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About Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy

Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy is the new fantasy sports division of internet powerhouse Yahoo, who has decided to give people a chance to win money in one day contests, backed by “the most trusted name in Fantasy.”

How Does It Work?

Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy is different than other fantasy sports websites in that it sponsors and runs contests that last for only a single day, rather than a full week or the length of an entire sports season. This website works with contests during the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL seasons.

After you create your account, you must deposit money in order to begin paying the entry fees for the contests you wish to participate in. The contests they run and organize include those that are Guaranteed to Run, 50/50, Group, and Head to Head. 

Most people are familiar with Group contests, as these are the type of fantasy competitions you compete in with your friends with a basic small group format. Head to Head competitions are just as they sound – a contest which puts you up against a single other competitor, with the winner taking all.

Guaranteed to Run competitions are those with larger payouts and entry fees, which are guaranteed to go through even if they are unable to meet the desired number of participants, and a 50/50 contest is one in which the top 50% of participants win money, and the bottom 50% will lose their contest fee. 

Cost/Price Plans

Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy allows people to deposit a minimum of $10 into your account to get started, as well as a maximum of $2,000. However, this company offers new customers an interesting deal. For the first deposit you make into your account, Yahoo will match it, 100%, dollar-for-dollar. The website suggests a deposit of $50, which they say is their most popular option, but customers are welcome to select deposits of up to $250, or to even choose their own amount, which the website says they will match. 

Refund Policy

Since this company works with single day contests and does not ask their customers to participate in any long term, or season long, contests, they do not have Refund Policy. As for their Withdrawal Policy, they state that customers are always welcome to withdraw any winnings as well as any money they have personally deposited into their account to their PayPal account at any time of their choosing. 

However, any additional funds that are deposited into your account as a result of a promotion or special bonus are not eligible to be withdrawn. For example, the money that Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy will match to your initial deposit is only intended for investment into contests – you are not allowed to withdraw it to a personal account. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by signing into their account and submitting a ticket to their Customer Help section. 


Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy has not debuted without controversy or issues. While this company has had its fair share of reviews stating the potential for daily fantasy contests and appealing to people who otherwise don’t have the time to invest in season long fantasy contests, there are still some issues which have been reported.

First, a review of their service on Forbes says that while this site is blocked for users in states with laws that would clearly and absolutely forbid any kind of online gambling, it still available to users in states with serious online gambling limitations that are slightly more ambiguous, which they believe will eventually result in some issues and problems for users in these states. 

As for people who want to use this service’s mobile platforms, the application gets incredibly poor reviews, with most reviewers stating that they can barely get any work done on their contest without be inundated with paid ads. The ad experience is so bad, many users claim they are no longer willing to use the service on their mobile device. The computer experience is not reported to be so bad.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

The online fantasy sports league industry is very big with many different websites involved, like,,, and many, many others. To find the best website for you, consider the sport you are interested in, and the type and length of contest you are interested in.

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy reviews below.

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