Home Profit Masters Reviews – Legit or Scam?

May 8th, 2012  |  Published in Posting Links on Google

Home Profit Masters, at www.HomeProfitMasters.com, is a new work at home program offered by Angela Bussio and Jane Simmons, who claims that anyone can make money with this proven system.

Angela Bussio, a motivational speaker who has published books like “5 Secrets to Turn Stress Into Success,” promotes earning money online with the Home Profit Masters system as one of the best ways for people to earn money in this tough economy.

Her partner, Jane Simmons, created this system and within three months was making double what she had earned at her old job, working only 1 – 4 hours a day. Currently, the Home Profit Masters training program costs $97, down from the original cost of $197.

The Money Making Opportunity

The Home Profit Masters system will provide you with step by step videos which will give you detailed training in how to post links online, which is a popular form of affiliate marketing.

In addition to the videos, you will receive access to the Members’ Development area, lifetime access to the VIP Members’ Area, and unlimited personal support.

Home Profit Masters also offers a 2 Month Make Money or It’s Free Satisfaction Guarantee, which promises that if, after 2 months, you aren’t making money with this system, you’ll get your entire fee back immediately, with no questions and no hassles.

And even if you request a refund, Jane Simmons promises you can keep the bonus gifts you receive, including your copy of Angela Bussios’ “5 Secrets to Turning Stress Into Success.”

The Concerns

First, Home Profit Masters is slightly misleading their potential customers by giving them the impression that they will be paid for “posting links,” when the reality is that affiliate marketers are only paid when their link results in a sale, at which time they will be paid a commission.

But the most prominent concern is that they are being promoted though fake news articles, at Finance-Reporting.org. These fake news sites are really advertisements intended to look like real online journalism sources, and are currently under investigating by the FTC.

Before you decide whether or not to invest your hard earned money into a link posting system, check out the free resources available to you online to see if this opportunity is right for you.

Update: This program is now going by the name of Web Fortune Master.

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