Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 523 reviews Review It is a website that promises safe, secure online backup of your PC files, including but not limited to photos, music, emails, videos, and document files. As they say, “Backup your computer, backup your life.”

MyPCBackup claims that with just three easy steps – join for free, download, and then backup – the information on your PC will be safe even if it is stolen or your hard drive crashes.

On the homepage for, there is a running list of quotes documenting the danger of not backing up your computer files. From sources like CNN, BBC, FOX, and PC World, they offer a range of statistics on the likelihood that you could benefit from backing up your files.

These stats include quotes like “More than 1 in 10 laptops will be stolen in their lifetime,” and “43% of computer users will lose their music, photos, documents, and more.”

How Does MyPCBackup Work?

Once you become a member at MyPCBackup, you can access your files from anywhere and have fully automated backups with storage that is unlimited, encrypted and secure. You can schedule your backup to suit you, with daily, weekly, or monthly options available.

My PC Backup claims your scheduled backup will not be at all noticeable, and that you will receive a notification once your scheduled backup has been successfully completed. You can change your backup schedule at any time by using the desktop application.

When you sign up at, you will receive a 14 day trial for free. If you cancel during your free trial, then you will never be charged. However, if you would like to continue using the service, then you can pick a subscription plan that works for you.

Their subscriptions are priced based on the length of subscription you order. If you order a two-year subscription, you will pay $4.95 a month, with a one-year subscription for $5.95 a month, 6 months priced at $6.95 a month, and finally, a month-to-month subscription priced at $9.95.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " My PC Backup " is 2.12 out of 5 based on 523 reviews.
  • Don't waste your money. Right after I backed-up my files with Mypcbackup I could not retrieve anything, PERIOD! I'd already paid for two years and have now been billed for an additional two years @ $148.56 through PayPal and have now opened an unauthorized payment claim. F-
  • I cancelled mypcback over two years ago.... or so I thought during a phonecall with them. I was hounded for weeks with phone call and got bored of telling them I wasn't going to change my mind. They unbeknownst to me, charged my credit card £90 last year, and again £143 a few days ago despite the fact I cancelled my account and I cannot even log in anymore because my email address is not recognised. The law has changed over here in the UK this year with banks able to cancel recurring charges (effectively a direct debit) at your request. Contact your bank if you've been charged asap (not sure how long you've got after the transaction but it's not that long) and they will take the money from mypcbackup's bank account and pay it back into yours. A pain in the butt, but they shouldn't be allowed to get away with stealing from people.
  • I'm not a member on my paypal account I just look on it and saw mypcbackup was canceled on 3/9/16 and a bill payed to mypcbackup for $24.95 on the same date for one year .soo I happen to be looking at my account to day 6/22/17 and seen wheir mypcbakup got me again on 3/9/17 for $24.95. Inever used any mypcbackup or ever seen one till now 6/22/ point is how could they get my money when there was an canceling on the same day wow all this time they been getting my money .Ok now which one is going to give it back paypal for alonding mypcbackup to beable tto get it or mypcbackup for funding my account is there help out there for me???? more will revealed .
  • MyPcBackup failed me as well. I desktop computer mother board failed. After logging into MyPcBackUp, I found NONE of my files had been backup-ed. The dash board showed 167.3GB of files BUT nothing was available to restore to my new computer. 3 weeks and Technical support has done nothing to correct the errors. I called for a refunds and they will not refund a single penny. The business practices are a low as they get. DO NOT use this system unless you want to through away money at a bottom hole!
  • I got a three year contract for MyPCBackup last year. I noticed something was arwy when I had no control over what was going on and could not find out what was backed up or when.. Today I cold not ever donf the software to acess it on my PC.
  • bunch off scammers they have manage to take £107 from me which I had never authorised , they are now ignoring my emails ,
  • When my laptop suffered an accident in December 2016, my hard drive was destroyed and ALL of my files corrupted and irretrievable. "No problem," I told my computer repair guys, "Just contact MyPCBackup, and they should be able to immediately restore all of my files." When the repair guys called, they were told that my account was CANCELLED. It has only gone downhill from there. I've sent countless emails, used every insult in the book, ETC. Although I DID cancel my account when they told me that they didn't have my files, they promised they could be recovered. They promised to leave my account "open" until the files were ALL restored. You can see where this is going... NO files restored, account has been closed! They "refunded" me approximately a year's worth of fees, but I signed up with MyPCBackup in June 2013. I'm going to get the rest of that money, PLUS my files restored, one way or another, even if I have to harass MyPCBackup until the proverbial cows come home!!!
  • Its an absolute scam.
  • Don't waste your money with this outfit. They take your money and when you are looking for the backups they promised you nothing comes up. You call them and they have a thousand excuses why it did not work. It is your fault to not update etc...etc I have just contacted my credit card company. Stay away from them and stick to a good US company.
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