Online Home Careers Reviews – Legit or Scam?

May 7th, 2012  |  Published in Business Opportunities

With Online Home Careers you have another example of a classic work at home scheme. If you pay attention to all the red flags found on both the site promoting it and the actual sales page you’ll begin to see how there’s no way that this can be a real long term work at home opportunity.

Most people come across this breed of work at home offer through an advertorial, basically a thin one page affiliate site that is designed to look like a real news site. They use IP tracking to customize the page based on your location to even further increase the effectiveness of their sales efforts.

This fake news site hypes the product through an account of a young woman, in this case Melissa Johnson, who just happens to be using this program to make a whopping $8,000 a month. That’s a yearly salary just shy of 100k, putting her right up there with aerospace engineers, and all that just working 15-18hrs a week!

These sites never go away, and are continuously being tweaked to promote new programs. The essential layout stays the same but a few details, most importantly the URL and name of the site, change when they get exposed.

Once you actually click through to the sales page for Online-Home-Careers-com you’ll be hit with plenty more red flags. Starting with the nonsensical claim that this program has been advertised on popular news sites, even if that was true that says nothing about the actual legitimacy of the system.

In the next stage of their pitch you’ll be introduced to Ryan Stephens the supposed mastermind behind Online Home Careers. Following the standard make money online sales script you’ll be told all about Ryan’s rags to riches story and how now that he’s made it he’s willing to share his secrets of success with you.

So what is Online Home Careers all about?

The sales page does not reveal what the course is about only telling you what it’s not. However, if you go to the main site,, you can see the company’s entire product line.

This includes: ecommerce, affiliate marketing, and dropshipping training, a website from My Creative Site Designs, and access to the Dropship Club.

You get all this for the price of $97, and it’s yours to try out risk free for 30 days.

According to their refund policy

If Student cancels within 30 days of transaction, they will receive a full refund of the purchase price. After the 30 days of the Student may cancel, without penalty or obligation. Any and all refunds after 30 days of transaction will be at the discretion of management. If Student wishes to cancel in any event, Student can either call Customer Service at 877-866-4070, mail to Online Home Careers, 654 N 800 E Ste 322, Spanish Fork, UT 84660, or email notifying them of their request, at which time their account will be cancelled.

Additional things to keep in mind…

Under the list of things included in your start up kit one of the bonuses is a Quick-Start Coaching Assessment Call with a trained “Start Up Specialist.”

Historically these calls come from 3rd party coaching companies that buy leads from these types of work at home programs. These coaches will tell you that they can help your business succeed and offer their services at exuberant prices – usually based on what your credit card limit will allow.

Also keep in mind that if you’re asking for a refund past the 30 day period the disclaimer states that it will be at the discretion of a manager, usually one of the requirements will be that you actually tried to work the program. So if you buy the course and realize that it’s not for you submit your refund application as soon as possible.

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