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Easy1Up Reviews – Legit or Scam?

July 20th, 2017  |  Published in Network Marketing is the online home of Easy1Up, a company that says their goal is to provide people with educational product that will teach them everything they need to know to run their own network marketing business.

This company offers their customers five different packages options, all which offer different features and options so that customers can find the right package to meet their personal business goals and needs.

At this time, their packages run between $25 and $1,000, but the best part of Easy1Up, according to their website, is that customers can sell these packages to other customers and automatically earn all their money back.

How It Works

When Easy1Up says they want to teach people how to run a network marketing business, what they mean is that they want to teach people how to run their network marketing business. Specifically customers will be selling and representing Easy1Up.

Their educational programs are made up of extensive and detailed educational videos which they say will lead their customers step-by-step through the entire process of setting up their business.

Once your business is up and running, you will use all the skills you have learned from their course as well as the tools and resources that were included in the package you purchased to sell Easy1Up packages to new customers.

Whenever you sell a package to a new customer, their website says that you get paid immediately and directly from the person who is making the purchase. Easy1Up provides their customers with access to a variety of different payment processors to make your selling process easier.

Are They Legit?

To answer this question, customers must consider the reality of this business. First, making money in a network marketing opportunity takes place in two different ways: through the sale of products themselves and through recruiting new members.

The problem and the concern with Easy1Up is that these two different ways of earning money are actually just one way of earning money – you cannot sell products without recruiting new members, and vice versa.

Generally speaking when a company only earns money through recruiting new members and has no real products to sell, it is considered a Ponzi or pyramid scheme and is not only a bad business opportunity, it is against the law. Easy1Up is selling a product, but they have structured their company in a way that there is really only one earning opportunity, and that is recruiting new members.

The bottom line is that this isn’t a beneficial business structure for people genuinely interested in earning money with a network marketing opportunity.

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Profit Glitch Reviews – Legit or Scam?

January 6th, 2017  |  Published in Network Marketing

Profit Glitch, found online at, says that they are a simple system that gives people a way to make money “as easy as 1, 2, 3,” without any previous knowledge or experience.

The video presentation on this website shows people with expensive cars, large yachts, and going on amazing vacations and explains that anyone who takes advantage of the Profit Glitch system will be able to have these things as well.

Though the video presentation that is promoting this product does not reference any cost to their members, other website’s have said that in order to be a member of this company you will need to pay a one-time fee of $97.

How Does Profit Glitch Work?

Unfortunately the Profit Glitch website and video provides nearly zero information about how this opportunity functions. They do say that their system took nearly three years to develop and will only take members three minutes to join and begin earning money immediately.

It is clear from their video that members will be able to earn money in two different ways. First, simply becoming a Profit Glitch member immediately causes you to earn money in an automatic way that will take no effort from their members.

Second, though, is simply being an affiliate of the Profit Glitch earning opportunity and promoting their opportunity to new people who will sign up as members. When you successfully sign up new members, you will earn a commission.

The Problems

It appears that this company is actually promoting a Bitcoin mining opportunity. Their website is claiming that they will be paying their customers twice per week with profits that have been made through mining opportunities, as well as any commissions which are made through referrals.

There’s a couple problems with this company and their system, but the main one always is the concept of “doing nothing” and earning money “automatically.” There are hundreds of scams and unethical opportunities online at any given time making all these same claims and none of them are worth the time or the money.

Many people like to call these “get rich quick” scams, which they are, but this opportunity is a little different because the company is literally telling you almost no information whatsoever other than “give us your money and we promise you’ll make money.”

You should never trust a company that treats its customers so disrespectfully. Customers should avoid this program at all costs.

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Crush Global Reviews – Legit or Scam?

January 5th, 2017  |  Published in Network Marketing

Crush Global, found online at, is a new company which says their goal is to give people ways to earn money on all kinds of products they need and use each day, while also earning a new stream of income.

This company promises that they take a unique approach to valuing their customer’s experiences and savings, even “above the company bottom line,” so that they can give their customers every opportunity for value, savings, and rewards.

They also provide their customers with an opportunity to represent their company and sell their products and services to additional customers as a way to make money.

What to Know about Crush Global

This company says that they provide their members the opportunity to buy a membership to the Crush Club, which offers them the ability to receive deep discounts on products and services that customers use every day, like wireless service, gas and electricity, online shopping, travel services, and more.

Customers do not have to be a member of the Crush Club in order to save either. They are still welcome to purchase some of their available products through the websites without an active membership.

Their earnings opportunity is a similar situation. Customers who are already Crush Club members are welcome to become a representative of the company for just a small additional monthly fee. If you are not a member but wish to become a representative, you are welcome to do so for $399.

The Concerns

When it comes to companies that have a multi-level marketing structure, there are a few things that people should look closely at before they get involved as a representative or agent. The first is always the products they sell.

