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About Wrist Society Watch Club

Wrist Society is a distributor of wristwatches, but not only that, they see themselves as quality, reliable and socially-responsible fashion visionaries.

They state that they partner up with only high-quality watchmakers to deliver the finest, classiest watches to your address, at the lowest possible prices. That said, they are a community of fashionistas and leaders.


Their main product is the service that they provide. They mediate between their quality wristwatch making partners and you – the customer.

At the Society, they claim that only the finest materials are used for the making of these timepieces: quartz, Japanese Miyota movements, real leather and stainless steel. 


However, they don’t solely focus on the quality. They also strive to provide you with fashionable pieces that are classic and fresh at the same time.

How Does It Work?

It is quite simple – you set up a subscription and the Society sends you a package on the 1st of each month. Depending on your choice, your monthly subscription box can include a watch, or a watch and a men’s fashion bracelet. Either way, it seems to be a bargain.

This is why some potential clients refrain from subscribing; they think they might be tricked, since the price is quite low for such an offer. However, there are many customer reviews online, which is a confirmation that the watches do arrive to your address.

Cost and Price Plans

You are able to either subscribe to the Elite, or the Noble Membership. The latter one is cheaper and you get your monthly wristwatch delivery for $29 a month.

The former is a bit more expensive – $39 – and includes the same watch and the already mentioned men’s fashion bracelet.

Customer Service

You are able to reach Wrist Society via email at [email protected], or over the phone on the number 1-209-553-8277.

They are said to be quite cooperative, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties resolving your potential dilemmas.

As mentioned, they ship on the 1st of each month. So, if you’ve joined somewhere between two shipments and you don’t feel like waiting for your watch, they will send you the model from the previous month upon request.

Additionally, if you live abroad, they also ship internationally as well.

Online Reviews/Complaints

There are various reviews online, ranging from great, to something in between and quite bad. The satisfied clients are happy about the looks and the quality they get for a reasonable price. Some of them even feel that the price is too small for the product they get.

The majority stresses that they are content with how well the watches combine with their outfits. On top of that, many of them emphasize that the customer service is outstanding.

On the other hand, there are those who are not so thrilled. They feel that the watches are too similar to each other. Some are not satisfied with the packaging, or more precisely, the lack of a proper box for keeping the timepiece in.

The harshest reviewers claim that they were delivered non-functioning or broken watches. However, they don’t state whether they’ve tried replacing them. On a side not, you have to be careful when unboxing the watches, since they are fragile items.

Moreover, another downside is that you are not able to choose the watch you are being sent, since all the subscribers get the same watch. It’s not all that bad, though – if you don’t like it, just return it in exchange for a previous model.

Competitors and Alternatives

Wrist Society vs Watch Gang

While the Watch Gang’s prices can be as low as $29, they can also go as high as $99. However, there are stimulating giveaways of TAG’s and Rolexes, so it might pay off.

Wrist Society vs Monthly Watch Box

These two clubs seem to offer similar conditions. A few differences include the shipping date, which is not fixed with the Box and the fact that they don’t accept returns or exchanges.

Wrist Society vs Watch a Month Club

This option seems to be amongst the last options people would recommend. Their site is down and some of the dissatisfied customers say they don’t even respond to Facebook messages.

Where to Buy?

At the Wrist Society, they say they believe that $1 saved a day should be enough to pay for one quality timepiece a month. This is why they’ve decided to save the money on pricey retail stores and commission and simply offer their customers a lower price.

They did this through selling the products exclusively online. As a matter of fact, that’s the reason why the only way to purchase their products is via the subscriptions on their site:wristsociety.cratejoy.com/subscribe/.


For those of you out there who are or wish to become wrist watch collectors, but still don’t want to pay over the top prices for your pieces, this looks like a fair and satisfying option. Even more so considering the fact that you are able to return any watch you don’t completely like.

So, all in all, it seems to be an interesting and wallet-friendly wrist watch club subscription.

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