Survey Money Machines Reviews – Legit or Scam?

September 27th, 2010  |  Published in Paid Surveys

Survey Money is not a market research company.  It is a website run by a woman named Hailey Gates who claims to have compiled a list of legitimate, high paying survey companies.  She allows you access to this list for free simply by signing up with her website.

Once you enter your email address, you’ll be sent a confirmation email that you must respond to in order to get access to Hailey’s list of survey sites.  Her list includes lots of well known survey sites that we’ve reviewed here in the past.

Survey Money Machine also emails you two direct links to survey companies everyday specifically asking you to sign up for those companies.  Hailey claims that the more companies you sign up for, the more likely you are to make money, so she specifically requests that you sign up for at least 14 and preferably 20 different survey companies.

So is Survey Money Machine a Scam?

Well, Survey Money Machine does not charge you any money to receive the survey list or to participate in any of the surveys, so in general, the answer should be that it’s not a scam.

The problem with Survey Money Machine, however, is the outrageous earnings claims made on the sales page of the website.  Hailey Gates claims you can make between $150 and $300 a day taking surveys.  Anyone who knows anything about making money taking online surveys knows this simply isn’t true.

Taking surveys in exchange for money, prizes, or rewards will generally earn you a couple extra hundred dollars a month in cash and services, and that’s after you sign up with many different companies like Hailey recommends.

Survey Money Machine also claims that if you don’t earn between $25 and $150 in the first hour of trying to make money taking surveys, then Haily Gates will write you a personal check for $100.  Well, the problem with this is that the money you’re “earning” is most likely bonus money companies award your account once you sign up.  If you sign up with a couple different companies within the first hour, you could accumulate $25 or more in bonus money.

But the problem is each company has a level of earnings you have to reach before you are paid out.  So even though you’ve accumulated $25, it’s spread out over multiple companies, that each have their own rules and regulations about how to cash out your earnings.  You will not be receiving a $25-$150 check within one hour of signing up with Survey Money Machine.

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