Unfortunately Crush Global provides little to no information whatsoever on the products they sell, beyond the concept that they are selling people “essential products” through online stores which include things like wireless cell phone service, travel services, “cash back,” and more. The reality is that the vast majority of their website simply discusses the earning opportunity and how much money they believe can be made.

A company that spends all of its time and effort trying to convince people to represent them and sell their products and spends hardly any time showing or proving the quality and necessity of the products they sell is a multi-level marketing company that is actually doomed to fail.

Any long term, successful MLM company builds its success on the quality of its products first and foremost and then on building a well-supported and enthusiastic team of independent consultants second.

Companies who place all their emphasis on recruiting agents – and who charge these agents monthly fees to maintain their active status – are essentially just making money through agent fees. This is not a sustainable way to do business and will never work well for the success of their agents.

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Lion Streams Reviews – Legit or Scam?

December 28th, 2016  |  Published in Network Marketing

Lion Streams, found online at, is a new multi-level marketing opportunity which promises people that they can get a new way to enjoy high quality in home entertainment and make money at the same time.

Members who sign up at Lion Streams will receive an Amlogic S905 streaming box, which has the ability to connect to all your Android devices and provide live streaming capabilities to your television.

However, customers also immediately become an affiliate of the Lion Streams service where they are instantly able to earn money from signing up additional Lion Streams affiliates.

How Does Lion Streams Work?

To begin with customers will need to pay a monthly fee of $49.95 to maintain their Lion Streams affiliate status; the cost of their Amlogic S905 box will be included in the first month’s fee.

This monthly fee is distributed among the downlines of existing affiliates. Members will receive a $15 fee per affiliate you directly recruit, $10 per affiliates that are recruited by the members you directly recruited, and $5 per affiliate that is recruited by those new affiliates.

Members also have the opportunity to invest additional money, between $20 and $160, in order to have additional opportunities for returns on their investments. Their website explains each of these additional investment opportunities and the higher earnings they can provide for affiliates.

The Reality

This company isn’t actually a multi-level marketing opportunity; it is a Ponzi Scheme. The difference between an honest MLM and a Ponzi Scheme is in the products they sell and how their members earn money.

In order to be a real MLM opportunity, members would need to be able to purchase one of their Amlogic S905 streaming boxes without being forced to be an affiliate. In addition, people who did choose to be affiliates would also need to be able to earn money from selling the boxes without recruiting new affiliates.

Since Lion Streams doesn’t provide these opportunities for their customers, they are a Ponzi Scheme, which is a type of illegal money making scheme that requires people to make repeated investments and sign up new members.

The earnings paid to all old members comes from the fees of the new members. Since no money is actually being made from any products or services, this method of earning eventually collapses when no new members are being recruited and everyone involved ends up losing money.

The bottom line, of course, is that no one should get involved with this opportunity at all. Customers who are interested in purchasing one of these streaming boxes can find them at for under $40.

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Four Corners Alliance Group Reviews – Legit or Scam?

April 18th, 2016  |  Published in Network Marketing

The Four Corners Alliance Group, found online at, is a new independent business opportunity which claims to give people the ability to earn money from home quickly and effectively.

This program is promoted as a multi level marketing program, or MLM program, which means that users have two separate ways of earning money. The first is to sell products, and the second is to recruit new members to become Four Corners Alliance Group representatives.

The Four Corners website says that members who sign on at this early stage of the process should be ready to earn large amounts of money, as this earning opportunity is “about to explode.”

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the products they offer their customers are all the educational tools and resources they will need to be successful internet marketers. Members will sign up and begin to learn all the necessary tricks and skills of the trade.

Once customers begin to feel comfortable and are able to establish their own online business, the products that they will be selling are these very same educational tools and resources so that they can begin selling these products themselves.

To begin, the website says that customers just need to sign up, provide all their information, and pay an initial fee of just $18. However, customers should expect a monthly fee for as long as they need to have access to this company’s resources.

The Problems

The Four Corners Alliance Group is a really common internet marketing based multi-level marketing opportunity. There are many, many other programs which offer to sell people everything they need for a successful MLM business, which then relies on these members turning around and selling the same tools in the same way to new members.

The fact that this company actually is selling a series of products technically disqualifies it from being a pyramid scheme, which is a money earning opportunity that promotes itself as an MLM, but is really just a scheme where new members pay in the fees which pay out the older members, with no real products being sold.

However, even though this is not technically a pyramid scheme, it’s also not necessarily a good opportunity. An example of a long sustainable MLM business is Mary Kay or Avon, a company that has two distinct earnings opportunities: customers that purchase the products and customers that become representatives.

Four Corners, on the other hand, is really only providing a single opportunity – convincing people to become representatives – and this is not only the harder of the two earnings, but it also has a short shelf life. Eventually the internet will be saturated with people all selling this same opportunity, and the ability to bring in new members will eventually dry up.

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