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"30 Day Full Refund" Guarantee is a Hoax
December 12, 2023

Warning... do not buy this chair unless you have either used one of these chairs and know you like it, or you are ready to gamble $150 with the hopes that you'll like it.

I purchased the X-Chair basic. In my experience, the chair does not provide support for your lower back and makes it difficult to sit up straight.

After trying to get used to the chair for a week, I noticed my lower back was getting more and more sore throughout each day, so I decided to take advantage of the "30 day full refund guarantee."

This is when I learned that the cost of returning the chair was $150, so the "full refund guarantee" was not a full refund.

Not worth the money.
February 4, 2023
The standard seat is too firm and should not be offered on a chair at this price. Very uncomfortable after two hours. The spring on the lumbar support may be OK for a 120 lb. person but much too weak for a 250 lb. man. Several spring strengths should be offered. Because the lumbar support is pushed all the way back, and is curved, only the top 25% is in contact with your back making the lumbar heat, massage option almost useless.

Save your money….
December 30, 2022
Buyer beware! This company has the worst customer service. The only mistake I made was not going back to Herman Miller and dealing with a real office supply company. Read the rest of these reviews that says it all.

Bad quality and worse service
December 26, 2022
Chair was broken out of the box. Strange as the shipping box was not damaged but the chair back was totally broken. Definitely not of high quality for this to happen. Called X-Chair and after holding for 2 hours, I hung up. Will keep trying. The product and the service experience could lot be worse.

I am not happy so far...
December 26, 2022

I ordered an X4 with wheels, a hot/cold massage function, and a memory foam seat. I received a basic chair with a wheel pack, no memory foam seat, and no hot/cold massage function. They charged me for everything...

I have filled out customer request forms online and called the customer service center. As I write this review, I was 13th in line to speak to someone four hours ago. I am currently fourth in line. Either there is only one person working, or they are closed, and I am only getting closer because people are dropping off the line. I understand that it's the day after Christmas, but their website states they are available, and I've paid too much money for this chair not to get what I want...


Chairs are not in stock
November 30, 2022
Website says chair is in stock when it is not, Credit card was charged immediately. Customer service said chair would "be in production" next week. I canceled my order and now they have refunded less than the full amount.

Horrible fabric, horrible service.
November 29, 2022
I bought an X3 chair in blue. Within weeks the fabric on the seat started wearing, piling . I am shocked . They claim the chair was purchased refurbished and no warranty applies as blemishes could exist . They also claim refurbished chairs have the full 15 year warranty. The seat had brand new material with zero defects when I bought it . It wasn't blemished when new. I have filed a BBB complaint . Usually high end companies have high end service. Not this one . Fear not though , if they angered me I suspect they angered many customers . Usually a company like this fails eventually . They messed with the wrong person. I will be a thorn in their side for a very long time. They are frauds. Buy this product at your own risk, I wouldn't touch any of them with fabric seats . It will be in the garbage within a year. A $1000 chair that performs like a $ 100 chair.

Comfortable, sturdy and attractive.
November 19, 2022
I have two "X4 Leather Executive Office Chair(s)" that I bought 1/14/2021. I have spent 8 hours a day in one or the other, with no ill effects on my body. This is a quality product. I got the wheels upgrade, and they are very smooth and quiet on my hardwood floor. No regrets whatsoever.

Horrible customer service.
August 17, 2022
Horrible Customer service!!! Bought two chairs for $2,400.00 dollars, within 6 months the lift cylinder failed, over one month after proof of purchase and serial number, no new cylinder, no communication, called customer service 8/16/22, representative says the reason I did not get replacement part is because they don't have any and the parts may come to them in two more weeks, seriously? I have not heard any explanation from the office supply store I ordered them from, no service there either. Pathetic excuse for a supposed great chair company! Do not buy if you expect any consideration or concern from this company! Jerry Redden

They take your money without sending product
August 15, 2022

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. The took my money and failed to ship my chair. Stay away from this scam.

Love my XChair
July 12, 2022

I have had a different experience than the majority of reviewers here. From the moment I started to unpack my Xchair each component seemed very made and all fit together exactly - much better than the many office chairs I have brought in the past.

It is extremely comfortable and cool. I use it while working at home and feel much better after spending all day on the chair than any others I have owned. It is expensive so if that is something that is the main concern for you then don’t get it. If your main concern is quality and comfort then this is the chair for you

Actively make returns and follow-up difficult, burning off my return window.
June 28, 2022

The chair is literally no more comfortable than the $129.00 mesh chair I got from Staples 5 years ago. Now trying to return, originally did not get the correct wheels and was told they'd be sent out.

They weren't. Got the return kit, low and behold LITERALLY 10 days later, and 5 days after the recovery kit arrived, here are the wheels I had to contact them for. Now the second recovery kit is on the way, I hope it's the correct one because THEIR errors are burning-up the 30 day return policy so...

I have already contacted my advocate (lawyer), we are ready to contact the appropriate State Attorneys General and go from there before we reverse the cost of a civil Consumer Fraud suit.

No more stuff before we see it off the internet, EVER!

