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Legal Shield ( is new name of PrePaid Legal, which is an innovative type of legal insurance company. The concept behind Legal Shield was formulated when the founder had a terrible car accident in 1969.

He realized he had car insurance and medical insurance, but no form of insurance to cover the large legal bills he incurred as a result of the accident. In response to this incident, he created a legal services company that acts similar to any other insurance.

Members pay monthly fees for a package that has a variety of coverage, and if something should happen while they are covered, they will not only have representation but many fees will be prepaid, hence PrePaid Legal.

What Kind of Coverage Is Offered?

The most popular plan offered by Legal Shield is the family plan, which costs $26 a month and provides coverage for problems that occur with motor vehicles, possible trial defense, and IRS audit assistance.

This package also includes preventative legal assistance, which covers things like creating a will and updating it yearly, as well as a 25% discount on legal areas not covered in the other included areas.

Legal Shield also offers packages that handle identity theft, which is one of the fastest growing areas where average citizens require representation.

Legal Shield as a Business Opportunity

Much like car insurance, Legal Shield is sold by independent representatives with a network marketing compensation plan. To become a Legal Shield independent representative costs a one time fee of $249.

Commissions are paid in yearly advances to their associates, and associates have the ability to build residual income if they are able to retain clients who maintain memberships longer than one year.

But while there is excellent opportunity for independent earning with Legal Shield, being an independent representative for any company is hard work.

Legal Shield does its best to give their representatives leads on new customers who have shown interest in their services, but it is still the responsibility of the associate to find and sign up new members and to ensure that they are satisfied enough with their service that they remain active clients.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Legal Shield " is 3.04 out of 5 based on 280 reviews.
  • Really disenchanted with the accounting practices. Legal Shield Repeatedly sent a request for payment while I was waiting for funds to cover (few days). I called and requested that they wait for funds to be deposited. No courtesy call or text to alert like other companies ir reasonable grace period . Was charged $100 by bank.
  • I began with Prepaid legal back in the 90's, and became an associate, earning a director position. I wasn't able to commit to the business end to fully promote it, however, I have used the legal service many time. My wife and I have had our wills written at no charge. I have been represented in court for traffic charges, property disputes, letters written on my behalf, even a very serious criminal charge of which I was exonerated. Many times I have picked up my cell phone and got legal advice on the spot when I needed it. Its an invaluable service, if you use it.
  • Love legal shield. Especially the identity theft part. Great destresser especially with all the thieves and scammers in world today. Also when a company/business/individual tries to shaft me I can call and talk to an attorney free for counseling and help and they advise how to proceed. When you tell a company you have access to legal counsel and you ask for the address to mail them a letter from your attorney they start talking different. I used to sell memberships and those I sold to say it was best decision they ever made. I moved to another state and have lost touch with some so I don't know who still has it or not
  • They overcharge!!
  • They sent a letter on my behalf without my signing off on the draft and it was full of grammatical mistakes and factual errors and was not taken seriously by the recipient as a result.
  • report them to the state bar and contact the CEO of the company
    • I am not sure but it used to be you can't use for some pre-existing lawsuit. Has helped me immensely with a foreclosure, homeowner association crap. My friend whom i sold plan to years ago,said it was best decision she and husband ever made. I dont actively sell now but getting back in.
  • Hi , You guys are scaring me. I just joined to help me with a legal matter out of the state of CA. I been reading all the reviews and there isn't to many positive reviews. I feel I made the wrong decision to join
  • It sounds like a number of people don't the answer the wanted, more than likely the right one. I had this service since 2005 and upgraded to the business and used it several times in defense. I always got the right answer, maybe not what I wanted but the answer within the law. They've done some great representation with call and/or letter or just plain answers and advice, anytime I need with just a phone call. y wife and I are managers but haven't persued advancement much prepping for retirement but will change in a year or so. With my business, I wouuldn't be without it and it's a great piece of mind to have expert advice. It's a personal matter and some get, some don't and that's the important part, never a forced matter, not a sale person. Bob
  • I used them for a very minor legal complaint after paying for 3 years. They wrote a very lame letter which cost extra to send. After this sampling of the (service) I decided to drop it. My money is better off drawing interest in a positive investment I feel. Lame pyramid scum.
  • I have been a client of PPL (Legal Shield) since 1999. I have lived in Florida and South Carolina and both law firms in those 2 states provided excellent service to me. I used them over a dispute I had with a lending institution that held my mortgage on 4 duplexes I owned and they quickly resolved the problem I had with that lending company. I have used Legal Shield several times in these last 18 years and it was all taken care of with my $26 month dues very promptly.
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