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Zbuyer.com, part of Asset Marketing Consultants, Inc., markets their services to real estate agents, brokers, sellers, buyers and investors. This real estate resource was created to simplify the home selling and buying process, in hopes of creating a web of successful connections. Anyone can join their site with no obligation and no commitment.
Zbuyer is an affordable and efficient marketing tool for real estate brokers and agents. They are dually afforded with quick access to motivated home sellers and home buyers. This is the best scenario for anyone working in the real estate industry because they can efficiently find and match parties to make a sale. Agents are given access to an updated database of sellers for just under $200.00; some agents were able to join at a discounted rate around $100.00. 
Homeowners who wish to sell their home can fill out an “online seller form” or call Zbuyer’s service agents to provide the necessary information pertaining to their home for their database. Information includes their motivation level to sell, the reason for selling, the price of the home and contact information. Zbuyer network subscribers will then be able to contact you; some of them will offer to assist you in the selling process and others will be buyers interested in your home.
Home buyers and investors can search for homes at discounted prices. Zbuyer’s database has almost 1.5million homes for sale all across the United States. They use many direct networking tactics to generate new leads.
Zbuyer.com has online complaints written by subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Zbuyer network members found themselves bombarded with SPAM email, claiming there was no opt-out function within the email which is a violation of SPAM law. They also received multiple calls from people who would hang-up on them; research connected these callers’ phone numbers to Zbuyer.
Online content also displayed that non-subscribers had found themselves unknowingly part of Zbuyer's database. This company added homes and contact information without permission from the homeowners; even more surprisingly, many of these homes were not even for sale. This act was only brought to their attention when calls started to pour in from buyers and agents. Even though they had never subscribed to their site, they found it almost impossible to get Zbuyer’s agents to remove them from the database.
Sifting through online reviews will be a helpful route to take should you be interested in joining this site. Consider if this site’s services are right for you before leaping in. There are many websites offering similar services, compare them to ensure you are making a sound decision.
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July 2, 2020

I had a query about what I was getting for what I paid for and I found the agents to be very disrespectful and arrogant. I signed on for two particular counties but ended up getting ones I didn't sign up for. They sent me only buyer leads but no sales leads. It appears this is not the same people from earlier times. I'm left with a very bad feeling about them.

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Zbuyer issues

January 29, 2016

I tried Zbuyer for several months. I have had ZERO sales from the few leads I received in the beginning. The last two months I have only received 1 lead and it was an invalid address...when i called the number the Lady told me she was 200 miles away! These leads are NOT verified as they promised. Also the original sales person guaranteed me 3-5 leads per month...They failed at that. When I asked for a refund for the two months that I paid and never received one lead, they said that they only go by average leads and that they did not guarantee me any amount of leads per month. (They said winter is slower....but they just keep on charging for zero results) BEWARE! This is not a company to deal with! False promises and shady practices, I will be contacting the BBB to report.

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