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Youngevity, found online at, is a company which says they offer some of the most technologically advanced health and personal care products available in the United States today.

This company was established in 1997 in California and originally offered high quality gourmet coffee products, and eventually expanded into both wellness and personal care products.

Currently Youngevity says they offer a full range of products which include dietary supplements, sports nutrition, essential oils, mineral makeup, spa and skincare products, lifestyle products, coffees and energy drinks.

But perhaps one of the things they are best known for is their Healthy Body Challenge. The Healthy Body Challenge says that if their customers follow one of their Health Pak regimes for a certain period of time, that they can quickly and efficiently meet some important health goals.

These Paks are designed to address your individual needs and can be used to reach health goals in the areas of Healthy Nutrition, Weight Loss, Blood Sugar, Bone and Joint, Digestive Support, Brain and Heart, and Athletic Performance.

And even though they promise that their products only use the highest quality ingredients which are put together in the certified, regulated labs, they still promise that all their products have a risk free, 30 day money back guarantee if you have any complaints regarding anything you’ve received.

Finally, Youngevity also gives their customers a chance to make extra money from home as sales represented of the company, both selling their products and recruiting new sales people to their team.

In order to sign up as a rep, you must go through your current product representative or someone in your area who already represents the company, and familiarize yourself with their compensation plan. When you are ready, you create your Youngevity identity page and order the products you would like to most use and sell.

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Youngevity reviews below.

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Not all it's cracked up to be.

November10, 2015

Originally started taking the Youngevity product maximum dosage for my shoulders. Within one week, had an almost miraculous improvement in pain. However, within 2 weeks my reaction to the Stevia (product's sweetener) caused me constant acid/heartburn. Immediately dropped to half dosage and the acid stopped. However, within a week, the improvement had also stopped, and the pain was back full force. Was gradually able to work myself back up to regular dosage, but not maximum. Pain level eventually improved to almost original improvement level over the next couple months. Then, a couple weeks ago (4 months after first taking product) I became aware of another problem which I believed could be caused by the Youngevity. To determine if that was so, I completely stopped taking it. Four days later, I began experiencing constant radiating pain and frequent stabbing, shooting pains in my shoulder. It's worse than I remember it being before I started. Those pains still continue today, one week since I quit. I realized yesterday that my other problem had resolved. Our concern is the possibility that some undisclosed numbing or pain-killing agent has been added to the ingredients to product false or embellished results. A word of caution to the young lady of the previous review -- if ceasing the product for a month brought back all the previous problems, the product didn't heal it, just masked it. I would be concerned about what might be progressing while I was unaware of the problem.

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My experience with Youngevity

October4, 2014

Here is my story: I have been going through a series of ridiculous health problems, mostly revolving around my stomach issues. I have been having these problems off and on for over 5 years. Doctors kept changing their diagnosis to fit their own agenda. In Kuwait, I was told it was the blanket diagnosis, IBS. When I came home, I was told it was a series of varicoceles and food allergies. After school, I was told it was a soy allergy, then a milk allergy, then was told it was IBS again. At one point, one doctor told me my appendix burst.... really?! Really. I was diagnosed with my appendix bursting 3 years after my symptoms started. I was losing confidence in the medical system. I was losing my healthy weight and gaining unhealthy weight. I was hungry ALL of the time. It felt like my body was digesting razor blades. It was terrible.

Finally, after moving to Lawton, OK, and a few more misdiagnosis, a friend of mine introduced me to the Healthy Body Pack by Youngevity. It is a Multimineral / Multivitamin, Probiotic, Antioxidant, and Amino Acid filled product that provides all of the essential nutrients our body needs to function from day to day. I started it, and within a month, my pain was gone.. and I wasn't hungry all the time. I was losing all that unwanted weight.. and was gaining muscle again! So... I wanted to test the theory... I stopped taking it. Within a month, my appetite was ridiculous.. I could never stop being hungry. I had the munchies ALL the time! And.. the pain was back. So, I stared back on the BTT formula again mid November... and I am back to a no pain world.

I can't begin to tell you how awesome it feels to be able to eat regular foods. So... I began doing research... and I found that there are all kinds of healthy products from Youngevity... from their Healthy Body Pack to their Healthy Body Weight and Healthy Athlete packs. They have tasty chocolates, organic coffees, and quick, simple "on-the-go" meals. Their primary focus is creating a healthy nation for an America that has lost touch with what it means to be truly healthy.

I don't make a great deal of money because so many people are scared of Multi-Level Marketing. Companies like Arbonne and Amway often come to mind. Each company has a different reputation and different products.

At Youngevity, there is no monthly fee or signup fee unless you want to be a distributor. That means a customer can simply order their products and be on their way. To me, that is just like ordering health and wellness products online. We are less expensive than GNC, but are much higher quality and all-inclusive as far as the nutrition goes.

So, would I go back in time and choose a different company to work with my health and to be a distributor for? Not at all. I love the company, love the products, love the message, and I absolutely love the compensation plan. I already have stock in the company, and that, alone, is a cool benefit for just trying to be healthy.

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