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Time spent outdoors can be relaxing and rejuvenating. Everyone should have access to a peaceful oasis right outside their homes. But who has the time, energy, money, or expertise to design a beautiful Zen backyard perfect for both downtime & entertaining?

If you wish you had an outdoor staycation escape, the company Yardzen might be able to help.

How Does It Work?

Yardzen is an online landscape design organization that helps homeowners renovate their outdoor spaces easily, painlessly, and efficiently. They believe that everyone should be able to improve and enjoy their outdoor areas without the hassle, timeline, & expense of traditional design methods.

Yardzen’s online app allows you to work with world-class designers, engineers, and horticulturists to create your perfect yard. It utilizes a combination of satellite imagery, plant science, 3D rendering software, and data science to make your dreams a reality. 


The process is simple. After purchasing one of their three packages, you send photos & videos of your space which the design team will use to create a 3D model. While they acquaint themselves with your space, you will send inspiration photos and take a plant quiz so that Yardzen’s designers can familiarize themselves with your style & general preferences.

You will also provide an overall budget within which you would like to stay. Your designers will then work hard to create the perfect design for you. You will receive a first round of designs around weeks 4-5 and a revised set of designs along with contractor match selections around weeks 5-6. Yardzen has a build team and a network of established, talented contractors in various locations to help you bring your design to life.

If you navigate to the “Before and After” section of their website, you can take a look at a case study of an actual project that they have completed. This will give you an idea of what their process looks like in action and what the transformation looks like.

Cost and Price Plans

The company offers three different pricing models.The first package is for botanical design. This allows you to get custom planting design for your entire lot featuring plants specially selected by a designer. The cost is $649.00, and this package is only available for lots up to ½ an acre.

The second package is for partial yard design. This includes custom landscape design for either your front yard or your backyard. You get access to a team of landscape architects, designers, and horticulturists. The pricing starts at $995.00, but of course, is highly dependent on the work involved.

The final package available is for full yard design. With this package, you get custom design for your entire property starting at $1495.00.

Yardzen also has a helpful Landscape Pricing Guide on their website to help you understand & estimate costs.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking to add some wow factor to your outdoor space, there are companies besides Yardzen that can help.

One option is Tilly. Tilly strives to make landscape design available to all homeowners. Their process is similar to that of Yardzen. The steps to designing your perfect backyard with Tilly include providing basic information, photos, and measurement, receiving your design, and bringing your dream space to life by hiring a contractor, working with a Tilly contractor for an additional fee, or DIY!

Like Yardzen, Tilly offers different pricing points depending on the package you select. One option is doing a video consult with a designer for $75.00. This is a great purchase if you are looking for advice about landscaping your space.

You can also purchase a Front Yard or Back Yard Design package, which provides you with a full design put together by their team. Both of these plans allow you to add on 3D images, side yard plans, and lighting plans as additional expenses. The Front package costs $375.00, while the Back package costs $475.00.

Finally, if you want your entire property designed, you can select the Full Package for $775.00 with the option of adding on 3D images, side yard plans, and lighting plans. Tilly boasts great reviews from satisfied customers on their website and from the blogging community.

Another popular company that provides online landscape design services is Home Outside. Home Outside works similarly to Yardzen. You start by providing photos of your space along with your project goals and style ideas. Your designer will then send you a base design plan for approval followed by a draft design and finally, a completed design. Home Outside offers design coaching services for $99.00, partial property design for $999.00-$1399.00 and full property design for $1399.00-$1899.00.

A final option is iScape. iScape is an app that works in the same way as Yardzen to provide you with virtual landscaping design services. After you share photos, videos, and aesthetic preferences, iScape matches you to a designer who will send you a design. Their pricing starts at $199.00.

If you are not interested in working directly with a designer, the iScape app may still be useful to you as it also allows users to utilize design tools to create a DIY landscape design. iScape has earned a 4.6/5-star rating for their Apple app, so customers do seem to be satisfied.

Customer Service

If you would like to reach out to the customer service team, you can e-mail them at [email protected] or connect via phone at 888-927-3936.

Additionally, the company provides each client with a project concierge so that you will always be kept in the loop and can easily communicate with the team at any time.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

If you are looking for customer reviews, you can find a lot of positive ones on their website. Customers say things like “the entire experience with them has been fantastic,” and “[Yardzen] developed a thoughtful, fantastic, and realistic design for us that worked within our budget.”

Yardzen has also been featured in publications like Forbes, who praised the company as a “clever service,” that “provides a clear, executable vision of what an outdoor space could be.”

Where to Buy?

You can purchase a Yardzen package on their website.

Is It Worth It?

If you want to create a peaceful sanctuary just outside your home, Yardzen is a great option to help you out. They have satisfied customers and talented professionals that can work within a range of budgets to create the perfect design for your space.

Yardzen Customer Reviews

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Horrible experience
December 12, 2020

Unfortunately our experience has been very similar to the majority of those described here. We got a set of initial designs that did not match what we wanted, and the follow up design after feedback was moderately improved but still not exactly what we wanted. We were ready to keep moving forward at this point, but that’s when things really started going off track.

The measurements they had made were off, to the point that the design was not feasible. (And our yard is essentially a rectangle, flat and simple — not overly complex). We pointed this out to them, had a phone call to discuss it in detail, were told they’d get back to us in a week — and have now been waiting for a month for revised designs. We inquire about once a week and are told (by a different person each time) that “the design team will get back to us.”

It really feels like we are getting the run around. We have tried to be patient because hey, these are pandemic times and it’s not like we’re curing cancer here — but it really is starting to feel more like a scam than a fruitful design experience. Still hoping it will be salvageable but losing faith rapidly.