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Don't buy it - you will be cheated.
January 21, 2021

I bought two of them via Gemany (free shipping) last spring. I only collected it in September and everything seemed to be fine. Now, we have winter in Spain and I connected it - two bad surprises for me:

1. The plugs do not fit into any socket - it must be the Chinese version because I have one connector from Singapore which fits. The gadget is working in a small bathroom - just enough for avoiding morning cold in the South of Spain! Logically, it is impossible to expect miracles from a capacity of 400 W.

2. The two heaters are different - one is 110-240 V (which can be used in Spain), the other one is (without any warning and from the same shipment) 110-140 V. I wrote to the company - no reply. I strongly discourage buying this gadget.

Rip off-Company
March 10, 2020
Do not purchase anything from Zenheater! Got ripped off for my money. No contact info. Still waiting to hear back from them now. Its been over a month since my purchase. Don't know if its been sent out or just took my money with no intentions to send out. Feels and actin very fraudulently. Do not spend your money without doin research first!!!

Fooled by Ad
January 18, 2020

I ordered this heater also, returned it same day it came. I asked for return when I called them. They said they would credit my account as soon as it arrives, within 30 days.

Seen USPS tracking # but states they haven't got it yet. This is 3 weeks later. Why doesn't our government investigate these idiots that are making fools of us all.

Kevin H January 21, 2020

Why did you return it?

can't get a refund
January 14, 2020

I ordered 5 heaters with a life time protection plan for all 5 Zen heaters on 3 November 1999. My grand total was $199.85. On Nov. 13, 1999 I got an email stating that they had been shipped and they gave me a tracking number. On 19 November 1999 I still had not received my heaters, but when I questioned them about it, I was told they were being sent from China, and I told them I wanted to cancel my order.

To make a long story short, I was told I could not cancel my order, but when they showed up, I could send them back for a refund. Well when they finally showed up toward the end of November 1999, I refused the package and told them to return to sender. It is now 14 January 2020 and I still have not received my refund, and I was told to send the support team another email about it.

So in the long term, you only have a phone number to someone who can not help you except to tell you to email their support team, and you can not report them to the Better Business Bureau because there isn't a physical address. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

The worst heater and it doesn't work as describe.
January 7, 2020

I bought 3 units because I got tricked. The ads was too good to be true, unfortunately I believed it. Anyway each unit doesn't heat up a room more than 20 square feet. Under my desk is very small, and I have to have my feet touch it to feel the heat.

The unit is only good for a one wall outlet. My office have four (4) outlet each plate. If I plugged in the Zenheater directly to the wall the three other outlets are useless. In order to work, I have to use a surge protector. I am very disappointed. It was too expensive for a tiny heater that doesn't work.

ZenHeater the worst customer service EVER
December 18, 2019

I am not going to comment on the ZenHeater itself, because after I ordered I finally decided to watch the reviews on it because It was taking forever to arrive. After seeing that it is a mini heater only, that has to plug directly into the wall or floor outlet making that outlet completely useless, and that it can only heat a small bathroom, when what they say about makes you think your purchasing an economy heater that will work in any room.

If I just wanted to be heating a bathroom, I don't need a expensive mini heater to heat a bathroom and for its size the economic part of saving dollars on electricity to run it is a mute point.

What this review is about is their lack of quality customer service. I received it's advertisement while on my ipad, and so did my purchase there. I am so happy that I ended up doing screenshots of the information and the page that had my order number which was the ONLY place that gave me their contact number.

Even when they sent me the purchase to my email... there was NO CONTACT information sent to me only the order number and the [email protected]m. So, don't know what that would have did, probably wouldn't get answered. I was billed and it was already on the bill to pay my credit card before I ever got the item, and even there the contact information was to PayPal, whom I paid through, not them.

So I then contacted PayPal and was going to do a report and they said to attempt a 2nd call since the first I did I didn't received no call back from them. So I did, and this time I got through. Remember the only place for their phone number to call to start a return was on the page that showed when you received your order number, you didn't have that you had no phone number.

