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About ZQuiet

ZQuiet is a new, brand name anti-snoring device that says that it is not a strip, a drug, or a spray, and that it is dentist designed and works immediately to solve your snoring.

The website says that what we call snoring is the noise created by vibrations in the back of your throat. These vibrations are created when your lower jaw falls back in position during sleep and narrows the airway.

According to ZQuiet.com, the popular options for snoring relief found at major retailers like Walmart and Amazon generally fall into the category of strips, pillows, and chinstraps, like My Snoring Solution and the Snoreless Pillow, can’t truly solve your snoring problems because they do not address the real cause of snoring – the narrowing of your airway.

Only snoring devices like ZQuiet, TheraSnore, Vital Sleep, and SnoreRx are actually designed to pull your jaw forward to create widened airspace in the back of the throat and remove the snore causing vibrations address the root cause of this issue.

The ZQuiet device is a type of mouth guard made of soft rubber for maximum comfort, and has something they call the “Living Hinge,” a design technology which they say allows you to breathe freely and naturally through both your nose and mouth while you are wearing it.

The website also points out that this device is FDA approved, which they say is a certification that the Food and Drug Administration has investigated their product and approved their material as safe, as well as clearing this device as “effective in its purpose.”

You can order the ZQuiet for an initial charge of $9.95 for Shipping and Processing, and then use the device over the course of a 30 day trial. If you are not satisfied with it, you can call customer service to request a Return Merchandise Authorization. Sending the device back within the 30 day trial will guarantee you receive no further charges.

Customers who wish to keep the device need not do anything, and at the end of the 30 day trial their credit card will be charged a one time fee of $59.95, the price of which covers the ZQuiet, the travel case, and instructions for use.

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