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There are so many CD’s, DVD's and games that people no longer want and no longer use. They do not know where to bring them or what to do with them. Zumu has the answer to help you get rid of your old media products.

The Zumu platform enables you to get cash for your items or donate that cash to a charity. The requirements for what they will accept include DVD’s, full length CD’s, and games for Xbox, Wii, Nintendo DS and PlayStation. All of the items must be in great condition, meaning they can’t have any scratches on it. The original casing with the original barcode on it must also be intact. The original artwork must be in the case and must not have any rips or marks on them. The discs cannot be pirated or copied versions.

To start your item submission, you must enter the barcode from the items you want to sell. If any of the barcodes do not process through their system, you may have to call them for further directions so you make cash for it. There is a minimum of 10 items per transaction; there is not a maximum item limit.

Dollar values of the items change daily, so once you receive the quote and prepaid shipping label, you must send them right away to ensure they arrive within 10 days of the transaction. If any of your items are rejected because Zumu does not feel they meet the quality standards, they will not pay you for those items, and those items will be recycled. Payment is made by check and is typically mailed out to you within two weeks of the date they receive your package.

Zumu has taken this business plan as an opportunity to bring about an overall positive experience for everyone involved including the community at large. First, they have created an easy way for individuals to make quick cash for their old media items. Other people who may not have been able to afford that media product can finally buy them at a low price.

Second, Zumu has taken an environmental stand to help reduce waste in the landfills. They believe that “going green” is important and their site enables everyone to assist with their efforts. Media products are either sold or they are recycled.

Helping others has also been incorporated into their payment system. Charities are always in need of funding. Promoting charities and making it easy for sellers to donate the money they make from their media instead of receiving a personal check. You are able to direct your payment to the charity of your choice based on those listed on their site.

They also make it easy for fundraisers to generate money for their cause. If you are involved in a fundraiser, you may submit a request for it to be listed on their site as an option for sellers to donate their money to.

Zumu has shown that it is possible to make a difference in the world. By making one small step, they have created a path to bring out the goodness in people and hopefully are setting an example for other businesses to follow.

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Amy Ilster

Got my cash!!

July23, 2012

Sent in a bunch of DVDs. I checked with a local pawn shop but they wouldn't buy my stuff. Zumu gave me cash!

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January 17, 2013

I'll pay you double to tell the truth

June 24, 2013

Amy, your nose is growing!!..............Liar!

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Julie Foster

Great way to declutter

July22, 2012

I had four boxes of old CDs and DVDs in my spare room. I used zumu.co to sell them. It was an easy way to get rid of stuff that was just taking up space. I loved the service as it was simple to use and even kind of fun.

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January 17, 2013

I'll pay you double to tell the truth

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Tad D

Zumu.co = Rip Off!!!!!

July16, 2012

I like a lot of people have CD's, DVD,s and Video Games lying around that I would like to get rid of, and make a little coin doing so. So after seeing a commercial for Zumu.co I figured I'd check it out and see what's what. And let me tell you how disappointed I was with what I found out. When I said maybe make a little coin getting rid of my old stuff, I didn't honestly think I'd be getting quarters, nickles and dimes for what I have. Zumu was only going to give me between $0.75-2.00 per game MAX for my used Xbox 360 games. Granted they are used, but I take very good care of my stuff.

They're almost like new as there's no scratches or anything wrong with the disc's. And they come in their original game case's with game manual. But to give someone $0.75 for a Xbox 360 Video Game is complete and utter b.s.! You might as well spit in my face with a joke of an offer of $0.75 for a game that retails for $10.00 used! The games I have are selling between $10-15 bucks a piece, and they're worth more than that.

In my opinion, you're better off selling your stuff on either Ebay or even Craigslist. Why? Because at least you'd get what it's worth. So what if Zumu has pre-paid postage and all you have to do is ship it to them. You can either have people pay postage, if you're selling it on Ebay or meet them somewhere if you're selling it on Craigslist.

And I can assure you that Zumu turns around and sells these used CD's, DVD's, and Video Games for a lot more than what they're going to pay you for it. So in the end, avoid Zumu at all cost's and don't get ripped off. 'Nuff said!

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Ron Lund
July 22, 2012

Hello Tad,

Thank you for the feedback. We are always interested in what our customers (or folks who are considering our service) have to say.

In truth, we are not trying to compete with Ebay or Craigslist. If folks want to spend the time to sell their old pre-loved items through these or other channels, we applaud them. We just know that most people lead busy lives and the task of listing and selling old stuff is not high on their priority lists. We are, first and foremost, about reuse and recycling and as such, we provide an easy-to-use way for our customers to declutter and make a bit of cash in the process. We are committed to delivering a simple service that is positive for our customers and good for the environment.

Thanks again for your feedback!


Zumu Customer Service


Write Here, Write Now.
August 18, 2013

Read the comment above mine on this post.

(You may have to click "Read all 2 comments.")

Here's where the other comment on this post came from:

Ron W. Lund
950 Stephenson Hwy
Troy, MI 48083

He is the registered agent for ZUMU LLC in Michigan.

Thank you, http://www.bizapedia.com/mi/ZUMU-LLC.html

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Ian Spencer

Zumu.co - a nice green service that can put a little cash in your pocket

July1, 2012

I recently saw a TV ad for this service, Zumu.co. I went to their site at http://www.zumu.co and decided to see if I could get rid of a couple of our old boxes of CDs. I had my son type the barcodes in on the site (which he enjoyed) and I sent 160 old CDs to Zumu. I didn't make a killing on the discs but it was nice to get something for them and, better yet, to know that everything would be reused or recycled. Anyway - the service was easy to use, the shipping was prepaid and I got me check in about two weeks, which I thought was pretty good. One of these days I'm going to go through the DVDs --


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