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Worldwide Brands has been hailed as the best database/tool for locating manufacturers and distributors for all sorts of products.  This ecommerce service claims to help people find the best contacts among thousands of what makes them stand out from the rest?

To begin with, Worldwide Brands is founded and currently headed by Chris Malta, product sourcing editor for the eBay radio show and highly recommended home business author.  Chris has been working in the ecommerce industry for years and has tons of experience.

Further, his company is endorsed by the corporate offices of eBay, a very rare recommendation that has been handed out to very few independent businesses.  This is something that definitely sets Worldwide Brands apart from the field.

The real attraction to World Wide Brands is that they offer the comprehensive OneSource tool for searching their database.  This allows you to search the Drop Ship, Light Bulk, Volume Wholesale, Liquidation, and Import Wholesaler contacts information.

Moreover, for each product that you find you can run several research analysis that will give you an idea of how well the product is going to sell.  For instance, you can learn about demand, competition, advertising, keyword research, all factored in to give you a cumulative score.

You can also save and make notes about suppliers that you've contacted or worked with.  You can even sort, save, export, and print your product research results.  This really helps you keep track of your eCommerce or retail business.

Overall, Worldwide Brands Inc is the leader in their field and boasts a database of over 9,000 suppliers.  They are the real deal and do not charge a monthly fee, there is only a one time cost for Lifetime access to their database.

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My Review of WWB
February 17, 2016

I see a lot of reviews on here are from several years ago. I will give you my review of WWB. I have been with them for 2 1/2 years and have to say it was the best move I could ever made for my dropshipping hobby/business.

I have connected with many suppliers and have the most amazing relationships with them. Yes there is competition on the marketplaces like ebay between dropshippers but there is also competition between Walmart and Target. What it comes down to is keywords and feedback. If you do your keyword research and see what people are searching on and pick the less saturated keywords then you have a better chance of being delivered back to the end user add your 100% feedback and the customer will not even care about the other sellers. People do not buy products they buy you! I love, love WWB my $300 paid itself off within 3 months and my ebay is on autopilot.

I have been with a lot of other drop ship companies and not one of them compare to WWB you can't go wrong. I am more than willing to share my experience and knowledge just contact me.

Tracy O November 14, 2017

I am also interested in more information.

Ana t October 13, 2016

How can I contact you for more information ?

Sergio August 29, 2016

YES ! I would like to get to know more about your experience with WWB and knowledge with the online store.

thank you.

WWB Scam
November 22, 2014
Wroldwide Brands is nothing more than a scam - to get you to pay $250 for a dropship list of fake wholesale suppliers, some that don't exist on the internet. I paid for it and disputed the charge from my credit card because what they pretended to provide wasn't what they actually provided. Stay away from

August 13, 2013
With this company, and any other for that fact , drop-shipping sucks ! ...Do not use wwb for this purpose only . I signed up 3 months ago and have been pleased by the light/bulk shippers . Pick a niche and build a website , they have a few great light/bulk shippers . But if your sole purpose is to be a drop-shipper , stay away from all of it . It's a waste of time anyways and you will not make no money at it unless you have 50 drop-ship sites making at lease 5% commission . I agree, drop-shipping blows in general and especially on this site , but everything else is ok . My opinion . I picked a niche on this site and i am starting to make bank a month . I just quit my job by using this . But again , if your gonna pay $300 to be a drop-shipper than your gonna waste that cash and time. Peace!

Online Dropping Itself Is A Scam
April 30, 2013

If you insist on trying the dropshipping business model, be prepared for the following:

* Consistent wrong products shipped to your customers.

* Vendors who don't knwo or respect you.

* Customers whose only interest is cheap prices and low cost/free shipping.

* Customers who wil commit fraud and claim that they didn't receive the goods.

* Amazon & eBay will sell what you sell for often 30% less, rendering your content driven & SEO traffic simply spokes n the wheel going back to Amazon & eBay to purchase the goods.

* Sites that cost too much

* Net profit in the red.

I know that jobs are tough and that times are as well, but the dropshipping business model is extremely flawed and will end u giving you a bad online rep that isn't even your fault.

WWB is an attempt by a famous super eBay reseller to pass along what he's learned but Mr Malta left the forum years ago only to form another forum for even more money from you. He does not maintain the drop shipper directory which he knows is very flawed.

All told, its my opinion to avoid all forums by Chris Malta including WWB and to avoid dropshipping as a whole. Just do something else.

World Wide Brands more like Affiliate Scam
April 8, 2013

Ever wonder who writes those glowing reviews of World Wide Brands his affiliates, he pays them 25% of the $250-300.00 he charges. He gets 250.00 they get 75.00 per sale.

