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Zulily.com describes themselves as a shopping destination for mothers which will offer new sales and deals every day on boutique items which are priced at an average of 50% off.

Members’ only online boutiques have grown in popularity over the last couple years, with online stores like Zulily and Totsy deciding to provide items and deals catered toward mothers and their children.

In order to get access to the sales and deals they provide, you’ll have to sign up with your active email address, full name, and a password, and then you’ll receive daily emails which will explain to you what upcoming brands and deals will be taking place.

Each day, Zulily.com launches an average of 50 to 60 sales, which include hand picked items like children's apparel, women's apparel, toys, infant gear, and home décor. These items are chosen from both unique and interesting up and coming brands as well as established, well known top brands.

All Zulily.com sales begin at 6 am Pacific Daylight Time and last an average of 72 hours, though some sales only last 24 hours. Unfortunately, their inventory is limited and their sales often sell out, so members will be better off shopping early.

Once you are an established member of Zulily.com, you can refer friends and family to become members as well. You will be given a referral link which you can share through your personal email or post on your social media networks.

Whenever new friends join the website through your personal link and then purchase items, Zulily shopping credits will be added to your account and you’ll be able to use them whenever you choose.

Customers who have complaints about the items they receive must contact Customer Service right away. Unfortunately, due to their limited sales inventory, they cannot facilitate exchanges, but they will do their best to address your needs according to your specific situation.

If you have any experience with this company, please leave your Zulily.com reviews below.

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November9, 2015

-descriptions of merchandise are minimal or non-existent
-they will ask you to review each item you buy, but they do not post the reviews, so you cannot rely on other people's experiences with the products.
-shipping can take a long time. A few things seem to be "in stock" somewhere, but most things are ordered by Zulily after the flash sale closes. It can take six to eight weeks to receive these items. Only one time have they ever cancelled something that I ordered (and refunded it right away).

FYI: They always charge a shipping fee, but there is a "loophole". Once you place an order, anything else you order on that day will be shipped FREE. So I typically will order one small item (typical shipping will be $5.95), and immediately order the rest of my items at no additional shipping. My technique for "saving items" for the second order is to put everything in my cart until I'm done shopping, and then put all-except-one-item in the "save for later" cue. Once I have the free shipping option, I then buy everything I have "saved for later". Works every time!

ALSO: Most of the clothing is their own brand of no-name stuff. Some of it is still reasonable quality (although I have been burned a couple of times - at least it was not an expensive lesson). They do carry some brand-name clothes and children's toys, etc. I have searched online for reviews on other sites, and also to compare prices with the other on-line retailers. Sometimes Zulily has the best price, and sometimes not. Do your own due-diligence!

All-in-all, even though I will spend a fair amount of time researching and choosing from Zulily, it still saves me time over driving all over town, and I do get really good deals!

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