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About ZipIt Bedding

ZipIt Bedding, found online at, is a new child’s bedding product which promises to give kids and parents a way to make sure that a child’s bed is always made, with no need for help. 

How Does It Work?

As most parents are aware, having a child keep their bed made can be a very difficult task, and even when your child is willing to put time and effort into making their bed, the bed might not always appear as neat and tidy as a parent would want.

The goal of ZipIt Bedding is to give children a way to make their own bed quickly, easily, and perfectly. To do this, they created one piece bedding, where the comforter is attached directly to the fitted sheet. 

The fitted sheet is placed over the mattress, and when it is time for bed, the child simply unzips the comforter from the sheet, and climbs into bed. In the morning when it is time to get up and get ready, the child can simply roll out of bed, and zip the comforter back into place, and have a perfectly made bed with little effort.  

Cost/Price Plans

The website says that customers who order today will be able to get a single set of ZipIt Bedding for just $59.99 for twin size or $79.99 for full/queen size if you are willing to make a one-time payment. Customers are also welcome to break their payments into two payments of $29.99 for the twin size and $39.99 for the full/queen size. 

Customers will need to pay an additional shipping and handling charge of $14.99 for a single set – shipping charges will go up for additional sets – and customers located outside of the continental United States will be charged an additional $9.99 surcharge. 

Finally, all orders will be assessed a Web Service Fee of $1.00 per order, and customers located in both California and New Jersey will be charged additional sales tax. 

Refund Policy

The website says that their products automatically come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, less the cost of all shipping, handling, or processing charges which may have been applied to your order. Customers who notice that their product has a manufacturing defect after the original 30 days have passed can still exchange their product for a new one.

Customers who are planning on returning their purchase will need to contact their Customer Service team to receive return instructions, and they must be able to include their complete name, address, daytime telephone number, and email address inside the return package. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints is to do so by phone at 800-416-9633 or by email at [email protected]


In general it does appear that this product is well-liked by customers, as it is a nice and convenient way to provide children with a way to take responsibility for their own space. One of the biggest complaints, however, is that this product can often take as long as six weeks to be delivered, which is something people should take into consideration if they are ordering this product as a gift or need to have it by a certain date.    

Competitors and Alternatives?

This is not the first kind of bedding designed for children that has convenience and simplicity in mind, including a similar As Seen on TV product called the ZippySack.

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your ZipIt Bedding reviews below.

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