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Profit Confidential is a free financial and investment newsletter from Michael Lombardi, which claims to provide you with “proven” stock market and investment advice from top analysts and economists.

According to their website, Lombardi Publishing has been providing this financial newsletter since 1986, and is currently serving over one million customers in 141 different countries around the world.

Now the website is predicting that “something big will happen in America in the next 180 days” and in order to find out what, you must provide them with your email address to get access to a video from Michael Lombardi.

Financial Newsletters

Financial newsletters published online are interesting, because they are not regulated by any financial institution. Anyone can publish a financial or investment newsletter and use it to promote any business or company they choose.

In addition, most financial newsletters will claim to be free, to allow you to sign up for free, or say they provide free daily emails. And while all of this is true, many times their free information is just a ploy to get you to sign up for a paid subscription.

This is not to say that all financial newsletters are “bad.” Instead, it just means that you should be extra careful when evaluating what financial newsletters you receive, especially if they begin to ask for money for access to their information.

Is Lombardi Publishing Legit?

Well, according to Profit Confidential, Michael Lombardi called the start of the bull market in gold in 2002 and told readers to get out of the real estate market in 2005 before the bubble burst.

But their disclaimer makes it clear that the opinions expressed in their newsletters are just that, opinions, and the information they provide their members is not guaranteed as accurate.

These disclaimers are necessary to both inform the consumer about the risks they are taking if they choose to follow the information provided by Profit Confidential, and also to protect the company from complaints or lawsuits if they should make wrong predictions.

Whenever you are interested in investing money in a company or stock market, it always best to not just follow the tips or advice of an unregulated online source, but to use a variety of sources or consult with a professional.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Profit Confidential " is 1.58 out of 5 based on 24 reviews.
  • Thank all of you for warning me about this SOB. I can not afford to be fooled by some jerk who has not the ability to do things right and at least honestly. He looks like a fat slob on my computer and like he just farted all over the screen. I had rather eat mud pie than listen any more about this guy. Bob
  • I recently bought there subscription, but the only advise I`ve received is to buy anther subscription if I want 3 hot stocks
  • They are not A Scam They Do not rip anyone off they require you to buy any thing to read the news letter there articles are an analysis From Personal perceptive based on Current Market conditions and Current News and Trader sentiment They do Tend to look at companies Ready to Break out of Down side Swings anf Industry Trends in Today's market as far as I can see they have a fair Track Record they they alway Use other well know Media and financial Sources to back there articles .. Just my Opinion
  • Their so called current emails are never dated. I received old information on stocks to buy. in their intro they say they do all the work and will tell you when to buy and how much. Then when to sell and how much. what i received told me just to buy but no price and buy recommendation was not dated. always go with a reputable and always research b4 you buy. if it sounds to good to be true, run like hell. This place is full of hot air. there is Agoura Hills Financial, (a legit mortgage lender) & there is also Profit Confidential also legit. They just sound to close to the other successful companies. run run run
  • Can anyone who has previously posted about this tech profits confidential please tell me how to successfully un subscribe
  • I just finished listening to an audio by Lombardi Investments. It talked about 424k plans and how people can earn large amounts of income by buying specific stocks and earning large yields which are supposed to compound over time. Supposedly, the dividends are compounded. I have heard about 424k accounts which have not been made available to,the average Joe, like me for example. My question is: Has anyone heard about the 424k accounts and/or has anyone bought into it? If so, what has been your experience? Thank you very much! Carol
  • a)I subscribed to Profit Confidential from the early mid 2000 till about a year ago when I changed my email address. b)I subscribed to about half a dozen of their publications c)I subscribed to two small cap mining publications d)I read some of the predictions like the "great crash..." (fictional) a) I found Profit Confidential both entertaining and useful The housing crisis in US was foretold a couple of years ahead of the crisis. He went on about the danger of real estate bubble. I remember telling my wife not to buy in Florida. She did and now its worth 1/3 of what was paid. b) I found those subscriptions to be very poor, showing all the profits , but when I added things up I saw losses. c) The content in the two small mining subscriptions was excellent.
  • Don't bother posting a comment on their website concerning any article that they've written. It will never see the light of day. Their articles are nothing but paid hype. This stock will skyrocket or that stock will explode. Their comment section is all fake.
    • It is a scam to purchase their newsletter; then the company renews your subscription without advance notice.So non-transparent! Your local financial news is just as savvy!
  • never pay for it, it the scam. i paid for them and they sent me the automatic email that wait patiently for them to open my account. then i wait 2 weeks, it was nothing. then i sent them email, no answer. I tried to send them message on their website, message can not be delivered for some reason. BIGGEST SCAM EVER. THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY, DONT FALL FOR IT.
    • Hey man , Much appreciated on the heads up ! I see this article on how to become an internet millionaire buying penny pot stocks. I really wanna go for it as i can see that market getting ready to boom ! 2nd. round of start up companies getting ready to blow up. I need to invest in them ! im trying to do it myself ! Good luck !
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