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Obtaining quotes for various types of insurance can be a tedious process. Finding the right policy to meet your needs can be extremely time-consuming. is a website where you can find and compare multiple quotes from different insurance providers for free.

Rather than submitting multiple questionnaires to different insurance companies, only requires one submission. Having a network of over 100 insurance carriers, brokers and agents makes the process quick and painless. Within minutes you will have a maximum of 8 quotes, there is no obligation to accept any of them. has a well-rounded variety of insurance options for individuals and businesses.

• Individuals can obtain quotes for auto insurance. Having car insurance is important because the law requires it. The sooner you purchase an insurance policy that fits your budget the sooner you will be able to drive lawfully.

• Health insurance quotes are also available through the site; coverage options include medical insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance. The rising cost of healthcare is making it increasingly difficult for people to afford the medical attention they need. They offer policy quotes for individuals, families, seniors, and even students.

• Quotes for homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance can also be found through their site. This type of insurance is most helpful for random maintenance emergencies and damage due to bad weather. There are many coverage options to protect your home and the assets within it.

• Insuring your future can be done with annuities. Since Social Security benefits are often not sufficient for retirees to live on, annuities are used as a source of supplemental income. Quotes for annuities are typically based on future financial plans and current finances

• Businesses also have an opportunity to get quotes for group health insurance, liability insurance, and even workers compensation. The discounted prices available through their site are a great way for businesses to protect themselves as well as their employees.

US Insurance Online is fairly new and there are few reviews online pertaining to this company. It is important to note that they do not provide a contact phone number. All customer service and customer support inquiries must be emailed. This should raise some concerns for insurance shoppers who are using their site’s services.

Another concern is that sells your information to the insurance companies and other third party affiliates. Use caution when submitting sensitive information through websites; always review the company’s privacy policy as well as its terms and conditions. Look for details regarding how your information is used and who they may elect to distribute your information to. Some companies are open to selling and handing out information they collect through their site without hesitation.

It is never too late to buy insurance whether you decide to purchase it through one of’s providers or a company not affiliated with them. Being insured and protected from any unexpected issues that may arise in the future will afford you peace of mind.

With the right insurance plan, you can avoid putting yourself in a financial bind which can occur if you don’t have insurance. Take precautions by insuring yourself, your assets and your loved ones, it will be the best decision you ever made.

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really angry not-even prospective customer

Reviewed By Jean Lafitte on September 12, 2016

these people called me four times from three different phone numbers within two hours yesterday morning, saying I'd requested information on "affordable health insurance" and that they're affiliated with United Health Group and Allstate Insurance.

They won't listen to you, won't take "no" for an answer, won't let you talk to a supervisor.

Not only is this unsolicited telemarketing (on my cell phone) but it's OBNOXIOUS and ABUSIVE telemarketing.. I suspect a scam, as well, for they are mentioning at least one insurer I already buy insurance from which has its own sales force and doesn't outsource sales calls.

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Jean Lafitte
September 12, 2016

They just called me again and this time the called identified her company as "Nationwide Health" - when I asked her if that was the same "Nationwide" insurance company that had all the TV ads, she hung up on me.

September 12, 2016

this was from the identical telephone number the person representing herself as calling from "US Insurance Online".

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usinsurance online infringes trademark "Insurance Depot"

Reviewed By Jim Maxwell on November 15, 2013, Dallas, TX

If you search for "Insurance Depot" on Google, you will find multiple listings with the url Then, the homepage for that site uses the name "Insurance Depot" which is a trademark owned by a Dallas company that registered it with the United States Patent and Trademark office in 1994. Anyone who is really interested in Insurance Depot should use the address "", which leads to a website that really sells car insurance online. The insurance liability card and the policy papers are delivered to the customer's computer in a PDF within ten minutes where the customer can print his insurance card immediately. These can also be e-mailed to the customer if he/she chooses. is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It uses its name legally and sells car insurance for several insurance companies. It does not give any of your personal information to anyone, so no one will call to try to sell auto insurance to you. When you need insurance, you need Insurance Depot!

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Reviewed By VR on August 15, 2013, Austin is a scam. You will get bombarded with phone calls when you get on any insurance site. They steal your information and harass you.

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Shady and illegitimate business!

Reviewed By Matt Brown on February 26, 2013, Illinois

More than a year ago, I got quotes directly from insurance companies without going through any shady insurance seeking services. That's why I was surprised to find out a company called US Insurance Online had my information and was dealing it out to various insurance companies without my knowledge (I've maintained insurance with the same company for over a year and do not need to switch).

I alerted State Farm Insurance that I did not request a quote from them directly or from anywhere, after getting phone calls and emails nonstop for months, and they spilled that it was coming from US Insurance Online.

US Insurance Online contacts me today three times, trying to get ahold of me for some reason. By looking up the number online, it turns out to be a cell phone number. I call them back when I finally have time to deal with them, and somebody picked up the phone right away and knew it was me by name. The woman asks about my insurance quotes and I tell her that I did not make any insurance quotes through them and I want it all to stop. She hangs up on me.

I call back right away and it just so happens that nobody picks up right away this time--a robotic voice has been turned on to ask for my phone number and information. I type in my phone number and it asks me for my phone number again. Then, after typing it in again, it tells me that there are problems accessing my account and that the problem will be resolved in an estimated several hours.

I just went onto their site and used their surprisingly simplistic form for unsubscribing to them (even though I never subscribed in the first place).

This place is absolutely shady and not a legitimate business, obviously.

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Former Employee
March 08, 2013

i actually used to work for this company. the reason you got the robotic voice is because your number got removed from the system by whoever it was that hung up on you. while we are not permitted to hang up on people, when you ask to be removed, once we disposition the call as such, it will remove you from OUR system. the thing most people dont realize is that when you are online, especially doing a google search, is that sometimes they are clicking on a site that LOOKS like that they searched for (ex: but its not what they actually wanted (State Farm). Since it is not realized, the person fills out the form and the calls start right away. If you ignore them or dont answer, most companies will continue to redial to the voicemail. Once you picked up and advised that you were no longer interested, your number was immediately removed, which is why you got the robotic voice on the second call back. even though the agent did not handle the call properly, it is definitely a legitimate do you think state farm knew where to direct you? they, (just like AllState, Progressive, The Hartford, MetLife, BCBS, Humana, Aetna, etc) pay for their leads from all different places, including while it may seem like a scam, dont assume its not legit just because you are unaware of what is happening on the other side. i can assure you that many well known carriers, (including your own, without me even know who you use), have a partnership or affiliation with the company.

September 12, 2016

I called back after being asked to be removed to learn the company's name. I was told US Insurance Online, they gave me the same spiel as you are giving about "many well known carriers, (including your own, without me even know who you use), have a partnership or affiliation with the company."

Then, not half an hour later, someone called me back from the identical phone number saying I had asked about "affordable health insurance" and when I asked which company she was calling from, she said "Nationwide Health." When I asked if it was the same "Nationwide" with all the TV ads, she hung up on me.

You sound like a "current employee" to me.

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