online lead generation is a legitimate business utilized by people working online every day, so people don't generally get upset at the type of business opportunity that is being offered, but rather the price of it.  

While the seminars are advertised as "free information" on how to make money, only the introductory part of the seminar is actually free.

The cost of receiving actual training on how to make money has been reported at $3,995.00 with a continuing monthly charge of $19.95 for website hosting and maintenance, a discrepancy which caused him to be investigated by CBS News in Atlanta in 2009.

The books are a far cheaper version of the seminar and come with a wide range of praise and critique, detailed in a past review on his book, "Advertising Profits from Home".  

Like most books detailing business opportunities, the vast majority of Anthony Morrison's information can be found online for free, so what you end up paying for is Morrison's personal insight on the industry.

Why Is Anthony Morrison So Controversial?

Anthony Morrison is a very polarizing figure when it comes to online entrepreneurship.

There is no doubt that he has personally been very successful over the years, as he has created many different books, online courses, and online resources for people looking to make a living in internet marketing.

Whether or not his students have been successful is where you will find the controversy. 

The issue with all online marketing training courses is that they often depict this industry as being one where it is very easy to do little work with giant rewards, which is incredibly misleading if not downright false.

Establishing a successful internet marketing business is just as difficult as establishing any other business.  There is a lot of time, effort, and money which will be needed in the first few years if you are actually determined to make a livable or large income. 

Because of this, many people read Morrison's books and attend his seminars likely have zero familiarity with any form of online business, internet marketing, marketing or sales in general, or a million other small facets that go toward finding success with an online business.

Therefore their likelihood of failure with Morrison's programs is higher than is made clear.

On the other hand, if you do have background experience with online business, computers, internet marketing, or other skills that would help you be successful with an online venture, you may already have too much experience to benefit from Morrison's training, which is aimed at beginners.

Overall though, Anthony Morrison is making a genuine push toward trying to provide people with many different resources that are likely to help them in their independent business opportunity, and he doesn’t generally make false promises about “quick riches” with this website, which is a good sign. 

But better than that, his website does offer many different products that you can choose from, as well as clearly laid out Refund Policies, which is very important.

Customers who are unsure if this website is right for them may want to read one of Morrison’s books before committing to his courses.    

Refund Policy

Morrison's website states that any product sold by or through this website will clearly have a Refund Policy displayed on the sales material prior to purchasing, as well as have that information provided on all order forms or checkout forms after you have made your purchase. 

Their website also provides a very detailed breakdown of the type of Refund Policies you can expect for general categories of products they offer, like Mobile Applications or Live Events, which unfortunately are non-refundable, or other products like Courses or Books, which normally come with a 30 or 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.   

If you have any experience with Anthony Morrison or his products, please leave your reviews below.

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Anthony Morrison Customer Reviews

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Return my money to my account
June 26, 2022

I registered with Partner with Anthony on 23rd May, 2022 after listening to his "sweet online" lecture. Surprisingly what followed after registration was bullshit and I immediately unsubscribed.

However, Anthony Publishing debited my account on 22nd June, 2022 a month after I unsubscribed. Have written them for a refund and yet to hear from them. Worse still is how they debited my account without my knowledge

Do a considerable amount of research before signing up with someone.
April 8, 2022
I will not be doing this with him. I don't settle so quickly with this stuff.

Avoid at all costs
January 21, 2022
Spent 15k on his top program. Complete trash. After more than 3 months there hasn't been a penny made.

RobertDubisar March 22, 2022

Anthony Morrison is truly an interesting person, yes indeed. He takes advantage of the average person that is just starting out, and knows he can feed them w/lots of smoke and mirrors. That's the whole idea, though.

The word is, her started Cool Blue Performance, soon after his parents lost a lot of their wealth in the real estate industry. I really do believe he knows how to sell himself, but beyond that, nothing.

It's no wonder that there are people who maintain that the internet is one giant scam, but in all truthfulness, it's not. Google ad sense is for computer geeks, if you will. Between the years of 2000 and 2006, I saw so many get rich schemes on the internet,

youtube course
October 9, 2021
Totally unacceptable scammer. Promised to have automated system but only provided a course. Not worth a penny at all.