X1 Mesh is like sandpaper for drywall
June 9, 2022

I bought my X-1 from Costco, so thankfully I can return mine, and will. I'm so disappointed in this chair, that I'm actually writing a review.

I really want to like it. I think the dynamic lumbar is nice, but it sits in the wrong spot on my back, and I'm only 5'6". I can't get it high enough. It's a good height from the floor with 18" deck height, and the arm rests aren't bad, but aren't any better than the $100 mesh task chair I bought right before this... which takes me to the worst issue with this chair:

The mesh is incredibly painful to sit on. The $100 chair (and my $1200 Hermon Aero at work) have super comfortable mesh. I don't know how / why X-chair picked the worst mesh on the market, but it feels similar to the grid sandpaper used to smooth drywall after you mud and tape. I'm not kidding, I'm pretty sure I could cut a square off and use it at 50 grit finishing.

I wanted to like this chair, I did, but it's going back to the store tomorrow.

To cheap to send 4 bolts
January 14, 2022

Spent way to much to enjoy a chair that I sit in all day. Contacted support over two weeks ago about how uncomfortable it was.

Apparently I’m to tall 5’9 as the back of the chair needs to be higher so the lumbar hits correctly and the head rest. They said that they would send me a bolt kit (4 bolts) to secure the back will permanently stay up in the fourth notch. (Typically when it hits the forth adjustment it no locks and automatically lowers it self.)

Apparently I did not spend enough on the chair. As I still have not received it them. Really four bolts?

Tired of the pain in my back and neck. Guess I will just go to the hardware store since I did not pay enough to get them in a timely manner.

Returned my X3 office chair after the 10 day grace period
January 9, 2022

My wife spends 8 hours a day in an old office chair. It is a cheap rickety one with only height adjustments. It was left in our house when we bought it because no one wanted it. To sum it up ... the chair is a piece of crap.

For Christmas, I thought I would surprise my wife with a X-Chair X3 model with headrest, wheel upgrade, and massage-heating-cooling. When it arrived, I immediately set it up per their instructions.

Assembly was easy but the first thing I noticed was the headrest. It was cheap plastic that you had to force up and down for adjustment. No way this was worth the $100 they charge for it. The other thing of note was the arm rests. Not much padding and they had a ratchet type adjustment. This also looked kind of cheap to me. I sat in it and thought "where is the padding?"

We adjusted it per instructions and got my wife situated at her PC. At the end of day 1 she said the headrest was terrible and could find no position that made it comfortable. I removed it and figured I would just bite the $100. Then on day 3 she told me the chair was just not comfortable. She said it had no padding and she wanted her old chair back. I talked her into giving it another try and a couple of days later another try.

Finally, one day I came out to the breakfast table and my wooden chair was gone and her X-Chair was at my spot. Checked her office and she was on her old crappy chair and quite pleased.

I returned her chair and with a long gulp, swallowed the $150 they charged me.

So reasons for returning the chair are: cheap uncomfortable headrest and not comfortable due to no padding.

How can you give anything more than a 1 star rating when a beat up office chair not worth $10 is better?

I learned a $150 lesson and hope you don't make the same mistake.

Can't stop the squeak for good!
December 30, 2021
The chair is comfortable but I am not sure I would have had to pay this much for the same comfort. However, my main complaint is that it squeaks when rocking back and forth. The company told me to get a can of food grade silicon spray and spray the squeaks. I did and continue to do so every week. The squeak aggravated me enough to write this generally negative review.

48 hours of hell for a lousy coupon
December 9, 2021

Trying get promo discount nightmare - I have had 1 chat representative lie, another 1 telling me my order will be cancelled. I then called directly after NOT receiving a cancellation email but rather an 'order is in process' email.

The person then tells me she sees the cancellation and I need to wait 24 hours for the email cancellation and credit. Guess what, the chair arrives in 20 hours. Called again only to be put on hold and dropped after 10 minutes and can't seem to get through now!!

Not worth the money! Uncomfortable to say the least!
November 30, 2021
I have back issues and spend most of my day sitting at a desk. Couldn't wait to get this chair after all the hype. Can't move the lumbar support. The heater must be plugged to work. Should be able to charge overnight so it can be work during the day. Seat is extremely uncomfortable. Memory foam HA! $1K for a chair that is horrible!

Watch out !!!
October 14, 2021
This company is a joke, asking to email a copy of my driver's license and a copy of my credit card to verify my purchase.

Buyer Beware!
July 30, 2021

What a disreputable company. I purchased the chair through a dealer, (I would never purchase such an expensive item without being able to sit on it). Unfortunately, my 5 minute test drive was not an adequate evaluation. I received the chair and could not get it to work.

In fairness, I have had back surgery so getting the lower lumbar support correct proved to be impossible. If I did not have the surgery I probably could have used it. Anyway, notified X-Chair, they told me to contact the dealer. I thought the dealer must be necessary to facilitate the return. The dealer said he could not take it back because, X-chair would not buy it back from him. I perfectly understand the dealers position.

So bottom line is that unless you buy the chair directly from X-Chair forget about the return policy. As for any potential dealers, why would anyone carry a product that ruins the relationship they have developed with their customer? What a despicable company.