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About Zenni Optical Glasses

Zenni Optical is dedicated towards providing men and women with affordable eyewear, that is of high quality and currently in style. They got started in the San Francisco Bay area, and have grown into a large e-commerce company since.

Their goals for the business are to provide the most affordable eyeglasses in the world but maintain the quality of their product. What separates Zenni from the rest of competition is their ultra-competitive price point, and exceptional customer service, that makes it easy to fit and order eyeglasses online.


The main product lines of Zenni optical are a wide range of premium sunglasses for men and women, as well as eyeglasses in any shape and style. There are eyeglasses in every color, shape, size, material, and style that you can think of. The products do a great job at keeping up with current eyewear trends and have models designed after some of the more popular styles that are currently worn.

There is also eyewear that is grouped for all types of children, from little kids to teenagers, so they cover all sizes available. There is even an option to “try on” the eyeglasses. By selecting your style, you can then upload a photo of yourself and place the eyewear on your photo, to get a general outlook on what they would look like.

How does it work?

The Zenni website works by selecting your eyeglasses through a very thorough filter system that allows you to locate the pair of eyeglasses that are perfect for your tastes. After you select the pair you want, you get to choose from a variety of colors that are available for that style. You then can select a ton of add-ons, such as your prescription type, and pupillary distance for each eye.

The lenses can be customized for an additional cost, and you get to choose between standards or impact resistance of different varieties, whether you want to polarize your lenses, make them photochromic, or scratch resistance of various degrees.

There are then simple add-ons such as sunglass clips, and reflective coatings. Every pair of eyeglasses have tons of levels of customization, so every pair can be uniquely fitted to you and your prescription.

Cost and price plans

There is a wide range of prices for the base eyeglasses, which ranges anywhere from $6 right up to $45. From there you can completely customize your glasses at an additional cost. If you want to add resistance to your lenses, it costs $9 to $30. Polarization can add on an additional $70, and anti-reflective coatings go for an extra $5.

There are hundreds of different combinations of prices that you can pay for your eyeglasses, and it all depends on what you want to add on, and if they’re prescription eyeglasses or not. There is currently a discount for free engraving on your purchase if you spend more than $30.

Customer Service

There is a contact number directly on their homepage that is boldly highlighted in the bottom middle of the website, with a number to call during the hours of 5 am to 9 pm. There is also faxing, and email services available.

If you want to return a pair of glasses because you did not enjoy them, Zenni will give you a 50% refund to your credit or debit card or will give you a one-time use 100% store credit. If there is any damage to the glasses, they will refund the 100% free of charge. There is no refund on any shipping charges incurred.

What people are saying about Zenni:

Zenni has thousands of raving reviews found all over the internet. Many people always give them a positive review of the quality of their eyeglasses for the low price point. Many people are also very happy with the look of the glasses, and how they are great for utility eyewear or for being fashionable designer pieces.

Some of the negative reviews from Zenni have come from people receiving defective products, and the slow response from customer service due to them. A few people have been unhappy with not receiving back a shipping refund after returning products, which can add up after receiving and shipping back multiple products.

Competitors and Alternatives

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an eyewear company that has physical locations, as well as online exclusive eyewear. It consists of in-style designer glasses that you can customize to your liking after selecting a style you prefer. There is a lack of choices on the online page for select styles, and the price of the glasses are at a higher price-point, starting at over $100.


Luoxttica is the largest manufacturer of sunglasses and eyewear in the world, and own multiple brands on their company. There are an endless number of sunglasses you can choose from when looking at each individual brand, and the price points vary greatly, from low to close to a thousand.

Eyebuy Direct

Eyebuy Direct is a website where you can purchase prescription eyewear for an affordable cost. They have a wide selection of utility and designer styles, that you can customize at checkout to suit your look. The site has great prices, but users have complained about very long shipping times, and the price of adding on additions to the frames raises the price-point quite considerably.

Where to buy?

Zenni Optical eyeglasses are located strictly online, on their website at www.zennioptical.com. There are no physical retail locations now, and they don’t plan on starting physical locations anytime soon.


There are multiple online retailers that can give you the perfect eyeglasses for your needs. If you want to find a pair of glasses that are both affordable and offer high quality, Zenni Optical offers stylish eyewear with a guarantee from customer service to ensure satisfaction. There is an endless number of sunglasses and eyewear to choose from, making sure there is a pair for everyone’s style.

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