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Tyron Blacc

Zando, perfect as long as they stock it.

December30, 2012

Zando has recently made it's name in South-Africa as the most convenient way to do online shopping. They offer free delivery and you can pay cash on delivery. I recently ordered a few items from Zando, but I found very little in their store that interested me. If you simply want to browse their website incase you see something you like, Zando is perfect for you! However if your the kind of person who wants something specific and you don't wish to waste any time then Zando will only be a frustration.

As a conclusion I would state the following positive and negative points of Zando:

Positive points:

• Convenient to browse & place orders, delivery is quick and convenient

Negative points:

• When searching the web for a specific object e.g. a CD, you most probably won't find it on

So different people will experience differently.
Tyron Blacc

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