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Website:, home of one of the internet’s leading websites for customizable products, state their aim is to allow users to full control to design, customize, order, and even sell a wide variety of products.

How Does it Work?

Zazzle states they pride themselves on allowing anyone to customize a wide variety of items, including but not limited to t-shirts, iPhone cases, iPad cases, messenger bags, posters, mugs, planners, clocks, hats, all types of cards, and more.

Perhaps their largest claim to fame is not how many items you can customize, but rather the level of control over the customization you have.

While other websites allow you to upload an image or change text or a font, allows you to customize pretty much everything.

You can change images, fonts, placements, layouts, sizes and parameters of the project. If there is something you wish to change, the tools available at give you the ability to alter and customize it to your liking.

The only potential problem with this level of control, according to PCMag, is that tools available at are a little advanced for the beginner designer, while at the same time being a little basic for the advanced designer.

That being said, as long as a beginner designer doesn’t bite off more than they can chew, they should be able to use the tools provided by Zazzle. also allows you to create an online store where you can sell your designed Zazzle products to others; there is no charge for selling your items through

You can also become a Zazzle Associate, which allows you to refer buyers, and when they purchase a product at Zazzle, whether from your store or any product at all, you will earn a commission. 

If you have any experience with the or their services, please leave your reviews below. Customer Reviews

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Don’t waste your time or money
June 4, 2022

I wouldn’t even give Zazzle a 1 star but zero stars wasn’t available. When I printed the invites for my baby shower they had no issue printing them even though it was a purchased template. When I went to print the thank you cards for the baby shower they cancelled my order with a horrible excuse.

They printed my baby shower invites which were also Pooh and not offered by them but when I went to print my purchased template of Pooh for the thank you card they denied it. They had already taken the money from my bank account and are not willing to accommodate me in any way to make things right. I wouldn’t recommend Zazzle to my worst enemy.

Avoid using at all costs because this company is a complete disappointment.

Will not use Zazzle ever again
June 12, 2020
I’m still waiting on the special order fabric that was supposedly mailed May 31. I needed this for a special order I am making for a customer that needed their item by June 19. It’s now June 11. I have been getting nothing but run around.

Zazzle Allows Personal Politics to Cut Their Bottom-Line Throats!
May 18, 2020

I could not agree more with the previous reviews and have had similar experiences. Generally, Zazzle appears to place personal politics ahead of product design and promotion and also appear to cater more towards women than an entire market i.e. cutting their own profit margin throats.

If you look at their "what's trending", you'll seldom if ever see anything with even a remotely masculine tone or appearance and they definitely make no effort to promote the same in their advertisements.

I am in need of another site to sell my designs. If you can find another site to sell your designs, do it.

HeatherCordes June 27, 2020

I submitted several designs that sold. I have requested my commission be paid to me. OOPS suddenly my account goes from having money to closed and no payment.

Designers beware.

AllinGray May 19, 2022

Sadly, not surprised. I would offer that designers should one, keep very detailed records (history) of designs rejected, the interactions with Zazzle, and ANYTHING related to royalties not paid, received, denied, etc,. At this point I would be happy if they would explain why an order was cancelled. If it was my design, and Zazzle depends on designers, would it not help all involved to know the reason Why?

Horrible Site for Artists
October 29, 2019

If you're an artist looking to sell your designs, don't use Zazzle.

I've had a Zazzle Pro Designer account for nearly 10 years now. In the beginning, I used to make a few bucks from royalties. Today, they removed over a dozen of my designs that have been online for nearly a year. Subsequently, I removed all 500 of my designs and removed all the products from my store.

During the time that I've had my account, I've had over 100 designs removed and royalties cancelled for no apparent reason and with no appeals process or recourse. When I questioned it, I was told that something violated their terms of service, but never was informed of the specifics of this violation. All this happens even though I see a never-ending stream of blatant copyright and trademark infringing designs daily.

All my designs are original. Creating designs is time consuming. Posting them on their site, adding descriptions, and determining pricing took a lot of time, only to have them removed. Only ten percent of what I posted on Zazzle has ever sold. I make more royalties from other similar sites in a week than I make with Zazzle all year.

It's just not worth the headache.

AllinGray May 18, 2020

I could not agree more and have had similar experiences. Generally, Zazzle appears to place personal politics ahead of product design and promotion and appear to cater more towards women than an entire market i.e. cutting their own profit margin throats. I am in need of another site to sell my designs.

Rubbish Product AND Stolen Money
May 30, 2019

In 2017, I ordered a t-shirt from this company after seeing some good reviews online. I was promised it would be there within a certain amount of time, but it actually took two weeks longer. This wouldn't have been a big deal if, after opening the box, it had been a good looking t-shirt - one I could actually use - but it wasn't.

The best way that I can describe it is it looked like someone who was too big for the shirt had been wearing it every day for the past fifteen years without washing it. It even smelled terrible. It was absolutely disgusting. I called IMMEDIATELY and complained, only to be told that I was wrong. No one would even discuss replacing it or giving me a refund. I was just stuck with it.

I even spoke to managers (and called back several times to try again, and did so for weeks). Their customer service was awful and no one would listen. Some of them hung up on me, and eventually my emails went unanswered.

