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Worx is a company that manufacturers their own line of power tools for both your personal or professional needs. They have a catalog full of innovative products with the latest technologically advanced tools to provide you the greatest efficiency when completing your project. Not only do they sell standard power tools but they also produce a line of lawn and garden maintenance tools.

Worx products are sold across the world through various online retailers, local home improvement stores, and a few of their items are even featured on infomercials. By using the location finder map on the Worx website you can discover where to buy their power tools anywhere in the world. Through their site, you can also find spare parts, replacement parts and repair locations for all of your Worx tools.

Worx tools come with a limited warranty ranging from 1-3 years and you can register your purchased items on their website. Customer service is available through email or by telephone as well for any support inquiries or issues you may have. User manuals for their products are also available to download from their site for added convenience.

Online complaints regarding their products describe customers’ experiences using the tools and trying to obtain help from their customer service agents.  Some customers who used these power tools were disappointed with the output that they got while using their new tools because the battery died after only using the tool for a little bit or the item did not work after only a month of use.

Power tools can be expensive and if especially if you are looking for reliability. Shopping around for the best tools on the market is easy and the best way is to go to your local home improvement store and get their opinions and advice on the best product for the job you need to get done.

In addition, some of these stores have a fair return policy and some of them can help you repair your tools as well. Research tools and brands online to find out more about different options you have, tool brands that have been on the market for decades says a lot about its reputation among consumers.

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Maurice Cummings


May6, 2013

About the worst thing I ever bought. The battery has no life to it as far as time and I got it last year and this year the battery won't even take charge. It is light and it does do a nice job, but you better be using it on your house plants because that is all you have time for. Buyer beware read the reviews.

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Worx is AWOL
July 20, 2013

Ordered an item, it says they processed my payment and shipped, though order tracking status shows "on hold" No contact from company, no response to phones... This place is either out of business or a complete scam... Charge will be challenged on my card and they will get no further business from me...

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