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At ZCodeSystem.com you can download their sports betting platform and gain access to their completely transparent database of sports statistics and winning predictions. Since this is an automated computerized system, using 80 parameters to predict the outcome of each game, it is technically considered to be sports investing not gambling.
It is obvious a lot of research and development was used to create the Z-Code System. All of the tools necessary to make informed decisions are available through their website; additionally, they enable you to connect with successful Z-Code users in the online community for advice. 
With the span of sports and leagues included in their database, there are year round opportunities to make money with a low risk involved. Not only are there statistics and predictions for professional league games such as the MLB, NBA, NHL, and the NFL, but they also have college level sports games.
The initial cost to join Z-Code is $200.00 and there is a monthly membership fee of $200.00. To ensure its members can win a nice sum of money, only a limited number bets are available for each game. Earnings are based on the odds for that specific game. Placing a bet on the team predicted to win does not carry the earning potential when compared to placing a bet on the underdog. 
Typically, the money earned on a successfully predicted game will bring in 1.5% of your bet. If this team loses then you are out more money than you put in. If you bet on the underdog you will typically double the amount of your bet; if the underdog does not win, you only lose the amount of money you placed on that bet. 
There are mixed reviews posted online regarding the Z-Code platform. Sports enthusiasts and experienced sports investors found the information in the system to be highly valuable. With data dating back to 1999 compiled into one database, it was easier for these users to make highly accurate calculated bets. Avid sports followers and frequent game investors found the Z-Code System to be one of the best.
On the other hand, individuals unfamiliar with how to use sports statistics to calculate and predict game outcomes found there was too much information to sift through. Confusion set in as they tried to figure out which numbers and what details were the most valuable to predict the outcome of a game.
Some recommendations for beginning sports investors is to test the site’s information and forecasts to make offline bets with people you know. When you understand what the statistics mean and your offline percentage of wins is higher than your losses, consider trying out Z-Code’s platform. For investment purposes, don’t make emotional bets with base your bets on your favorite team because it defeats the purpose of the system’s design.

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December4, 2015

It's one of my favorite sports betting systems.

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