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About XCode Life

Have you ever wondered where, exactly, you come from? If so, you may have considered a DNA health kit. XCode Life is one such company, offering personally tailored solutions to help you determine your genetic makeup.

How Does it Work?

XCode Life is a biotechnology company based in India. The company is a rising star in that it offers a unique, personally tailored solution to genetic testing. In a unique approach, the company does not collect saliva from customers or perform DNA extractions. Instead, as a customer, you will be required to upload genetic data that you’ve received from other genetic testing providers, like Ancestry DNA or My Heritage.

With this information, XCode Life analyzes your information using “state-of-the-art” algorithms. They use these algorithms to form your report. A sample report will include information like various aspects of your health, lifestyle, and of course, your ancestry - all with a single cycle of your information.

These reports are compatible with data retrieved from almost any big genetic testing company, and with many reports to choose from, they are much cheaper than their competitors. You get your reports back quickly - usually in less than twenty-four hours, and the XCode Life website has free tools that help you convert or manage data files. You get a clear explanation of the significance of every gene.

Cost and Price Plans

XCode Life has various price points, all of which are relatively inexpensive compared to its competitors. They range from about $10 to about $40, which is lower than prices quoted by competitors. The only other cost that should be mentioned in utilizing this product is that if you have not already completed a first genetic test. If this is the case, XCode Life ha a number of recommended testing kits that you can purchase via Amazon. If you purchase one of these reports, which also have a range of prices, XCode Life also throws in a free XCode Health report with your purchase.

The company also advertises various deals from time to time. For example, you can get a Mega Pack that includes reports on Breast Cancer & BRCA, Traits and Personality, Carrier Status, MTHFR, Precision Medicine, Allergy, Skin, Health, Fitness, and Nutrition for only $99.

This deal comes with same-day delivery and covers multiple categories (over 600 traits total) that would normally cost at least $20 apiece when purchased individually. You can also upgrade your packs later on if you find that you want more than what is offered in your traditional purchase.

Online Reviews/Complaints

XCode Life has received positive reviews from consumers. The speed with which you receive your reports back is a huge bonus, as is the fact that the reports are packed to the brim with information. However, it should be noted that some reports are much more informative than others. Some users complain that while the reports had tons of information on skin care, nutrition, fitness, or other finely tuned aspects, these reports had little impact on their lifestyles or health.

Furthermore, there have been some complaints that these tests are less accurate and less specific for people who are of backgrounds other than South Asian descent. For whatever reason, the tests are more reliable for people of that heritage.

Customer Service

XCode Life offers a fast turnaround on your genetic reports, and also offers expedient customer service. You can get in touch with them on the contact form available on their website. They also have active Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, as well as a contact email at [email protected] and a phone number at +91954328999.

Competitors and Alternatives

As you have likely already realized, XCode Life is not the only big name in the DNA testing market. There are multiple other alternatives, include DNAFit and Promethease.

Comparing XCode Life vs DNAFit is easy to do. DNAFit works with a buccal swab to analyze your DNA, instead of the saliva samples XCode Life retrieves from prior genetic testing. If you have already completed genetic testing, it accepts results only from 23andme and Ancestry DNA. it is best at analyzing nutrition, fitness, and wellness, and looks at 20 or more traits for these categories - not as many as XCode life. It is also significantly more expensive, starting at $199 per report.

When examining XCode Life vs Promethease, looking at price is an important factor. Promethease is a DIY tool that uses genetic information from raw data. A third-party online tool, it can be technical and the reports center mostly around diseases, not providing a lot of other information about your genetic makeup or overall health. However, in most cases you get your results within $20 minutes, and costs only $5 with the addition of a genetic test from a company like 23andme or Ancestry DNA.

Where to Buy?

The easiest way to purchase XCode Life is by visiting the company’s website. There, you can not only find the range of reports available, but you can also receive answers to your questions and gain access to customer support services. In addition, the company offers products on Amazon from time to time.

Is it Worth It?

If you have already purchased a genetic ancestry test and are interested in squeezing more information out of that data, XCode Life is the way to go. They do as much as possible with the raw data you already have, and at a very low overall price. It’s a great place to start your ancestry journey - or to continue it.

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