MindsPay Reviews – Legit or Scam?

March 8th, 2011  |  Published in Paid Surveys

MindsPay is a market research website that pays its clients for participating in surveys, focus groups, and product reviews.  In addition, MindsPay may from time to time allow advertisers to use their clients to submit feedback on individual ads or ad campaigns.

Like all paid survey sites, working with Minds Pay isn’t likely to pay the bills, but participating in market research online is generally a simple way to make extra money.  Minds Pay, like all legitimate market research websites, requires no fee to become a member, just an email address and your completion of a general demographic questionnaire.

Once you’ve become a member of MindsPay, you can use their website to find surveys you would like to participate in.  When surveys arrive that you may qualify for, you’ll be given an email invitation to come and participate in that survey as well.

In order to participate in MindsPay’s research, you must be using Internet Explorer, and you must be a member of PayPal in order to get paid.

So is Minds Pay Legit?

Well, as Minds Pay is free to join and pays its clients in real, legal tender, it’s considered legitimate.  There are, however, a couple considerations I would point out.

First, while MindsPay does offer its share of regular, run of the mill opinion surveys, many of its surveys are actually based toward product trials.  This means that you’ll have to sign up and try a product or service, ie enter your credit card information, in order to participate in the survey or trial.

Since most of these signups have free trials, this doesn’t seem like a big deal.  However, if you don’t read the fine print or forget to cancel a service within the trial period, you’ll likely be required to pay a fee.  As surveys rarely pay more than $5 at the high end, and being charged for a service tends to be quite a bit more, unless you are very organized you could end up losing a lot more money than you are earning.

Secondly, Minds Pay pays out their members in multiples of $50, which means that you would have to earn a minimum of $50 before you ever eligible for payment.  While this isn’t unheard of, it is quite a high payout for an industry that pays an average of $1-$2 per survey.  If you need or choose to quit for any reason before you reach $50, you simply won’t receive any compensation for your services at all.

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