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from 4 reviews Review It is a jobs board that acts as an aggregate to get the most active job postings available on the web. They get information from major job boards like, as well as employer websites and online classifieds.

When searching for jobs on, there is no advanced search feature to help narrow down your results, therefore it is important that you know the best job title to search for to find the most appropriate results.

If you choose, Indeed can email you a daily update with jobs that fit what you are searching for, and you can look at estimated salary offers of jobs as well as job trends that are being tracked by the board.

You can search jobs and post your own resume for employers to see on Indeed, and these services are available at Indeed for free.

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Average Rating for " Indeed " is 1.25 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.
  • I applied for an Admin Assistant position via indeed. After thinking about putting my resume out on Indeed, I became concerned. Due to the problems with so many data breaches, I went directly to the company site to ensure that the position was posted, and the position was NOT posted on their site. I proceeded to call the company and confirmed the position did not exist. The position does not exist!!! Is this fraud or data baiting? I don't think they can do this, but they do. I contacted Indeed via telephone number, which is automated if your are a job seeker. I pressed 2 to see if I could reach a real person and I did. I informed the person who answered that I felt that my data was highjacked by by posting a fake job. I told the rep that I wanted to talk to either the Legal Department or someone in their IT Security, because I want my data back. The rep stated that I could not talk to anyone, but I could write to their Legal Department. I asked for a name and was informed that this is information she does not have. I've worked for a legal department and the names are not secrets. I went to LinkedIn and did a search and found a name. For anyone who wants to write a complaint to Indeed can send a letter to the following: Indeed Inc Attn: Legal Dept. c/o (look for the name on LinkedIn). 6433 Champion Grandview Way Building one Austin, TX 78750 Terrible company to deal with.
  • Seems to be a scam. Can an employer ever win>
  • Indeed is pro employer when it comes to the ability to leave a review on a employer. Indeed can not be trusted or relied on.
  • Employers BEWARE! You will be charged for EVERY click to your posting, regardless of whether they are a qualified candidate or even in the area you have selected you are hiring in/for. does not have any ability to filter your stated qualifications with their applicants. How would an employer even know that someone from has set up an account and is clicking your posting, so that you will be billed? There was a disclaimer after I set up my account that stated, "you will not be billed unless you respond to an applicant." I would, as an honest businessperson, use the service, to reply to the candidates who met my qualifications or were in the physical area that I was interested in and accept to be charged for that. However, when I mentioned this disclaimer to Virginia, my customer service representative, she told me she was not aware of that disclaimer. How convenient. Remember, you will be charged for EVERY click, not qualified applicant sent to you.
    • I'm sorry, what you are saying wholly untrue. Its a keyword search engine you post a job to. Instead of paying $400 upfront for results you MIGHT get, you set up a total amount that you CAN pay if people click on the ad. No obligations. And either you can't read, or you're lying, because that disclaimer does not exist. Maybe you're confusing it with the pay per contact resume service. 2 different things.
    • OMG, THANK YOU for telling me! I almost posted a job there today. Sounds like scam artists.
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