Always thoroughly review what people say about a company, any company..
January 3, 2021

My fiance recently signed up with Anthony Morrison, he is 70 years old and hardly has the $1,500. that he paid this self-proclaimed 'guru' to help him start up his own business. I have tried and tried to talk some sense into my fiance, but he won't listen.

We are in our 'golden years' and this money was so badly needed for him to move to me. He tells me not to worry because he has 30 days to ask for a refund, but from reading the many reviews here, it sounds like that isn't going to happen. :-(

I thank each and every one of you for sharing your story with the world. Some of us are truly listening.

Run while you can
August 15, 2020

This guy promises the world and says over and over how easy it is to get rich online. He says he'll guide you so it'd be best for you to just close your eyes and blindly follow his instructions. I got hooked with the $7 low ticket course and then was convinced that I needed his higher ticket items. (This is pretty standard in the world of affiliate marketing). I ended up losing $10,000 and without really learning how to make money online.

HEADS UP: He's going to teach you the vague mechanics of how to create an online business and then ask you to spend thousands on ads that promote/sell HIS courses. Yes, HIS courses.

Joe G September 16, 2020

Thanks for the heads up, Catie about Anthony Morrison.

Sincerely, Joe Giunta

JOHNNY October 15, 2020

Catie why didn't you report this to the (FCC) or FBI this is legal fraud doesn't anybody has report this?

Catie I ( THANK YOU IN THE HIGHEST ) for sending a heads up like this however you should report this to the DOJ or take some legal action on this saw call legal operation

Have some pride
January 1, 2020

Flim-flam, come and get some, be stupid through your laziness. Give a few pounds/bucks, cos you are gullible. Some of you have fallen for it before, so, don't blame the government for your naivety. You are lazy get working, we don't owe you a living. This is the real world put your begging bowl away. Earn your worth and give to those that can't! Be realistic and stop thinking everyone has it good but you.

Don't shame yourself by saying you are a victim, mostly its your fault. Have some pride, be honorable and join society with some dignity, you were taken for a sucker, nobody is listening but you. Be better by using your own ingenuity. Get smart , nobody else will follow you otherwise.

Master scam artist
December 8, 2019

Anthony Morrison: master scam artist of the 20th century. Thanks to him and his pastor- like snake selling qualities, I am out around $8,000 from his own courses, upsells (from keystone learning), and traffic plan he says to blindly follow.

I've made a total of $170 (marketing HIS course) from this investment. I can not believe I fell into the manipulative pitch from himself and the high stakes salespeople he endorses through his partner with Anthony course. He is manipulative and needs to be held accountable for what he is doing to people. Makes me sick.

Ladancerly April 22, 2020

I'm so sorry you got scammed. These snake oil salesman are very good at what they do.. So don't be to hard on yourself. I'm so sick of these leeches on society taking advantage of the hard working men & women. I believe the law needs to change & start getting tough on these scum for at the very least - false advertising !

He is a con artist full stop
November 6, 2019

No support. I was yes one of the beginners. Hooked with click funnel since January 2018, bought ambassador club $997 then coaching $1497. Requested my money back no luck

Not only that I have earned 0 dollars from my investment but when he sold us ambassador club he promised to support us with traffic temporarily to keep us going, something he never do.

Now pls help me how I could claim my money via government route because via him its not happening.

You are right, only the once who know benefit from him and funny enough they never show their big results. Just these pennies. He keep saying people are crashing it in a score board well let us see them and let people check them out if they are really beginners. If it was here in UK I could definitely know how to claim my money back but in USA I don't but I am here to seek help. Because I sent him these videos he had not replied to me.



Zio March 13, 2020

Depending on how you paid, you might be able to do a charge back or report it as a scam to your bank.

I got zero
August 25, 2019
I had this product years ago and wanted a lot of money. I talked to customer service and they told that I was going to make a few dollars and I was and right in the middle he changed his mind and I got zero..

Stay Away
July 16, 2019

Morrison Publishing as part of the Master Product Funnel club has been charging me for the use of Click Funnels since Oct 2018 till June 4. I send an email to cancel on 25 Oct 2018 and on cancelled the click funnels with the trial subscription period.

No service provide for the use of click funnels, yet they kept charging and in dispute. Finally stopped. Doggy vendor, stay away.

Vinod July 16, 2019

Kept billing me even after I raised a dispute with American expresss as i did not know who it was.

