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Zippy Shell is a company that describes themselves as a portable storage company whose goal is to help people with all their storage and moving needs. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, most people understand how frustrating and difficult moving can be, which is why Zippy Shell decided to offer people a solution that could make their lives and the process of moving much easier.

When you order your Zippy Shell, the container will be delivered directly to your house. The container is the same width as a standard vehicle, it is on wheels, and it has a license plate, so it is legally allowed to be parked any place that a regular vehicle would be allowed. 

When customers order their storage container, they will have to indicate whether they intend to pack and load the container themselves over the course of the three days the container is there, or whether they would prefer that Zippy Shell employees load the container themselves. 

Once your container is full, the company will pick it up and drive it to their climate controlled storage facility, where it will wait until you order it to be redelivered to your new address. The website says that they have the ability to move their customers “coast to coast” in just seven to ten business days.  

Cost & Price Plans

The price Zippy Shell charges will depend entirely on your personal circumstances, including:

  • Number of shipping containers you order,
  • How long the containers remain in storage
  • Whether you choose to pack and load the container yourself
  • Or have the company both pack and load the container.

The website will let you input your information and provide you with a quote regarding the cost of the specific service you believe you will order. 

The website does say that you will be charged a $159 monthly storage rate, and that the delivery fee you are quoted includes dropping the container off and picking it up.

Customers will also need to pay a redelivery fee when it comes time to drop the container off at their new home.     

Refund Policy

The website does not appear to provide any information to their customers on an available Refund Policy.

Instead, this is something customers should discuss with the Zippy Shell team before they formally arrange to have the storage container delivered to their home.       

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-947-7974, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.


Though there are not many places where you can find reviews of this service, the few reviews which are available appear to be generally very positive and customers seem very satisfied with this company and their services overall.  

The one thing customers should know about this company, however, is that their storage containers are open containers that resemble cages more than a traditional storage box.

The company says that this provides a better standard of care for your belongings, but since most customers expect storage units to be entirely closed, it is something customers should be aware of before the container arrives at your home. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other companies that promise these same kinds of storage container moving services, including well known companies like Pods.

So if you are unhappy with the cost of their services or any other aspect of this company, you do have other options available to you.  

If you have any experience with Zippy Shell or their products, please leave your reviews below.

Zippy Shell Customer Reviews

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Use someone else
November 4, 2022
Use someone other than Zippy Shell. Scheduled to show up between 8am and noon. Did not arrive until 2pm. Had to pay loaders $400 for their time and then had to load the units myself. Received a call 2 days later that they could not store my unit because it had long term food storage (sealed and non-perishable) that was disclosed at time of sales call. Had to then rent a U-haul and then unload the units and move everything myself anyway. Spend the extra $400 bucks to use a different company you will be better off.

Trust The Negative Reviews!!!
October 11, 2022


TRUST THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS, WISH I DID!!! This company will sell you a moving dream, then once you sign up it turns into a nightmare!

We were told we’d receive a weather proof container, delivered to our driveway and movers to load and ship it.

Instead we got 1) no container delivered on the date they promised, 2) we had 3 different 3rd party moving companies assigned to our move, 3) when the 3rd moving company finally showed up they brought a small u-haul truck (when we originally told Zippy we needed a container for a 3 bedroom home), 4) the movers had to make two trips (Zippy container facility an hour away) so by the time the movers got to the facility with our 2nd load the facility was closed! 5) our 2nd load of belongings sat in the u-haul somewhere overnight, we still don’t know where or if it was locked, 6) the movers left our nice sofa pillow on top of the shell for anyone to take, 7) the movers used our bathroom without asking, took a crap in the toilet and left with a bunch of skid marks in it, 8) days later we were finally provided with photos, which shows that the the movers didn’t load our belongings properly, which forced them to load in a second shell and a new charge of $6k! 9) we were finally told our belongings would be delivered “on or around Oct 17th” at a location that’s 2 hours away from where we’re at! Originally I was told our belongings would be delivered to a facility where we’re located. 10) They make continuous $500+ “fuel surcharge” charges to your credit card, with no warning. They say it’s in the contract but we weren’t provided with a copy when we signed up and they certainly did not tell us that!

The entire process has been a complete stressful nightmare! Terrible communication - you have to call them to get updates, they don’t call you back when they say they will, and they leave you guessing where your belongings are! They deceive you to believe you’re getting a container, when you’re actually getting a shell that goes into a container. At this point we don’t know if we still have all our belongings. Are they locked up, did they pack them all together, have some things been stolen??? This should be criminal how they rip people off! Straight up lies!!!

