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ZBiddy.com is a penny auction site where users can go to find popular, expensive items for much cheaper than they would in a retail setting.  ZBiddy is very similar to other popular penny auctions, in that their bids cost users 60 cents a piece in order to raise the price of an item by 1 cent.

Generally, when assessing auction websites, the criteria you would use to determine whether or not they were a legit site would be whether or not the site functions as they say, and whether you receive the items you won in good condition and in a reasonable time frame.

Going by these standards, almost all penny auction sites would be considered legitimate sites and worth using.  But, when it comes to penny auction sites, there are some issues that need to be considered further.

Penny Auction Complaints

Since penny auctions were established, there have been many complaints lodged against them for their set up.  In no particular order, the most prevalent complaints are the following:

  1. The length of auctions, including the use of auto bidding features.
  2. Accusations of sites using bots to increase the item cost.
  3. Bidding on an item costs money whether you win or lose.
  4. Whether or not penny auctions should be considered auctions or gambling sites.

First, because every bid on a penny auction site extends the clock, these auctions can go on for hours, sometimes even for a day or longer.  Penny auction sites added auto bidding features to try and stop this from becoming a serious drawback to using their sites, except that the auto bid features just contribute further to this problem.

Also, there seems to be an inordinate number of users suspicious of penny auction sites using bots to bid up the price of items.  This can always be chalked up to sour grapes, but there is a vast number of users who complain that clocks freeze up right when they are about to bid, or that the auction closes out sometimes when there should still be time left on the clock.

There is no proof that these glitches come from dirty dealings, but the complaints about them just highlight the issues with having an auction system with a potentially never ending clock.

Finally, unlike standard auction sites like eBay, in order to place a bid on ZBiddy you must pay 60 cents for each bid in a set package of bids. This means that if you lose the auction, you end up losing money with nothing to show for it.

The situation of paying simply for the chance of winning has caused many people, both supporters and critics, to say that penny auctions are more like gambling sites than they are auction sites.  Some people have no problem with this, while others are extremely upset that a website promoting itself as an auction site is more similar to a gambling site.

Is ZBiddy Any Different Than The Average Penny Auction?

Zbiddy.com is a little different than the average penny auction, but not all in a good way.  For example, many, many users complain that they are not clear about the fact that they will charge you $159 immediately for signing up.  You are provided with the bids for that cost, but there is no option to start at ZBiddy with another package.

In addition, if you quickly decide that ZBiddy or penny auctions simply aren’t for you, that $159 is non-refundable, so you really have no choice but to attempt to use the bids and hopefully get something out of it.

On the other hand, ZBiddy has the penny auction option, but they also have auctions where the bids increase the price by 10 cents, meaning that the cost of these items will rise far more quickly.  This may work to bidders’ benefit because the price will rise more quickly to a realistic value, meaning bidders will have to invest less money during the bidding process.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " ZBiddy " is 1.58 out of 5 based on 790 reviews.
  • TOTAL SCAM!!!!!
  • I must have been that one in a million bidders that won alot of stuff off of zbiddy and received everything i won. 2 strollers 1 for $11.65 and the other one for $64.25. they listed for $169.95 and i sold each one for $120.00. ive won olive garden gifts $50.00 ones 4 of them and never bid over $5.00 for any of them and ive and my wife have used the all. Ive always called them up and got good service, maybe i was the lucky one, but there is one thing i think that happens and that is i think they have people or bots bidding to jack up the price. all that said ive won phone sets , many gifts cards, cameras, and a lot of other things for next to nothing. there is a nak to penny auctions if you watch the bidding long enought you'll know when to let it go. Also every penny auction tells you up front that when you bid if you lose the auction you lose your bids.I hope everyone gets there money back and remember dont give anyone a credit card to just look at a site. Good Luck
    • Are they still in business?? I haven't been able to get any response from them and want to know if they are doing anything about the bids I was left with when they just disappeared, leaving the message that the site was being updated. I was also one of the people that won gift cards to ebooks and they were never redeemable.
  • This is scam business.Go away.
  • On 1-27-2014 I won the bid for Gemstone Earrings and Topaz paying $27.06 plus shipping. I recieved the code to redeem the item, but it stated the code was invald,I contact Zbiddy , which gave me athe same code again which I tried again but the same thing came up, as it was invald. I have contacted Zbiddy by Live Chat on several occasion , where I have been told that they could not find me in their files, when I sent them the copy of the site of the item I won, they stated they would look into the problem and get back to me in a day or two, never got back to me ,I contacted them several time same code or we will look into the matter, or can not find your information. I will seek the matter in court.
    • As far as I'm concerned their a illegitimate business outfit, I had issues myself and forwarded information on to the authorities and what they do with it will be up to them as the amount I lost wasn't much but this was a wake up call for me.
  • I tried going into zbiddy and when i saw the package price i exited out . When i got my credit card bill they had charged me $99.00 . I have tried several times to contact them by e-mail and by phone. I haven't had any results nor any responds from them. john
  • i won a bid and want to pay for it but they won't let me do this. i e-mailed them twice but no answer. what is this s--- all about ?
  • I wish I had reviewed this site before signing up with ZBiddy. I thought giving t6hem a credit card was for any bids I made butt mistakenly $99 was removed from my bank account. I looked at it like doing transactions with e-bay and amazon. You bid you win and then money extracted for winning. This site is a total scam as the other posters have said. I am told I will get $45.00 put back in my bank but I'm not going to bank on it! They also said they will send me a $100 gas card in my email. Will have to see how that works if at all!
  • 888-4066509. This is a scam site. They also charged me for just browsing their website and said they don't give refunds. This site should be shut down!
  • If anyone knows who is responsible for this site, I'd like to get his/her name and how to reach them! I'd like to visit them just to show them what I think of their little scam. I might even ask my friend "Joe" to go with me to rough them up a tad. Edsel Overall
  • I accessed the ZBIDDY website and applied for application. They IMMEDIATELY hit my bank account for $99. I tried to contact them to cancel this IMMEDIATELY after I realized they had removed my money. I received no answer from them and turned them as a SCAM site. My bank reimbursed my money. THIS SITE IS A SCAM SITE----BEWARE !!!
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