To: Anthony Morrison

Sent: Thursday, 25 October 2018, 06:53:25 am AEDT

Subject: Product: Mastery Funnel Club - Trial Membership Cancel


Please cancel this membership after the trial period.

Also there is no information provided on the re-occurring subscription information on the trial?

Please confirm.


Vinod Sharma

Tracy (ClickFunnels)

Jun 9, 17:19 MDT

Hello Vinod,

Thank you for getting in touch with us here at ClickFunnels customer service. My name is Tracy and I'm happy to assist you today.

Upon researching your account under the email you provided [email protected] I found only one ClickFunnels account and it was canceled before the free trial period was over. We did not charge you for the subscription. There was a $47.00 charge for an upsell product, but that was refunded back in October of 2018.

Obviously you are still getting charged for something and most likely it is "Order ID: 92498, Order Date: 10/21/Product: Mastery Funnel Club - Trial Membership" This is not a ClickFunnels product.

To cancel this product you would need to contact Anthony Morrison's support team.

I hope this takes care of everything for you today, Vinod. I am going to close this ticket, but if you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us again. We are here for you!



ClickFunnels Customer Service

How do I cancel
July 12, 2019
How do I cancel this I already got taken for over $1000.00 because you cant cancel the pwa as no one calls you back ..they say leave email but no one calls or answer your request....

Verna J August 24, 2019

change your card

Daniel September 12, 2019

Hi Robert. I was looking to do one of these courses. Omg sounds like you have had a nightmare.

This company is greedy
July 8, 2019
This company is greedy and steals from his customers. That's how he made his money because he doesn't give refunds to people who don't believe in his products. That's not good business

My experience has been a mostly positive one
June 26, 2019

First, there are no magic bullets when it comes to on-line marketing. If you aren't willing to put in the work, there are no programs that can help you and you will be wasting your money. That part is on you, not the seller or the program.

Second, it is very difficult to start any business without investing at least some cash at some point, either for product, training, advertising, etc. Internet marketing is no different. If you are just kicking the tires, or are intrigued by the latest shiny object, do yourself a favor and move on.

Third, I have tried several of Anthony's products. I have to admit, that as a beginner, I was not ready for a couple of them. However, I recently started his Partner With Anthony program. I wish I had started with this one. At $7/mo it won't break the bank. It is packed with real value, especially for the beginner. And you can go at your own pace. That said, the funnels provided within the program used to promote products does require an investment in ClickFunnels and an autoresponder of your choice. So you've been warned.

The partnering part of Partner With Anthony is where you learn how to do affiliate marketing by marketing Anthony's products. You can buy his product if you chose, or not, none are required to buy although one will allow you to be an affiliate for his high ticket products. I would recommend waiting with that. Be warned though, you will be marketed to.

As a customer of Anthony, you will be able to attend his weekly live webinar called Success Connection. Here he builds out products and funnels step by step and gives them to free of charge to sell. This program alone has as much or more value than any other program I've ever done.

Admittedly, Anthony's customer service is lacking and could be better. This seems to be a common trait with most in the Internet Marketing business. You might have to keep trying. Be warned though, he does not offer refunds on most of his products. If there was a billing problem, as you CC company for help if you can't get through or get a response. That usually works with most companies.

All in all, my experience has been a mostly positive one. I have begun making money with what I have learned. It's taken work, a few missteps, and have had to be diligent, but it is beginning to pay off. That is after all what it's about, isn't it?

Louis October 30, 2019

Do you think someone like myself that has zero experience can really make money online if I dedicate myself and stick to it no matter what?

April 30, 2019
I asked to be taken off his list to be notified of webinars and he won't stop sending me them.

People come looking for a free lunch
April 4, 2019

Every program I have bought I can claim the person was a "SCAM ARTIST" if I didn't learn it.

If I didn't put in the work for it. When people come looking for a free lunch and want to make money off of someone else's free lunch and don't they scream "SCAM" -

The funny thing is I have been out here a long time and haven't made what I thought I should - and I know why - because I was always - not sometimes always looking for a "SHORTCUT" and because of that, I didn't entirely understand what the heck I was doing.