Don’t waste your time, money and your days stressed out because of the negligence of Zippy Shell! Spend the money on a reputable company, had I read the reviews prior I would’ve gone elsewhere, and if you’re going to end up spending $6k+ anyway you might as well!!!

Zippy Shell is a Joke, and not zippy!
September 26, 2022

Currently dealing with Zippy Shell, they have completely made our cross country move even more stressful than it already is. We purchased a 7x7x16 container, which was supposed to be delivered to our house, we paid extra to have movers load our items into the container and haul off cross country. The sales rep Audrey who signed me up made it sound so simple. No.

Container was “scheduled” to be delivered Saturday 9/24/22, we were blown off by zippy shell and their 3rd party moving companies until 9/26/22. What they sold us is not what we got. Movers came today in a small u-haul truck, which we already told them we needed enough for a 3 bedroom home. Movers had to take one load, drive an hour to where zippy shell’s facility is, and then come back to take another. The movers loaded our items into what looks like a mesh shell, not a storage container as advertised on their site. The movers left our nice sofa pillows on top of the shell, while they headed back to get the 2nd load. Unsecured, just laying on top there for anyone to take. One of the movers even took a crap in our toilet and left it all stained.

I could go on and on about how much zippy shell and their 3rd party movers sucks, but I think you get the idea. They’re all nice in the beginning to get you signed up, after that it’s a complete mess. This place is a joke, listen to the negative reviews- I wish I did!

No Communication from Zippy Shell
July 15, 2022
There is no communication from the company. Zippy Shell picked up on June 28, said 7-10 days transit, pod sat in Denver warehouse until mid July. Finally got to "destination" warehouse July 14, but the furniture won't arrive until July 25th. Each time I called the poor CS personnel said they couldn't see where the shipment was. They didn't tell me at time of booking that it would take a month. Had they told me that I could have made other plans or had expectations already set. A little communication will go a long way. Instead they keep the customers in the dark.

The Worst Experience EVER
May 16, 2022

Where do I even begin? I guess with this: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE THIS COMPANY.

Now for the details — Zippy Shell wasn’t able to provide me an online quote, so I called on March 23, 2022 to book a move beginning April 23, 2022 from PA to TX. The person I spoke with was very kind & helpful. He thoroughly broke out the costs, timelines, sizes of the container, etc. I was given a specific price, told most deliveries happen within 5-7 days of pick up & was assured that the shell I chose could fit a 2-3 bedroom apartment. I signed the agreement & that is where this hellish saga begins.

Unlike other reviews, the shell was delivered on time, however it was MUCH smaller than advertised. I’m not sure what kind of 2-3 bedroom apartment could fit in there, but my 2 BR (where one bedroom was used for an office, no large furniture) did not fit easily.

The loading company barely managed to fit everything in & the shell was picked up on time (4/27/2022). I proceeded with my move, drove from PA to TX & called Zippy Shell about a week after pick up to figure out where my belongings were to help me plan some appointments. The first person I spoke with said my goods were in transit, but when I pressed for where along the transit route, they were unable to give me any specifics. The CSR doubled-down on their refusal to help, so I hung up & called back to get another rep. This happened two more times, with the third rep finally revealing that my shell was still in PA, despite me telling the original sales person that I did not want any storage. My agreement even noted it was for immediate delivery. This is where I began to lose my mind.

I remembered taking a photo of the shell when it was delivered & there was a local PA number, so I called & verified they were local, not the corporate group. When I told the woman my name (it’s kind of unique), she said “Oh yeah, your pod is definitely here. I just saw it yesterday.” She looked up a few things & confirmed it hadn’t even been scheduled for pickup yet. This was a full week after the shell was picked up from my home. The woman took down all my information & assured me that it would get routed to the person responsible for scheduling everything. She also noted that the scheduler typically calls a person back within an hour when it’s marked expedited.

When that call-back never came, I wasn’t surprised at all. I was, however, beginning to get enraged. Every single person at the corporate call center told me my shell was in transit when it had never even departed for its destination. I waited 3 additional days before calling the local person in PA again, at which time she informed me that my shell was scheduled for pickup May 10, 2022. For those keeping track at home, that was nearly 2 weeks after they claimed it would begin moving toward TX.

