Davison Inventions Reviews – Legit or Scam?

May 27th, 2011  |  Published in Website Reviews

Davison InventionsDavison Inventions (www.InventionConcept.com) is a company that claims to take people’s ideas of new inventions, and turn them into reality. Davison says that it will take your idea through all the steps necessary to get your invention onto the market, from research and development to licensing to getting it onto the shelves.

Davison’s website claims that you have the ability to submit your idea to them knowing that you have full confidentiality and protection.  Once your idea is submitted, you will receive a one on one consultation about the viability of your idea, and whether or not you should begin the process to take your idea further.

Davison claims to have a variety of agreements available for potential clients.  Some services they offer will require you to pay one time, up front fees, while others will require you to commit to an agreement where Davison receives a percentage of royalties from your invention.

From Dream to Reality

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” From the time that man created fire, there has been an innate desire to come up with better ways of doing things. If you take a minute to look around you, at the things we take for granted every day, you’ll see the evidence of people’s invention dreams that came to life.

But, unlike the picture painted in Hollywood films, most of these inventions weren’t created in someone’s basement and then magically appeared on the market. Inventions must go through an intense process of research and development – is it truly an original invention? Is there someone else out there with a comparable idea or existing product? Is this invention already in the works?

At times an idea must be patented, which can be an expensive and complicated process. After that, an invention must often be licensed to another company or corporation to produce and distribute, because individuals usually lack the money necessary to fund the actual supply of product needed for the market.

Davison Inventions claims to help you through this long, arduous process, and to get your invention on the shelves of major retailers like Target, WalMart, Home Depot, and others.

Davison Inventions Success Stories?

Well, the truth is that when you research Davison Inventions, you are going to hear much more about heartbreak and failure than you will about success stories.  In fact, Davison was ordered to pay $26 million in restitution to former clients after they were sued by the Federal Trade Commission and lost.

The lawsuit determined that clients of Davison would often pay upwards of $10,000 toward costs and services, and that less than 1% of their clients ever saw a return higher than what they invested with Davison.

In addition, they were told to stop promoting themselves as being linked to major retailers. However, if you look at their current website it seems fairly obvious that they are walking a fine line in adhering to this court order.

Their landing page is covered in logos from major retailers, with information offering that inventions processed through Davison are sold at all of these stores. While there is no official statement saying they have a relationship with these companies, the implication is still there.

Finally, the lawsuit ordered that Davison refrain from acting as though their services are selective, since they were found to take anyone’s idea through the research and development process as long as they paid the fees. This is a bad sign for those looking to process an invention, because it means that you can’t trust Davison’s evaluation of your invention’s potential.  If they are simply willing to take everyone’s money who comes to them, it’s easy to see how 99+% of their customers never saw a profit from their dealings with Davison.