So yes World Wide Brands is bound to have hundreds of great reviews because those guys are getting paid to write them.

Don't believe me read it for yourself on their website.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from World Wide Brands. You can find the same suppliers elsewhere for a fraction of what he charges.

Also the site is not a drop shippers directory it is mostly wholesalers/liquidators trying to get you to buy small bulk items that no one else will buy, cheap nasty womens shirts, porn stuff 1980 clothing etc. They may have in total 200 drop shippers, and they try to trick people into believing they have more.

For example if you do a search for camping equipment it may say they have 50 suppliers for camping equipment; that's a good thing right?

Nope, because when you click on the category to see these 50 camping suppliers it then breaks the category into 50 sub-categories and lists the same supplier for every category.

Basically you get one supplier listed 50 times, BUT they count that as 50 suppliers...TOTAL BS!!

I spent two weeks going through that directory and finally gave up, after calling one of the "suppliers," and asking them if they offered drop shipping, and the "supplier" says to me "can you please explain to me what drop shipping is because we have had a lot of phone calls about it lately?"

That's when I realized I had basically blown 250.00 for nothing. Then I started finding out about their affiliate program, and everything made sense.

Michael L April 27, 2015

so he scammer too omg. I thought he was for real.

thanks everyone on here

Rod April 28, 2013

Thanks for sharing this information Charlene.

Jay April 21, 2013

thanks for all the information was about to sign to i read this thanks again

No Hope?
April 4, 2013
Greetings all, so there really is no hope for a dropshipping career? It appears everyone who makes "legitimate wholesale dropshipping" promises breaks them the moment you sign up, DOBA left a bad taste in my mouth and I was just about to sign up with Worldwide Brands, I'm not so sure now.

Lou B March 23, 2020

DOBA ..where do I begin --- cheap-- really cheap Chinese JUNK that one can buy retail at a dollar store-endless pages of worthless junk.

Michael L April 27, 2015

omg DOBA is worst run for your life.

Will April 09, 2013

same as pauline,DOBA is too bad

Why not report them to BBB
December 20, 2012

I don't get it this company have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau why are you not complaining to them?

Americans, high on talk low on action.

Vic S June 26, 2014

Businesses pay to belong to the BBB, so their interest is in protecting businesses not consumers.

Eddie S June 25, 2013

That is absolutely true. The BBB protects the business; not the consumer.

John April 30, 2013

If you are so naive as to think that the BBB is for anything other than business reputation management, then perhaps you should issue a complaint to them about a company that's ripped you off so that you may learn the truth about the BBB.

New Z April 28, 2013

How's that?

Proud a April 28, 2013

Not to mention insulting an entire country.

Slim April 25, 2013

so the poster gives it 1 star but has NOT used World Wide's services.. and then you guys continue to discredit the BBB from a video thats almost 3 years old?

Verygood April 16, 2013


Charlene April 08, 2013

The Better Business Bureau is as fake as World Wide Brands, they profit off of giving companies a good score. If someone complains to the BBB all a company has to do is throw some money to them, and they remove it.

Have you not seen the investigation videos?

New Zealanders, the first to assume without any knowledge of the facts.

Pauline? April 04, 2013

Are there any joining fees for BBB?

Mandingo February 11, 2013

And this is?

John G January 23, 2013

That's not how the BBB works. The BBB is a paid scam. Search google, they are not a legitimate source for reliable information..

November 30, 2012
I did his private coaching. Super basic, no real benefit at all. Would not refund, stopped returning emails (even though email support was part of what I paid for. AVOID AT ALL COST

John April 30, 2013

Ditto. Exact same experience Malta is a eBay pro who has little to offer others but masquerades as a guru. AVOID WWB and save your money.

November 28, 2012
Complete scam and waste of 300USD, it is a large loss for me as I am struggling make an income, WW probably sitting with my money and laughing..

November 13, 2012
Do NOT buy it - It is a big waste of money.

Jacky H December 29, 2012

I was afraid to sign in even before I read your advice. Thank you so much for it. My feeling was right that I should not sign in and become a member who need to pay a big amount of money but not worth it at all.

October 31, 2012
thanks you guys you stopped me from making a dreadful mistake, i am just starting out and do not want to give my money away, does anyone have any ideas who to go with?

April 18, 2012

I completely & absolutely disagree with what everyone has said.

This company has been a godsend for me. I signed up with fake wholesalers in the past, and lost over $30,000 as a result!