Once the shell arrived in TX on 5/13/2022, I immediately called to schedule the delivery which included unloaders. They arrived this morning (5/16/2022) WITH AN EMPTY SHELL thinking they were scheduled for a load-in. At this point, a mistake is par for the course on this whole experience, so I didn’t get upset when they told me it only took about half hour to get to my home. No problem that in about an hour, they would return with my shell. Two hours later, I began making calls to figure out what their time frame was. While on the phone with yet another third party that Zippy Shell brings into this existing logistical nightmare, the movers finally showed up.

As the nice little icing on this cake made of excrement, the movers proceeded to damage not one, but MULTIPLE items while right in front of me. A nightstand fell flat onto cement out front off of a dolly, multiple other pieces were banged into walls inside, the siding outside & really any other obstacle possible. A dresser foot was ripped off completely as they set it down and when they didn’t have screws to fix it, they assured me their supervisor would reach out to me, but left before I could verify the number they gave was even right.

After all of this hell, I contacted multiple people involved in the process. The third party responsible for booking the movers told me to contact Zippy Shell for a claim. Calling Zippy Shell got me a PDF form that I have to fill out and send back. But something tells me, I won’t even get a tiny percentage of what my belongings would cost to replace. And that dresser with the foot ripped off is still on its side upstairs as I type this. Who’s going to fix that and pick it up? I hired movers because physically (and this should come as a shock to no one) I can’t pick up a solid wood dresser by myself.

I have never seen a company make so many bad decisions so many times, so consistently. There wasn’t a single person I spoke with or interacted with that did the right thing.. ever.

TL;DR: In case you missed it up top… DO. NOT. EVER. USE. THIS. COMPANY.

Poor service
May 5, 2022
I would never recommend this company for long distance move. It has been a headache trying to get my belongings delivered to my new house.

TinaElizondo May 05, 2022

I would have given a one star but some of the service reps I dealt with were nice especially Kathy from the Vegas office.

Damaged Furniture Claim
January 21, 2022

This review may change in more of a positive light if my issues with Zippy Shell ultimately get resolved. I did an out of state move with Zippy shell from Texas to Kentucky this fall. Six pods total. Two of the pods I loaded myself. I paid for loading services on the other 4 pods because it involved moving the more heavier furniture that I could not do myself.

Because Zippy shell doesn't have a physical presents in Texas, they contract with 1-800 Packrat. 1-800 Packrat farms out the moving services to 3rd party moving companies.

That said, the 3rd party moving company that was chosen for me was terrible. They did not come with simple moving items like moving blankets. Luckily I had a bunch saved from my previous move. They were not careful with the moving and loading of most of my future which resulted in thousands of dollars worth of damage (including damaged hardwood floors) for which I have a claim filed with Zippy shell. They showed up with a pod late in the day one day and said they could only load for 20 minutes because they had to get the pod back to the warehouse by 5 PM.

That resulted in a pod that was only 1/3 loaded for which I had to pay full price of course. I will say that the unloading of the pods in Kentucky went very smooth and the difference was that it was done by Zippy Shell employees who took great care as apposed to a farmed out 3rd party mover.

Adding insult to injury for the damaged furniture was the fact that over a month after I paid the final bill and had my 6 pods delivered, they charged my debit card out of the blue for an additional $4270. When I called Zippy Shell to get an explanation all they could say was it must have been a billing adjustment.

At this point I have disputed all charges made by Zippy Shell with my bank because A.) I did not receive the services that I paid for (I.E. my furniture being delivered undamaged) and B.) I was charged $4270 30+ days after paying the final bill and Zippy Shell couldn't explain why.

All of this said, I base my opinion of a company on not only how they perform, but how well they resolve issues. I am hopeful that Zippy Shell will do what is right to resolve my issues in which case I will be more than happy to update this review.

We are 60+ days into my claim and Zippy Shell states that they have 90 days to process claims. I will report back in the next 30 days.

Don't even think about using them.
July 14, 2021

I used them for a long distance move from Nashville to Seattle. An overview of problems you will encounter:

When you pay, they give you a delivery window; after you pay and you sit around waiting, they suddenly tell you their delivery window is 8 am to 8 pm; I paid for their packing help and they *refused* to tie down my things. I *bought* tie downs. But they *refused* to use them. Said it was unnecessary (but it was clearly about time--they didn't want to spend the time to do it). They took my things and they are apparently in the destination city. But I cannot get a human being to schedule a delivery. Y

our mileage may vary as each location runs pretty independently. But that's the problem. When you have a question or concern or just need something basic done, you are forced to speak to a national customer service rep who has no ability to do anything having to do with accounts, scheduling, delivery, labor---which is basically their entire service. They are "human voice mail machines" who will relay a message.

