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Write.com is a website for people who enjoy writing and would like to earn money doing it to use to find freelance writing jobs, as well as access to valuable online writing resources. 

According to their website, Write.com has worked with more than 20,000 writers who have completed more than 490,000 writing assignments to date. In order to handle such a large volume of work, they have partnered with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, and is a place where they host a wide variety of crowdsourcing opportunities - crowdsourcing is the term used for when a company breaks a task into smaller pieces which are easily completed for people for payment. Though the tasks are designed to be simple, they are still legit earning opportunities. 

These tasks can cover a wide variety of things that are simple for people to do but too complicated for computers, such as identifying items in a picture. Write.com has many different types of writing assignments that their members can choose from.

Each writing assignment will have a different level of payment attached to it, depending on the skill and time needed to complete the assignment. Their top performing writers are rewarded with bonus incentives.

To get started with Write.com, you must first create an account with Amazon Mechanical Turk. Once you have done this, you must get your new worker ID from that site and submit it to Write.com. As the Amazon site is responsible for processing your payments, after you have completed your jobs from Write.com if you have complaints or issues, you must direct your questions to them.

After they have processed this ID and sent you a confirmation email, you will be able to access their posted writing jobs. Before you can complete any jobs, however, you must take a writing exam.

This exam is intended to test your level of writing skill and will determine which jobs you are qualified to take. Members who don't perform to the best of their ability on the exam can take the exam again, once each day, to improve their score and get access to better paying jobs.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your Write.com reviews below. 

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