I signed up with worldwide brands and haven't had any issues working with the listed suppliers or selling the products. The products ARE NOT saturated on the internet. They are adding new suppliers all the time, and you can easily see the new additions in their search tool.

In regards to BeBe comments... do you have some sort of inside information in order to post remarks like that? Your claims are ridiculous.

Anyone that has worked with this company or decides to work with this company will clearly see that they are fantastic!

When I looked around for other services, i choose worldwide brands because of all the positivity about them on the internet.

Jack May 30, 2013

The fact that you are disagreeing with everybody, not some people, not many of people and not most of people but all of them is a statement on its own and proves you are probably from this WW Brands!

Chris May 28, 2013

Haha yes probably

John April 30, 2013

Garbage Liz. Paid affiliate???

Nope April 02, 2013

That's for sure.

Jeff January 24, 2013

yes the only good review here sure sounds like it was done by an employee

Alex January 20, 2013

You must work for them...

June 27, 2011
I agree with the others World wide brands is a very poor service the websites search feature is a dreadful joke. They also flat out lie about the number of drop shippers they have literally they have about 200 drop shippers and the rest of the suppliers are liquidators. I give them an F.

August 4, 2009

I must agree with Brian. After paying for a lifetime membership twice, I didn't need another clue. Initially, I was so eager to get online the easy way I was blinded by expected $$$$$ and couldn't see the light flashing constantly telling me "if it's too good to be true, especially in these days and time, it just isn't true. But after you've been taken you try to get your money and its worth back by staying the course.

Sure, you will hook up with suppliers, some of them retailers just like yourself that WWB went after once he had run low on folks who just wanted to sell. You can be a supplier also if you throw away more money and hop on that wagon. Then the web is overwhelmed with the same identical products you are selling. Your competitors are out there like little ants using the same pictures, the same verbiage, the same type web sites, the same descriptions, etc., and the "pay-per-click" key word for a mere coffee cup goes through the ceiling while this guy tells you how many millions he has made.

Sure, he is making the bucks. Who led you to your inexpensive web host? What kinda deal was made there? WWB controls you and what you sell once you're hooked and striving to keep your head above water. WWB has so many folks and companies linked to him its pathetic because he is showing them the money.

Please pay attention to the term "drop ship" because that's what it is all about. Not building a long-term business that will only get better with time.

Remember when the economy went south? Did you read...or should I say did you comprehend what he was doing when he put out the newsletter telling you to get out and get out now! And, please do what he tells you or you will begin to get discreet little messages that no one else knows about or, all the people you depended on will suddenly start making your selling efforts go right down the old toilet. WWB will know every move you make because everybody you deal with belongs to the Mr. And, use your ideas, all he can get and publish them in his very own newsletters.

Then, Mr.'s Suppliers in this economy are left with thousands and thousands of products to get rid of. He then steps into liquidator shoes and makes additional bucks by turning these items over to his affiliates at a wonderful price for those who have the type of business where they can get rid of them.

No, I don't agree with the idea that Mr. runs scams, he can be downright ruthless to the point of significant't intimidation.

Come on people. Look at the PR he is paying for now trying to keep your hard earned bucks coming. This is America for you just like it is for him and right now "fear" is not an option.

August 3, 2009
I paid the $250 for membership to WWB and have so far been very disappointed. They claim they weed out the scams and only deal with reputable wholesalers and dropshippers. So far I have found some dropshippers that have websites that look as if they were made by a six-year old with products that look very cheap that no one will want to buy. Then there are other dropshippers that will want a deposit of up to $500 and some charge membership fees, which is exactly what WWB claims will tip you off to a fake dropshipper. My conclusion is that WWB is a scam themselves and a waste of money. Do not fall for it. I did and I'm sorry for it. They have taken advantage of my eagerness to start my online business.

Michael W June 27, 2015

it's so difficult.. I thought drop shipping was the answer but it looks like this might be a scam too

Pat July 22, 2013

Me, too

Chris May 20, 2013

So glad I read this forum.

Robin March 11, 2013

Thanks, I almost wasted my hard earned money on this company. One good review? Sounds like an employee to me. The nasty comment was the icing on the cake.

Not T December 16, 2012

This nasty response solidifies the claims made against your business. Only a charlatan and his minions would troll a website like this looking to attack the victims of your fraudulent service. I checked here before forking over my hard-earned cash and I am very glad I did.

Joel December 15, 2012

$30.00 coupon discount are floating around = $250.00

Jim December 13, 2012

To Brian; The fee is $299, which you apparently don't even know? Thus, you are not telling the truth. Post your BS elsewhere.