You will hear back in 3-5 days. By email. Usually an automated, generic one. Which, of course, will not answer your specific question. You will call back. You will be told they will relay a message. You will wait 3-5 days. You will receive an email. It will not answer your question. You will get the idea. If you can get all the answers you need with their generic, automated emails, then everything works. If not, you're screwed. I've been trying for over a week just to schedule having my things delivered. Me and my things are in the same city.

And I cannot get a human to let me get them. I offered to come and get them myself from the warehouse (which is a standard option they provide; I'm not asking for something special)--but I'm in day 3 of the first 3-5 day cycle of message relaying. With many more to come, I'm sure. Because speaking to a person with a calendar in front of them is a literal impossibility.

Bad Customer Service
August 1, 2019

Requested a quote online, but then got referred to phone number to call to complete quote. I didn't have time, so, decided to make call next day. In the mean time Zippy bombarded me with phone calls, texts, and emails for the next 24hrs. When I found the time to call; they answered the phone with "Yeah?". I asked if it was Zippy? "Yeah". I asked if I could finish my quote. To which this guy started a [drunken like] profanity laced conversation like I was the guy sitting next to him at a bar. I finally told him this was going no where and hung up. This is one messed up company with people like this working the phones.

I'd burn all my stuff before using Zippy!

I wish my vacuum sucked this much
April 18, 2019
This is without a doubt one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. Their corporate education must be lying. They are basically holding my properties for ransom. We contracted for pods to be on the driveway surfaced and they were loaded that way with heavy furniture in them. When they arrived for unloading, the first pod was delivered on a trailer. Many items weigh over 100 pounds and are awkward. Not even a ramp was given to us for unloading. No return calls for two months, finally with arguments, we were basically told tough.

Broken, lost, damaged.
March 29, 2019

They provided me with people to pack my boxes and furniture in their pods. My items arrived broken and damaged. There were boxes so bad damaged my items fell out and were lost. The "pods" are cages so when the items fell out of the box they were gone, fell through the holes.

After waiting 3 months for them to settle my claim I am now told there is another company taking over and I must resubmit my claim and wait another 3 months. In the mean time I am holding on to a garage full of broken items I was told not to get rid of. I have had to pay for replacements on my own. After paying them $4500 to move me. I have been smoozed and put off for 3 months and now I must wait again. Don't waste your money and put your belongings in danger.

Zippy Shell Container box storage unit
October 24, 2018

I contacted Zippy shell to have a container delivered to my home to store some items on site, while doing some repairs to my home. I spoke with Daryl, who identified himself as a Manager in the Company. He took the time to explain how the process works. This was the first time I've had to rent something like this. After completing the application, and agreeing on the price, Daryl advised that Joanell would contact me.(She was the local store manager) He was very informative and pleasant to deal with regarding this transaction.

Joanell contacted me later and forward the contract via e-mail, and the process was complete. The next day as promised this clean seemingly new container unit was delivered to my home. Parked exactly as I had requested.

When I was finished with the storage unit, and hearing horror stories from neighbors about the storage box business. I was a bit worried. When I called to have the unit picked up,the local phone number was not working, so I called the headquarter who contacted Joanell and she contacted me about 30- minutes later. She was advised that I was ready to turn the unit in, waiting for a up charge or some other legal b.s. relative to surrendering the unit.

To my surprise Joanell verified where the unit was and the total price for the rental, my satisfaction with the unit and scheduled the pick up for the next day. She was as pleasant as she was when I first spoke to her. I told her the unit was cleaned out and ready for pickup. She asked that I recommend others which I will do.

I told my neighbor he must have been dealing with some rogue company, because the Zippy Shell company far exceeded my expectation relative to storage box units rental.

I love it!!!!!!!! 10-* plus.

Terrible Company
September 19, 2018

DO NOT use this company for anything other than a cheap, local, basic move. They failed us at every turn for our state-to-state move. Honestly, if we could give them zero stars, we would, without hesitation.

We were promised a 3 day move from point A to point B, they took 7 days total. We have a small child and had to buy lots of duplicate items once at our new home, since they were so late.

They were M.I.A., communication-wise. During the 4 days they were late, their offices were either closed or they just said they didn't know where our stuff was yet. Useless.

They broke and damaged MANY of our items. We are currently attempting to get our broken items replaced and just learned that they denied our claim. We will continue to fight it.

