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About World Vital Records is the online home of World Vital Records, a website which promises to give people simple and easy access to all the public records they need to create an accurate genealogy of their family. 

How Does It Work?

World Vital Records provides a very simple and basic format for customers who are interested in searching for their family records. For an initial search, all you need to provide is a first and last name, a year that you would like the search to concentrate on for the records, with an adjustment of plus or minus ten years from that date.

Also searchers are asked to provide an area you would like to concentrate your search, such as a state or even a country, and whether or not you are looking for an exact name match, or whether you are interested in names that sound like the one you for which you are looking.  

Once you submit your search, this website will look through a wide variety of public records, including images; censuses; birth, marriage, and death records; military records; newspapers; high school, college, and military yearbooks; and self-published family records. Taken in total, their collection of records amounts to access of more than 4.2 billion names and records.

There is also a new area of family history which has become popular recently, and that is family DNA tracking across different regions of the world, showing people where their known and unknown ancestors have come from. World Vital Records does not personally provide this service, but they are partnered with Family Tree DNA, who will provide this option for people who are interested in it. 

Cost/Price Plans

At this time, provides their users with a 7 day free trial of their services, which can then be moved to one of two different subscription plans. Their month-to-month subscriptions are quoted at $16.25 per month, and their second option is an annual subscription at $7.50 per month which is billed once a year at a total of $89.99. There is a third option as well, which is a promotional offering of the annual membership along with your own Family Tree Builder CD, for the exact same price as the regular annual membership.

Customers who would like to leave the World Vital Records website for Family Tree DNA and their DNA testing options are quoted as pricing ranging between $59.00 and $99.00, but customers should double check all that information once they arrive at the website they will actually purchase from. 

Refund Policy

The website does say that customers who cancel their subscriptions within the first 30 days of purchasing them will be given a refund of their membership costs. Customers who do not successfully cancel during the first 30 days are still welcome to cancel their membership whenever they choose, they will simply no longer be eligible to collect a refund of their fees. Customers will still be able to access all their features until their paid membership expires.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-377-0588 or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.   


Genealogy websites are an area of the internet that people take very seriously, and there are many, many third party sources out there reviewing and commenting on the quality of any website which claims to provide resources for ancestry and family tree sources.

Because of this, it isn’t difficult to find people discussing this website, its level of user-friendly searching, the quality of the records you find, and any other issues you are likely to encounter when trying to use this website.

A quick review of the opinions out there show that this website doesn’t seem to inspire either a lot of love or hate. It seems to be a website that serves its purpose in helping people get access to a wide variety of records and sources, though some reviewers were upset that their search engine wasn’t advanced enough to provide them with the ability to better filter down their results. 

Other people were a little disappointed that this website didn’t feature any forums or online communities where searchers could help each other out and share information. But despite these personal preferences, there weren’t many complaints about bad billing practices or terrible Customer Service, so this website isn’t necessarily a bad choice for people looking for additional genealogy options. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned above, there are many other websites that work within the ancestry and genealogy fields, including,, Ancestry DNA,,,,, and more.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your World Vital Records reviews below.

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Service went downhill

June29, 2017

I used to love WorldVitalRecords . For several years, I found many newspaper articles that I couldn't find anyplace else to use in my tree. Then this last year, those newspaper articles disappeared. I emailed them that even though they list newspaper access on their site, the search feature would not bring up any news articles. I tried to look up one of the article that I had previously saved and it wouldn't even bring it up. Their answer was that they no longer had a newspaper repository.....Then why still list that feature on the site. I will not renew my account nor will I recommend WorldVitalRecords to anyone to use. This site went from 5 stars to 1 star.

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