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About Zurple

In the competitive world of real estate, you need an edge.  Zurple and their innovative software provide thousands of Realtors with a complete real estate marketing solution that can give busy agents an inside track to sales.

Using their Conversations® software, the company states agents can generate more leads, track lead behavior and optimize their follow ups. For real estate agents who use Zurple, it’s like having a personal assistant in a back office following leads 24/7.

Zurple.com began as the idea of two San Diego real estate agents, co-founders Ryan Owen and Tom Owen.  Today, Zurple is one of the fastest growing software companies in Southern California and the third fastest in the U.S.  Over 3,500 Realtors across the United States, representative of all the top brokerage firms, use Zurple software.


Zurple’s main product is their Conversations® software. The basic idea behind the software is that it analyzes potential clients' behavior and uses algorithms to determine which of your leads are most likely to be real home buyers. 


Zurple uses an interactive system that puts real estate agents and potential clients into conversations through an automated email system. Using Zurple, agents are able to engage potential clients or leads by a personalized email sent from their email address. The emails reference specific properties and market data that will be valuable to the client based on their real estate needs.

How Does It Work?

The idea behind the Conversations® software is simple - bring real estate agents and clients together. Zurple captures real estate leads by launching a home search website for each area a realtor serves. Zurple customers can also purchase search marketing services to ensure a steady flow of new leads each month.

With the complete profile of each lead’s search behavior provided by Zurple, the realtor can begin Conversations ™ that will make the lead want to engage. The agent will know the lead’s location, property types they prefer, every search the lead has performed so far and much more specific, targeted information.

Zurple’s unique software is targeted to determine which potential client is most likely to become a sale in the near future. Zurple will email each potential lead from your email address and engage in a Conversation™. With Zurple’s timely and targeted information, your leads can turn into appointments that turn into closings.

How Much Does Zurple Cost?

Zurple pricing begins with a base fee of $349 per month, per agent. There’s also an on-boarding fee that begins anywhere from $199 to $499 (depending on requirements.) For an additional fee - not specified - real estate agents may add managed online advertising through Google AdWords and Facebook Marketing to their Zurple package to generate a steady flow of traffic to their website.

Online Reviews/Complaints

People who love Zurple credit it with increased leads, clients and closings. One testimonial stated the real estate agent would rather give up his car than his Zurple software! Many agents credit Zurple with their ability to become top-selling agents in their locations.

Other agents believe that the email generating ability of the software allows them to reach potential clients in a timely manner. The emails demonstrate that agents are paying attention to clients’ needs and are an expert on what matters to them.  Positive reviewers say the product pays for itself within a few months.

Not everyone had positive reviews of Zurple. Some complaints include leads that are not legit, poor customer support, high-pressure sales tactics and problems cancelling subscriptions. The lead complaint that seems to surface is poor customer service. Others felt it was too costly for the services it gave in return.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are a few competitors to Zurple that promise almost the same type of service to Real Estate agents or brokerage firms. While they don’t have the same patented software, they offer other marketing strategies with similar results.

CINC or Commissions Inc.

The catchphrase of this firm is "From Hello to Congratulations." They call themselves the leading provider of web-based real estate marketing and CRM software across North America.

Market leader

Another pioneer in lead generation and contact management systems, this company has been around since 1999. They serve real estate agents and teams across the United States and Canada. They offer a variety of products, education and customer support.

Realty Juggler

Standard services as the other competitors, but lists itself as the easiest to use. They promote the real estate agent to be more organized and less stressed,  like having your own personal assistant. They also offer a free 90-day trial.

Where to Buy?

If you’ve decided to give Zurple a try here’s how to contact them for sales and product inquiries.  Phone number: 1-800-520-2312 Ext #2.  Email for Sales and Product Inquiries: [email protected] You can also look at Zurple’s website to see what they have to offer.

Bottom Line

In the competitive world of real estate, it is imperative to have the keys you need to unlock your potential. Why not invest in the quality tools you need to move your clients from just looking at real estate to closing? Why not power up your sales’ tactics by learning exactly what a client wants and needs?

Using Zurple.com and their innovative Conversations®  software is like having someone in the back office tracking down leads that turn into clients and potential sales. It's like having someone on the phone 24/7 scouting out possible leads. It may be the edge you need to become a top selling real estate agent or brokerage firm.

If you have experience with Zurple or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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