Unless you have inexpensive items that you don't really care about, and you're moving very locally and aren't on a time deadline, DO NOT USE Zippy Shell.

And now we have the headache of having to stand up for ourselves, escalating this with the BBB, etc.

Do Not Use This Supplier
August 1, 2018
Used ZippyShell to assist in a cross country move. I was promised warehouse to warehouse transport in 10 to 14 days. It is outside that window. Company is in breach of contract and my case has been referred to an escalation manager. I was told it would be another 2 days before I would be called back. Based on other reviews on this site I am not holding my breath. They have no means to track items in transit and no means to provide information on the timing or whereabouts of my items. As the title states, "Do not use this service."

Do not use Zippy Shell
July 14, 2018
I'm currently without any of my possessions and in a breach of contract with Zippy Shell. Original quote was 7-10 days for delivery of items, that changed to 8-13 days when my belongings were picked up. My items were picked up on the 25th of June and it is currently the 14th of July. Regardless of whether you are counting days or business days it has been far too long. Turns out that my stuff was never even shipped out of Chicago. When I called the first time on the 10th of July they gave me the information that a request had been placed for the items to be shipped. When I called today they let me know my container had been shipped sometime after my call on the 10th. So, from reading other reviews I learnt the key words - "breach of contract" and "escalation manager". As soon as the delivery window has been missed you are in breach of contract and eligible to speak to an escalation manger. That doesn't actually mean anything as you are put in a queue for an escalation manager to call back and from what I've read that doesn't actually ever happen. If I can update this review I'll note whether that happens for me. The lady on the phone let me know that it can be two business days for an escalation manager to call me back and they won't have any information until the container shows up at the San Diego warehouse. Also from what I've read, it can be another week for it to be delivered to my house. So I'm looking at another two weeks without beds and chairs. The other thing I did today is to make sure I won't be charged storage fees. I've read other reviews where storage fees are charged after 30 days even though no storage has been requested. Since my items sat in Chicago for 15 days I'm almost certainly going to be over 30 days before delivery takes place. So basically don't use Zippy Shell. You have no idea where your belongings are after they are placed in the container and no idea when they will actually be delivered.

Zippy Nightmare more like it
June 28, 2018

BEWARE! Wish I had done more research. I moved me and my mom from northern Florida to the coast, only 150 miles so one day, right?

I had quotes from Mayflower and PODS for $1950 and $1200 respectively but went with ZippyShell for $1600 max. The sales guy was very nice and helpful, the guys were courteous and nice, we moved in one day, two locations going to two locations. They billed the firsts payment before the move, was supposed to bill the second payment the day of the move. Weird charges started appearing. A month later I get a charge for STORAGE. I called them and asked them what storage, we moved in one day, if any of our stuff was in storage I wanted to go see it. No response. Then another full service charge comes through and turns out the original quote for the move was HALF of the actual total cost. So in actuality we have now paid $2400. OMG I can't stress enough to get everything in writing, they insisted on phone calls and while I did get some estimated via email there were so many changes, etc that I stopped looking at what they sent me and just trusted that they were ethical.

Sean Fitzgerald July 20, 2018

Good Morning Lee,

I’m sorry for all the frustration and confusion you have gone through. I don’t know exactly what was said between you and any from our customer care team or the warehouse. I wasn’t included in on those conversations. As for cost of your move, personally I was completely transparent with you. I never once misled you. Below are screen shots of your agreement with the total cost including the breakup of the payments. Which you have a copy of that you downloaded on your computer or phone as part of signing the agreement. Also, I did email you the additional cost of the extra container with additional services. The warehouse did not double the total cost for the 2nd unit, in fact they gave you a significant discount compared to the cost of the 1st container, basically less than half.

The emails and the calls I personally made was in effort of working for you. You are the one who was moving, not me. So I did my best to assist you with your move.

The major difference between us and a moving company like Mayflower is we charge a flat rate for service. If it fits, it ships. Moving companies like Mayflower charge by weight and/or volume. The estimate they initially give you is a guess. Once they weigh or measure all your furniture, they can charge more if the weight or volume comes out to be more than they estimated. They also can legally hold your furniture and belongings hostage until you pay them the difference if there is any.

No matter what charges you incurred with us, we did not hold your furniture or belongings hostage.

