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If you ask, you shall receive. Zaarly is a marketplace where anyone can ask for anything, the possibilities are endless. There are people looking for different services, individuals asking for help with tasks, and others who have requests for new and used goods.

The popularity of Zaarly is gaining speed because it is easy, mobile, and free. The service is available on iPhone using the free iPhone application and is also available on the Android. Web-enabled phones can also access Zaarly through its mobile web browser. It is accessible through your PC, directly through the Zaarly website or through Facebook. This is a quick, mobile, efficient, and convenient way to ask for what you want and get what you ask for. It has been named one of the top 10 Web/Internet Companies.

Using Zaarly to ask for anything you want or need is free. To ensure you attract the right candidates and are presented with the exact items you need to buy it is important to include a detailed outline within the description. In addition, you must name a price you are willing to pay and provide a general location for the exchange of services or goods. For privacy, you can also choose whether or not you want your personal information shown on the request.

The other aspect of Zaarly is having an opportunity to earn some extra cash. This is easily accomplished by using Zaarly. Sign up for an account and setup any number of alert notifications. These alert notifications should be individually set up for each service, task, or product you can provide to others. The more alerts you create increases the amount of opportunities available to you.

There are three parts to the notification you submit including keywords that will match the words in the description of an “asker”, the minimum amount of money you will accept and the distance you will travel based upon your location. Since there are so many other subscribers who are alerted for the same opportunities as you, it is important to respond immediately to the ones you want.

Zaarly makes the payment process easy with the ability to pay directly through their credit card platform provider, Poundpay. You may even want to pay cash for the product when you meet or pay for the service with cash after it has been successfully completed. It is best to avoid checks, money orders and any other methods of payment that could end up being invalid.

There is a large community of experienced and trustworthy service providers and product sellers. While it is nearly impossible to have a 100% safe community guarantee online or offline, Zaarly has made verification of identity their primary safety resource.

Identification is verified before being accepted into Zaarly’s network. This is accomplished simply by email verification, phone number verification and connecting your profile to a Facebook account. Ultimately the trust and reliability will arise from within the community with honest reviews and recommendations.

It is your own responsibility to follow up on the company or person you will be connecting with. Use your best judgment and take the time to make sure you are comfortable with your decision.

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Great Fathers Day because of Zaarly

June20, 2012

I used Zaarly to send my dad a few bottles of wine for Fathers Day. Amazing experience and flawless transaction.

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