I had signed up originally for their subscription deal (spending $9.95 a year), on the same day I placed my order, but cancelled it a few days before the thirty day allotted time ended because I was just fed up. I was charged anyway. I complained and was told that they do not do refunds on subscriptions. I explained to them that I had called within the thirty days and cancelled it, but they didn't care, didn't listen, and it was another moment of their company blaming me for everything. I was ASSURED, though, that my account was cancelled, that my subscription was cancelled, and that I would not be receiving any more emails from them.

Fast forward to 2018. I got charged again. Again I called to complain, and again they would do nothing about it. No one listened, no one cared. All they kept telling me was that they don't do refunds on their subscriptions. Again I was assured that this would not happen again, that my account was deleted, that my subscription was cancelled, and that I would not be receiving anymore emails.

It's 2019. Can you guess what happened? Correct! I was charged again. This time my mother recommended that I go to Twitter, and when I did, I finally found someone at the company who would listen, and got a refund (they said 7-10 business days, but what they really meant was 3 weeks, I guess). After a little more complaining, I was assured that I would get a refund of my t-shirt, even though it had been since 2017, because someone should have listened to me then. I was also told that my account was closed, that my subscription was cancelled, and that I would not be receiving any more emails. This time, I even unsubscribed myself from the emails.

It's been about a month. I have not received a refund for my t-shirt, BUT I do get MULTIPLE emails a day from this company, telling me what I'm missing out on for no longer having a subscription with them I never wanted and pleading with me to "come back" to them. I sent an email wanting to know where my money is, and today I get an email saying that they will not be refunding my t-shirt money to me, even though their employee promised me that I would be getting a refund.

Interesting that they can send me multiple emails a day, but they couldn't tell me this when they first found out. I was also assured that I would no longer be getting any more emails. But I received six, not including the one from this customer service agent, today. This morning. And it's only 10:30am. Six.

Since they will not be able to give me my refund, they offered me a credit for the amount that I paid for the t-shirt, as well as an additional $25 to use on a second order. Are they kidding? I will never purchase from this company again, have told family to avoid them, friends to avoid them, and have even decided to write reviews everywhere I can, and let people know on social media how awful their customer service is, how disgusting their product is, and how they steal money from their customers and then blame their customers for the theft.

And, for a company in this day and age to say that they have no record of any of my previous conversations - well, we can add that they are boldface liars to the list of complaints I have about them. Unless, when they supposedly deleted my account, they deleted all that as well. And it's my fault that I don't have proof of the phone calls "and subject of the phone calls" I made at the time.

I learned the hard way not to believe all the good reviews they have online, because what I got was a t-shirt that the Dollar Tree could have done better, and that's before "someone wore it" - men's t-shirt with the neck stretched out, clothing wear in off places, shirt was an odd shaped when you laid it down flat, the design on the front was peeling off in places and looked like the wear you would have on the front of a t-shirt after excessive wear or long-term wear, the t-shirt was supposed to be black but it was a faded black (like you get from lots of washings), there were a couple of small holes at the bottom of the shirt around where the pants button and zipper would be - DID THEY BADLY PUT MY DESIGN ON A T-SHIRT THAT WAS OLD AND WORN?!?! - and it smelled awful. Like a terrible unwashed smell. A smell that hit me in the face the moment I opened the package, before I even pulled it out.

Not only did I lose $20 and the price of the t-shirt, but I also lost the money for extra shipping from another company because I needed it for an event and needed it to get to me quickly, after basically wasting my time with them hoping they would give me a better product.

Save yourself the heartache and the trouble and go elsewhere. The pictures they post online must be made by another company because they look nothing like the product they send. And that smell. Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit. To make matters worse, the customer service is some of the worst I've ever dealt with.

Never again!
December 14, 2017
I have never dealt before with such a bad website. First the item I bought was exceptionally poor quality. Naturally I wanted to send it back. I have been trying to do just that now for 4 months. I have finally involved my credit card company and am waiting for them to go through all their procedures. NEVER AGAIN

October 26, 2015

I have been noticing that my commissions with this shaddy company are starting to look random and illogical. They allege discounts etc, but this is total BS because if a client uses a coupon it shows up on your sales history. They are the most underhand, unethical and scammy POD i have ever dealt with. If you are reading this and have had a similar experience post it across social media, on reviews similar to this one, etc.. I have seen other online comments related to this issue. You can write to the "Beaver in charge" and tell him exactly what you think of his company:


[email protected]

Zazzle Inc.

1800 Seaport Blvd

Redwood City, CA 94063

Phone: (650) 872-8000

(800) 980-9890


Fax: (650) 872-7000

January 14, 2014

I am a seller at Zazzle for almost 5 years! On and off I have noticed discrepancies on their commission calculations, they were usually very good on crediting any difference and it happened only occasionally (that I noticed). Now Zazzle is regularly chipping off my commission. I have called and emailed Zazzle and their excuse is simply that they have promotions.

Because the math on the commission is the same. The sellers make a percentage commission on their final sale, but zazzle is skimming a bit off here and there at there own discretion, without NO explanation. What would the appropriate gov agency can I report this stealing form zazzle??

Sellers need to open their eyes and do their math! I am surprised I am the only one so far that has noticed this.