Again, below are the screen shots of your agreement with the total cost and it shows the total broken up into 2 payments. Below that is the email quote I gave you which is what you paid for and below that is the email which I explained the cost of the 2nd unit. If you add the total cost of what’s on the agreement with the cost in the email I told you the 2nd unit would be, it equals exactly the total amount and cost of your move, $2374.90

I’m trying to get back in touch with you about the additional costs for your move. I have consulted with the warehouse on both your additional stops and the amount of your furniture. The warehouse manager said it will be best to bring out 2 units in case you need them. Due to the mileage it will be much cheaper if they drive with 2 units instead of one, and find out you need another last minute. The additional cost of labor, fuel and the unit will be $665.17 extra.

If come to find out you do not need the 2nd unit and the movers fit everything into just one, you will not have to pay anything for the 2nd unit. There will be an additional $150 for the additional stop between the 2 origins and destinations. That cost is factored into the additional $665.17. If you end up only using one unit, $515.17 will be refunded back to you.

I just need confirmation and permission to add the additional costs into the agreement, otherwise it will stand as is. Thank you.

Based on the above evidence, please do not accuse us or me of being deceptive. I was very clear and transparent about the total cost of our services. Perhaps keeping records and reading more carefully would be helpful in your future purchases, costs and endeavors.

I wish you the best of luck in your new home and line of work. I appreciate your understanding.

LeeFilipe July 21, 2018

Not sure where you are calling Sean f, ive had the aame number and email for 18+ years and havent seen any messages from you in a month. Lee Ps: please leave a message and i will call you back, i dont return calls unless i get a message

LanetteMcAfee April 22, 2019

I used ZippyShell in San Diego. Our items were picked up before we moved to Las Vegas. I received a message that the San Diego office was going out of business.Requested assistance from the Zippy Shell HQ to no avail for assistance. Arranged to have my stuff picked transferred to PackRat with my sons. They get to the San Diego Facility that's really in Lake Elsinore to find out that another Pack Rat facility picked up our stuff. We are still awaiting notification, information... SOMETHING from whoever has our stuff.

August 4, 2017 Zippy Shell Moving and Storage is not where you want to plan for a move.... They were supposed to deliver a 15' container on 7/28/17 between 8-Noon....

I received a phone call at 10:00am telling me that there weren't any containers available for another 1-2 days. They offered to send a box truck to take contents that we wanted loaded back to the warehouse where they would load the container for us when the containers arrived. If all of the contents didn't fit, they would get us a second container at a slightly reduced charge (HA).

I spoke with a "Manager" that kept saying sorry, offering a small discount for the inconvenience, but did not have any solutions that would make sure we didn't get nailed by a second container charge.

Very poor communications, zero project management skills, inability to manage product pipelines..... Considering we booked this job on June 21, 2017 -- NO EXCUSE!

I ended up with PODS that delivered ahead of schedule with outstanding customer service.

Evidently, they refuse to return any telephone calls
April 14, 2017
Up until the time I attempted to have my zippy shell delivered to my home, some 10 months after they originally took it, I was very happy with them. However, I have been calling the upstate NY office for about 3 weeks, and Danielle refuses to return my call. I can find no other information about this company, and am beginning to think I have had my storage unit stolen, despite paying for it monthly. I would be very careful about ever using them again, if I ever get my products returned to me. If I don't, then it's a criminal enterprise, and I hope it will be treated as such.

Marc July 28, 2017

DO NOT USE Zippy Shell!!!!!! Warning!!!! This is by far the worst, most unethical, unhelpful company that I have ever worked with. I recently moved from New Orleans to San Francisco. First and foremost, no one showed up during the quoted time. No contact to say they would be late. I had to call to find out the "truck had broken". Needless to say they were 3 hours after the latest quoted time which greatly delayed our drive to San Francisco. Next the sales coordinator quoted us as stating that our items would arrive in 5 days. The contract stated 7-10 business days which would have been acceptable, but it has currently been 15 business days. Close to a month since our items were loaded. We called this morning only to find our "Shell" was still in New Orleans. The manager said that t might be ANOTHER MONTH!!!!!!!!!!. So far we have only received 150$ refund and an insincere apology. Ron's excuse was that it is difficult to get a truck to go to New Orleans which is located on one of the busiest most traveled interstates in the country I-10. Ron's best solution was to cancel our order. This has to be the most infuriating disappointing customer service experience ever. I do not understand how this company is still in business with these poor ethics and sorry excuse for customer service. I would give 0 stars, but yelp wont let me.

In short. DO NOT USE ZIPPY SHELL. Pay the extra money and go with PODS.