Reviews – Legit or Scam?

April 8th, 2012  |  Published in Money Saving Tips is a new website/app that’s putting a unique twist on coupon grocery shopping in the digital age. The idea is to consolidate the source of coupons and allow shoppers easy access to offers without having to physically print out and carry around paper coupons.

The company has been growing rapidly, quickly reaching over 1 million registered users and partnering with over 100 retail chains and countless brands to offer their users savings and a wide variety of shopping locations.

So How Does SavingStar Work?

The technology behind is based on the founders eCoupon work at First off and most importantly the service is free to use, all you have to do is logon to the site and create a profile.

The next step is to register your grocery and retail store loyalty cards with SavingStar. This allows them to digitally link those cards with their coupon offers. Simply enter your zip code to see a list of participating stores in your area.

Once you have registered your loyalty cards you’re ready to shop. Any eCoupon that you select from the site is automatically loaded onto the loyalty card so you don’t have to bring anything extra to the store with you.

How do you Redeem Your Savings?

It is important to note that your discounts will not show up instantly at the checkout counter or be visible on your receipt. Instead all your savings will be accumulated in your SavingStar account. This can take anywhere from 2-30 days.

Once you reach five dollars in savings you can choose one several ways to cash out. Your options are a direct deposit into your bank account, PayPal, Amazon giftcard, or charity donation.

Is SavingStar Right for You?

If you’re someone who consistently uses coupons to save money at the grocery or drug store then this is definitely a service you can try out. There’s some setup involved in the beginning but once all your loyalty cards (i.e. CVS card) are registered the coupons link directly to those cards so you can save directly at the store with no paper coupons to worry about.

You can also use their IPhone/Android app to activate eCoupons while you’re at the star which is helpful in case you’ve forgotten to do so ahead of time or have forgotten which coupons you’ve already selected.