The funny thing about people who put other people down especially these so-call reviewers is "THEY" always have a product to sell you after bad mouthing someone. Well, when I follow the script I always make money - You know one of the best ways to get people to these reviews is by using the product person ranking and status to get you to their BS - the question you should ask is where is there ranking. where are the people who are visiting their page?

If all this is a scam then Facebook must be a scam because there are thousands of people who have checked out and like. Of, course everything is for everybody but to be bad mouthing people so you can sell a product - well it just shows who the real scammer is.

E.W. August 21, 2019


I agree with everything you've said. I too have been guilty of always looking for that "SHORTCUT". I didn't know what I was doing either.

It wasn't until I gave into the fact. There is no SHORTCUT. You have to put in the work. Just like with any business. This is no different.

I am a Partner With Anthony user. I find the program to be very well thought out. I have been very pleased with the whole set up. I am at the beginning of promoting the program and I have had a very positive start.

I also am a student with the Success Connection that in itself is a great value. IT'S FREE!! Anthony gives away free training for just about all the GREAT Businesses he gives to his students.


Aly October 05, 2019

Absolutely. Totally agree with you.

This is a #1 no no in marketing, selling, advertising... ANYTHING!

With that said, I'll not be clicking another thing on this forsaken- 3-ring-circus-website!!! It'll be closed as soon as I end this reply!

Non-sense and shenanigans! If that's how ya'll think you'll bring in customers, I mean, yeah.. You'll get your first couple thousand.

But that'll BE IT!!! There's no room for individuals like you!

My review for what it is worth
March 11, 2019
Online since 2004, I cannot argue for or against the comments before this. None of which refer to his Success Connection or his PWA 2019 program which I found to be exceptional and substantial value.

Starting to arbitrate against them
February 9, 2019

I initially bought his online training and then was lead to Win Coaching that is affiliated with Anthony Morrison and I'm currently starting to arbitrate against them because of their tactics and lack of responsibility.

They keep telling you to follow their coaching and the only thing their coaching offers is a way to keep spending money and not making any. Do not work with anyone in affiliation with Anthony Morrison if you can help it. And especially do not work with Win Coaching.

He is scamming others
December 3, 2018

I recently brought his course for $70 and he kept sending me videos and link to start your online business. Whenever I log in to the page it asks you to buy another product. He urges you to join on Thursday every week on live call. But all these calls are recorded and he will not even give you the chance to ask questions. He only speaks and ends when he wants.

He will pretend in the call that 10000 people have joined but really no one joins. He does not have any group where you can cross check if other members have joined the call or not. He is scamming with us for his INBOXER ACADEMY, 8 FIGURE FUNNEL FORMULA, AND 7 FIGURE EMAIL FORMULA.

Just don't be fool with his fancy website, and adorable and seductive speeches to make millions in a month. He is just deceiving you. BE CAUTIOUS ANDN AWAY FROM HIM.

MichaelFranques January 22, 2021

I am going through the PWA program as I speak, I have been in it for a month and it has been "as advertised". When you join, you also join the HUGE user group. I have made over 60 contacts and friend connections on FB that are also in various stages of progress.

The only point I am trying to make is , there is a user group where we cross check and talk with each other all the time. Everyone that is in the program communicates with each other - discuss price - value and how much they are making. Since there is so many varying ages and levels of experience, a lot of learning happens within the group itself.

Overall, it is what you make of it. Hope that helps as I have nothing to gain by giving an honest view of my perspective. Good luck to everyone no matter what your goal is in life - focus on it, be sincere and most of all - BE SUCCESSFUL!!.

Scam I would agree
November 8, 2018

I wish I had read this BEFORE I signed up. Yep. Scam I would agree. Too many promises. One important item of note is at the end of the webinar, they tell you only so many opportunities available - "don't loose out". They do this so quickly to get you to respond quickly. After joining, you do not get a receipt or schedule of payment plan. You just know it's 3 pmts.

However, after reviewing his program for 6 days (& had already paid $797.) we requested a cancellation, not a refund of the 1st pmt. but a cancellation of any futures. Only then, did we get a sheet that stated most of his programs have NO CANCELLATIONS or REFUNDS. (They said it was at the bottom of the enrollment when we signed up). LOL Oh yes, right below the speed-round sign up I guess. Never did receive a receipt either.

You never get to talk with anyone. Only emails. This is just such a farce. BEWARE, they WILL take your money!!!