About is a travel search engine which claims to be dedicated to helping their customers find the best possible travel deals, whether you are searching by flight date or by location. was established in 1996 in the United Kingdom; their website says they were the first travel search engine and flight comparison website. In May of 2003, the website expanded their business into the United States.

This website does not sell tickets. Rather, Cheapflights is a search tool they claim is “dedicated” to simplifying the search for airfare tickets, as well as providing their customers access to deals and travel guides.

Their search feature allows you to look for airfare and deals in multiple different ways. First, they have a location based search feature, which allows you to find special deals and the best airfares out of your home airport and to a specific location, rather than tickets based on the date of travel.

This search feature is excellent for travelers who are flexible with their travel dates and are simply interested in the best overall deal for their vacation plans.

If your dates are not flexible, you can search for airfare based on the dates of travel and the location to which you are traveling. You can even include which airlines you wish to travel on, which benefits travelers who belong to frequent flyer clubs.

When you search, all fares and deals will include taxes and fees, so the prices you find will be reliable. However, does not actually sell the tickets themselves. Rather they will redirect you to the airline or hotel to finalize your purchase.

This means that if you have any complaints or issues, or need to reschedule your travel, you must contact the merchant that you actually purchased your ticket or reservation from. If you cannot remember, you can contact with your confirmation number to receive assistance or contact info.

If you have any experience with this service, please leave your reviews below.

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Be Aware-not cheap fare

Reviewed By Donna Albritton on August 29, 2014

Be aware that the total fare may be higher than if you book directly with the carrier. Although the fare was posted as "Cancel or change at no charge", you must change/cancel within 4 hours otherwise there is a hefty charge. I am sure that is probably imbedded in the fine print somewhere on their website.

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March 09, 2015

Be careful, there is no help or customer service with this company. They don't even have a customer service email on their website. Buy your ticket through an accredited travel agent or the airlines these guys don't care about you or your business

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