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Writers Work is an online platform that works towards creating an effortless and stress-free life for all potential freelance writers. The platform brings together talented freelance writers and best-in-class tools for writers to ease and grow their writing careers to a higher level.

The platform offers a great option for a writer to join the team, launch their dream job and write their hearts out.

Employers have also not been forgotten, they can post a job and hire the BEST Freelance Writers present in today's market. With an influx of writers all over the world, there is a need to source the best that will curate powerful words in an appealing way for a business. They can search among the listed writers for freelance copywriters, content writers, proofreaders, editors and many more.


Writers Training Program

There are lots of career training videos which help you to find clients, know how to set your pricing as well as a built-in training course to answer any questions that you might have. This is quite effective for those starting out, popularly referred to as “newbies” in the writing industry.

There is also a University Library with comprehensive video tutorials designed to teach you how to build a lasting career as a successful writer.

Magical job finder

You can easily find jobs and stop searching for jobs all the time since the magical job finder checks the web for the best writing gigs and deliver them straight to your dashboard.

For experienced writers, there is a state-of-the-art document editor along with a comprehensive list of jobs that are updated all the time. This allows you to jump right in and immediately get started. There is also a feature in your profile in the Writer's Marketplace, which enables employers to easily find and contact you which saves you time looking for work.

Instant submission finder

Once you complete a writing job, you get it published and wait to get paid. Since you can find sites who will publish your articles even if you're a newbie, this makes the job search way simpler. An employer can just search a database of writer’s guidelines from paying sites across the web.

Deep-focus writing tools

Among other writing tools is the humble word processor, which enables you to focus and stay on track. Extra career training tools, writing tools, an online portfolio are ideal even for a first time writer who wants to start a writing career and they are all offered at an affordable cost.

Grammar assistance

Most people employers, as well as writers, understand how important grammar is in the writing industry. The platform offers writers help with their grammar where they can improve using the built-in grammar checker. The checker corrects typos, enabling you to write error-free content for your clients.

Project organization

You no longer have to miss any deadline with project organization where you can connect documents to a project, create subtasks, track time, and many more.

Habit Builder

There is also a habit builder where you can put down as well as erase your writing goals. This instills discipline, enabling you to progress and reach your word count goals and writing stats so as to stay on track.

How Does It Work?

You will need to go through the registration process which takes just a few minutes. Simply go to https://writers.work/pricing and click "Get Instant Access". Having created your account, you will be guided through and shown how to set up your profile, access content in the University Library, and start finding jobs.

Employers can browse writers' profiles by keywords, such as "writer” or "editor” which makes it easier to hire the right person for every job. They can also reach out to certain writers, they can do so by sending a message directly through Writers Work.

With the additional feature where writers can select to feature their profiles in the Marketplace, they can make it easy for employers to find them. All you need to do is use the right titles and descriptions of your skills. This is a plus since employers can come to you.

Cost and Price Plans

There are two simple ways to pay. You can either Pay Once when you sign up which is the most popular plan. You will then pay $47 and never have to pay another cent afterward. Currently, this is 50% off for a Limited Time. The second option is to pay $15  monthly. After making the payment, you get instant access to the platform.

Customer Service

For those who are not happy with the service or have billing problems, you can contact customer service by emailing [email protected] You may request a refund on your monthly or lifetime membership within 30 days of creating your account.

But, any add-ons to your membership which includes the Coaching and Toolkit Bundle, Premium Video Courses, and Freelancers Toolkit are non-refundable.

Online Reviews/Complaints

For those asking is writers work legit? Well, there has been some controversy and negative comments about the platform on BBB although the final decision lies with you. Besides the information provided, you can carry out your own research to determine how legit the platform is.

Competitors and Alternatives

Apart from writers work, both employers looking for impeccable writers as well as those with an interest in the writing career can get similar services from sites like https://www.onlinewritingjobs.com/, www.Freelancer.com and www.Upwork.com.

All these sites provide a great way to produce as well as get the best content for readers in every niche.

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Where to Buy?

Start by going to https://writers.work/pricing since there is no app and click on "Get Instant Access". You will then be guided through all the necessary steps.


Whether you are a new or experienced writer, you can benefit from the platform. The Writers Work platform is designed to work both for new writers as well as experienced ones.

Any new content is added to the University library on a weekly basis. You can also take some of the courses on the platform which will give you all the tools you need to navigate through the platform and successfully find work through the Jobs section or create pitches for magazines and journals which are featured in the Submissions section.

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Sad, Expensive Scam

October 3, 2019

Pathetic. I want to crawl under a rock. I trusted this site. Feel like a fool. Trust me... run away from these losers!

December 06, 2019

What made this site pathetic, and what was untrustworthy about it?

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