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About WriterAccess

Looking for a more reliable way to find good freelance writing gigs? If so, WriterAccess might be the platform for you.

How Does WriterAccess Work?

WriterAccess is essentially a content marketing agency that outsources writing assignments to talented freelance writers. As a writer, you might be hired to produce a range of materials, such  as blog posts, newsletters, press releases, video scripts, white papers, banner ads, articles, product descriptions, and more.

This company is managed and operated by ideaLaunch, a company specializing in marketing and content research. It was founded by Byron White in 1999.

When you first join WriterAccess, you will be ranked as a new or experienced writer. If you don’t have a lot of experience, you will begin at a star-level one. You can earn your way up by completing a certain amount of words, positive client reviews, and contracts submitted on time. 


What's interesting about WriterAccess is that the amount of money you earn is not based on your bidding rate but instead on your star rating. As you gain more experience, you can gain more money per word. This is a unique model, and the pay rates of WriterAccess are usually more than other content marketing agencies.

Once you submit your work, it is run through the plagiarism monitoring software Copyscape to ensure that you have not copied any writing. Then, it is submitted to the client for final approval. The company employs both writers and proofreaders. Based on your background, you can be targeted for special writing assignments that are designed for smaller pools of writes - meaning you want have to compete with a larger list of freelancers.

You will be able to select from multiple content writing jobs each day, in general. You can look at a job for a few minutes and decide whether you want to do it. Once you complete it, the client has two weeks to approve it, send a revision, or reject it, but if the client does not respond within two weeks, WriterAccess will automatically pay you for your work.

Cost and Price Plans

It’s free to join WriterAccess. Unlike some other writing services that charge you a membership fee, this organization divides money charged and earned. Seventy percent of the fees go to the writer and thirty percent go to WriterAccess. You will be paid via PayPal every two weeks.

Depending on your skill level, you can make a decent amount of money working for WriterAccess - usually anywhere between 1.4 and 7.0 cents per word. They pay much better than other content mills, making them a good option if you are looking to supplement your income.

Competitors and Alternatives

WriterAccess isn’t the only option if you're looking for a way to make money writing. Other popular alternatives include Media Shower, Upwork, Textbroker, and Constant Content.

Media Shower is a platform that only works with established professional journalists. You must be knowledgeable on a huge range of subjects, and you’ll have to have your work reviewed by a professional editor before it’s sent to a client. Freelancers like how approachable the editing staff at this company is, as well as how quickly the payments are issued.

Upwork is a different kind of platform for freelancers. This worldwide agency is geared toward freelancers specialize in a range of tasks, such as writing, transcription, translation, and more. Contractors bit at hourly or per-piece rates, and there are millions of jobs posted.

When you compare WriterAccess vs. Textbroker, the main thing you need to know is that both require no bidding. Unfortunately, Textbroker has a reputation for paying very little, and the articles must be ranked before you can be paid. While articles are usually approved within 48 hours, this ranking process can be a bit tedious.

Finally, Constant Content pays out around $50 per 500 words. Writers must submit high-quality work and are expected to have some experience before getting started.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Applying for writing jobs is time consuming, and this agency takes a lot of the time out of the equation. However, some users don’t like how like it takes to get through all of the screening tests. In addition, there won’t always be jobs listed in your price range, so you’ll have to keep checking back to find jobs you want.

Writers like that you don’t have to write within the WriterAccess word processing software - you can easily write offline and then copy your work into their word processing program. The system will keep a list of all of the jobs you have completed and pay you every two weeks.

Customer Service

Have questions about how to sign up for WriterAccess? Take a look at the organization’s website. You can contact them via their physical address at 205 Portland Street Suite 500 in Boston, MA, or you can give them a call at 617-227-8800. The company has easy-to-access FAQ and published pay rates. They also have active social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and more.

Where Can I Join WriterAccess?

Prior to 2018, WriterAccess only accepted writers who were located in the United States. Now, the company accepts writers from the United States as well as those from South Africa, Ireland, Australia, the UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

To get started with WriterAccess, you simply need to sign up for a free membership. You will need to take several writing tests and go through various application processes. You’ll also need a resume, photo, and short bio to get started. Once WriterAccess receives your materials, they will take around two weeks to review your application.

Is WriterAccess Worth It?

If you’re looking for more reliable writing work, WriterAccess might be the way to go. This service offers pricing guides, podcasts, webinars, writers’ forums, and more, all to help you develop your schools as a writer. While most writers don’t think they could make a full-time living solely by working through WriterAccess, it’s a great way to get your feet wet as a freelance writer.

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