Well, that call was most interesting. I told them I wanted to return it, and I had just received it after speaking to PayPal, so I am now being questioned about why I wanted to return it. I am then offered a price deduction to not return it, I said no and that I want to return. So, I am given the information to do the return and given a return authorization number.

Ok, now it is to just ship it back... but ... their requirement was to get my money back I had to call them with the tracking number and tell them the number. They weren't going to just process my return and give me my money back. I argued but no, no phone call with the tracking they weren't going to do anything. So, fine, I called to give them the tracking number.

Great, I call to give the tracking, what do I have to go through... the 50 question on why am I going to return it. At this point you already gave me the return authorization why ask the 50 questions? I told him to stop, It was already with the postal service and I am only calling to give you the tracking number period nothing else.

Ok, he finally agrees to take the tracking number, and then proceeds to tell me that I am to track the package and when the package is received by the receiving returns department, I am to CALL THEM BACK AGAIN to tell them this. OR I DON'T GET MY REFUND.

Ok, again, the same crap... the worst business practice I have ever encountered. I argued but nope they weren't going to check, it's like they are punishing you for wanting to utilize their return policy, so you get nothing if you don't do all the work to get your refund back, they aren't going to and don't care if you get it back or not.

So, on the day it stated that their returns department received the package, I called to get my refund. Again, the joy of communicating with them... the whys did I return it, etc., and then to get him to use the tracking number to confirm, well I had to give them the tracking number again, and so he checked and indeed they had it, and so now he was willing to provide me my refund back to PayPal.

I have never, ever been so mistreated by a company to do a return. If you didn't have any of this information kept from when you made the purchase... good luck trying to find it. You won't, I tried, I just was lucky I screenshot the complete advertisement or I wouldn't have had any contact information.

I would never do business with a company who had such a shady return policy, it is like they had to give us the return policy which their advertisement make it sound like it was for us and being completely satisfied with their product.

But it really ends up they don't want to have the return policy and if you do indeed use it they are going to make it the worst experience you can have if you want your refund, you will do all the work for them to assure you will get it back, you fail to then they get the product and your money. Nice right? Not, just very poor company business... very poor!

December 8, 2019
Rubbish and dangerous, not UL tested, had 2 short out within a week, smoke alarm went off, customer support is non existent and the units that didn't short out don't heat even a tiny bathroom. Look on line and you will find exact heater for 18 bux which will be junk too, but different name.

Cheap Garbage
November 27, 2019

It barely heated my very small half bathroom, and that was only if I left it running all night. The unit gets so hot that you can't touch it to unplug it.

I was too optimistic in buying this and ended up playing myself on this purchase.

Do not buy from them
November 27, 2019
I ordered the best package the first one seemed to be ok for a couple days today I had two of them blow up something and stink my house up I sent a message back about needing a refund with no reponse Do Not order the product

customer service
November 21, 2019

this company will not cancel my order and return my money. I ordered 5 heaters on 3 Nov. 2019 got a tracking number on the 13th and now they are telling me they have been shipped from China and on the way to the states warehouse in California.

They never told me anything about China, refuse to give me my money ( saying they can't cancel my order, even though my order hasn't been shipped not packaged). Their warehouse is suppose to be in California, but there isn't a physical address for this company, just an email address.

Classic Bait and Switch
November 18, 2019
Classic bait and switch. Promise 2 larger units and 3 smaller and receive 5 small items. Heater not as good as it was advertised to be. Did not even heat my small bathroom. I am returning the product and am sure they will say, too bad!

Sue H November 21, 2019

this company is not with the BBB as they claim.

Zen is not so Zen
November 16, 2019
cheap construction, front gets hot, it is noisy and only good for a very small area. Bought three. Not impressed. I will stick with my Farenheit baseboard heaters this winter. Will think twice before ordering on line again.

Chadetta B November 18, 2019

I found the Zen Heater to be a bait and switch. Promising 2 larger heaters and 3 smaller. I got 5 small units. Burned my hand trying to shut the thing off. I wish I had seen your review earlier (as in, prior to making this purchase) I plan to return the items. The heaters did not live up to their hype.