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About Wyzant.com

If you or your child needs help with school work or test preparation Wyzant.com is a portal that connects you to a tutor for that much needed help. Searching for tutors is easy to do on their site; it enables you to search by zip code and school subject. From there it will populate a list of tutors in your area based on your entry.

Subjects that you can obtain help with include Math, Science, Language, Computer, Test Prep, Reading, Music and Writing. If you can’t find a tutor in your area, they can make accommodations to help you get online tutoring as well.

Once you have located a tutor you can submit a message to them through the Wyzant messaging system. This is a tool that they use as a safety measure to protect the student and the tutor. When you and your tutor have agreed to start lessons, Wyzant requires a credit card to keep on file; you may pay also use PayPal. Lessons can be paid for individually or you can purchase a package for larger sum of money to receive a 15% discount. For an additional 7.99, you may request a background check on the tutor of your choice as an additional safety precaution measure.

In order to become a tutor you must submit your information to Wyzant and then proceed through a series of knowledge based tests as well as background checks. Should you be accepted, you will then be able to create a profile for your tutoring services through their site. Not only will you be able to market yourself using your experience and your impressive scholastic background, but you will also be able to post your prices and tutoring availability.

Some great resources that students can find through their site include a question-answer forum. Anyone can submit a general homework and receive a response from one of their tutors with an answer. This is helpful when you have only one or two questions for your assignment and you don’t need a full tutoring session. Tutors who post answers frequently are also gaining credibility in the community by communicating that they are willing to help and may even find students to tutor using this platform.

With Math being a complicated subject for many students, Wyzant also has a series of free online lessons spanning over basic math and extending beyond calculus. If you feel that you still need a tutor you can also use this as a backup option.

Tutors who participate in their program will receive payment less 20-40% of their hourly rate. Wyzant takes a large portion of your pay which can be discouraging. As you are hired for more tutoring assignments and get a steady flow of clients, Wyzant will gradually reduce the percentage of pay they take from your rates.

Online there are mixed reviews from both tutors and students based on the services offered by Wyzant. Some tutors felt that the testing mechanisms used by Wyzant was not difficult and should have been more intense. Tutors also had complained about the fees that Wyzant took from their pay. On the other hand, tutors had much success through the program and built up a nice sized clientele.

The overall attitude of students showed they were satisfied with the tutors and were successfully learning the subject they needed help with. As long as you find the right tutor and put in the effort you can learn anything, it just takes a little bit of effort.

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October 23, 2013

Tried to find an Econ Tutor in the San Diego area. I contacted 10 on the list and 4 got back to me. The company BOMBARDED me with emails they "intercepted" between me and a couple of the tutors. Never got effective responses and was thankful I found Universitytutor.com!!! I found someone to help me out before my test!

I did send a follow up email telling Wyzant I would review them and let everyone know. They continued to insinuate, email after email, that I was defrauding them. I have NO INTENTION of putting money up front prior to at least talking with someone on the phone. Thank you for wasting a day I will NEVER get back!!


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