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Xtreme Nitro, found online at NitroX4Muscle.com, is a nutritional supplement which promises to help its users "build muscle fast with a nitric oxide boost" and is not intended for casual dieters or lifters.

According to their website, Xtreme Nitro is the most scientifically advanced muscle building supplement they have ever created, "guaranteed." This is why their website says this product is highly recommended by elite athletes and personal trainers.

Because of the strength of their formula, their website explicitly states that it is not intended for use by people who want to lose a couple pounds" but rather by people who are invested in an extreme change, fast.

But even though their formula is so strong, they still promise that it contains all natural ingredients, which are thoroughly screened for both purity and safety to make sure there are no dangers, as well as their sustained release formula that ensures maximum nutrient absorption.

Their most important ingredient is called Arginine Alpha-Ketogulutrate, which is released into the bloodstream and increases nitric oxide production. This is what gives Xtreme Nitro its extended and enhanced "pump" feeling both during and after your training sessions.

All you have to do is take two of the pills with your breakfast, as well as two pills with your lunch, along with "lots of water." 

Customers who want to see whether or not this product works for themselves can order a 14 day free trial for a price of $3.95. If you are unhappy with what you receive, it is important to contact Customer Service at 1-(877)-509-7025 to complete your cancellation. Their website does not specify whether you have to return your supply to complete cancellation, so you must ask the Customer Service rep you speak with.

Customers who do not do this will automatically be enrolled in their auto-ship program and charged the full price of $75.97 for their first month's supply, as well as every 30 days after that.

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